Dry diet

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If you want to grow thin and love sushi, then this diet for you. It is possible to grow thin for sushi with ease. Sushi is low-calorie food though in too time very nourishing. It is better to cook sushi, but not to order from restaurants. You will be sure of quality of product, and also it to you will leave much cheaper. In week it is necessary to arrange one fasting day, eating only one sushi.

Today sushi are not any more exotic therefore with ease it is possible to tell that sushi contain the mass of vitamins. It is proved. Sushi consist of useful ingredients for organism. Let's consider ingredients of sushi everyone separately. Let's begin with the main ingredient - it is rice.

Rice contains cellulose and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates promote energy while cellulose is necessary for good digestion. Rice has a lot of potassium. Potassium, in turn, neutralizes salt which comes to our organism with other products. At the heart of rice vitamin B which strengthens nails, hair, and also nervous system contains. Rice extends all harmful substances from organism, and also to contain in it phosphorus, calcium and zinc.

One more ingredients which are part of sushi it is seafood and fish. The known fact that fish and in seafood, such as squids, crabs, shrimps, contains many proteins. Proteins are very well acquired by organism. Also, seafood and fish contains omega three fatty acids which positively influence cardiovascular system. They prevent development of blood clots which adversely influence heart. Thanks to proteins, work of brain increases, and also proteins well influence physical activity. Also seafood with fish well influences potentiality because they are aphrodisiacs. Also as well as rice, seafood and fish contain: zinc, phosphorus and iod, so necessary to our organism in present time.

Seaweed of chain pump are integral part of sushi. The chain pump contains zinc, calcium and iodine, necessary for organism. These elements are responsible for cerebration, increase it. Also these elements are responsible for good development of our skeleton, are necessary for blood system. Seaweed of chain pump contain vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin D. If to consider seaweed and rice, from the point of view of healthy food, then this union is magnificent for health of our organism.

To ingredients of sushi, it is possible to carry wasabi. Wasabi is the small crushed dried-up horse-radish. To sushi serve soy sauce. There wasabi is also added. Still this horse-radish can be added directly to sushi when they are cooked. Wasabi is considered the disinfector. It deletes all microbes in mouth. Prevents development of caries. Wasabi contains vitamin C.

Exotic fruit of avocado quite often is part of sushi. He reminds on color something cucumber. Avocado is considered rather caloric product because many fats are its part. These fats are monounsaturated. Their work is destruction of cholesterol in blood. Vitamin E, and also potassium is part of avocado. Avocado is strong antioxidant.

One more ingredient which is part of sushi is cucumber. It is added rather often. Such vitamins as C, B2, B6, E, B1, B5, PP are part of cucumber. Also it includes provitamin A. The cucumber possesses unique property, to level acid imbalance in our organism. Cucumber water basis. The cucumber contains ninety nine percent of water. Very low-calorie produk. In total in it ten calories.

Observing dry diet, you will be able to get beautiful figure quickly enough. All ingredients low-calorie. Sushi very nourishing therefore you will eat them in the small portions. Also, if to use sushi not the European devices, but the Chinese sticks, then too do not eat many sushi. One slice of sushi, has weight in fifty grams, and also contains at least fifty calories, and maximum - ninety calories, depending on stuffing of sushi.