Soup for weight loss

суп для похудения
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There is no such person who with full confidence would tell: "To me to go to seed also on how I look!". Everyone, anyway, cares for himself, the beauty and, of course, weight. Just the problem of weight concerns mankind recently more and more actively, ecology, improper feeding, multiple harmful food additives and dyes make the life ours miserable and present "gifts" in the form of excess kilograms.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, but panaceas for fight against excess weight have not thought up yet, but it also is clear: each person has unique organism, and its reaction to these or those tablets (products, drinks) can be different. Therefore everyone as can, fights against excess weight independently and persistently, choosing himself diet with favourite products, the most optimum on diet. But some simply starve, and it cannot be done.

For those who like to eat more, the soup diet is offered. Than it is so good? Well, that it is possible to eat soup in large number at once as soon as you will feel hunger. The diet on soup is based on such principle: the more eat, the you will lose more than a kilograms. Attractively? Still, where it vidano that from large number of food weight did not increase, and on the contrary left.

The matter is that soup for weight loss contributes to normalization of metabolism, as a result of calorie, being in soup quickly will be burned, and the organism will be cleared (for data – one plate of dietary soup contains about 35 Kcal).

So if you do not love diet for their shortage of food, its postnost, and also long duration, then the soup diet, undoubtedly, will suit you. Its duration averages 7 days, it is possible and 10 to stay, but it depends only on you and how it will be easy/is difficult to be transferred diet. During all the time you will lose from 4 to 10! the kilogram of weight, and is not water any more, and most that there are fats, slags and toxins. Many with pleasure note that the diet on soup helps to lose and "sweet dependence", plus helps to be cleared to skin (consequence of internal cleaning). So why not to cook soup for weight loss and not to estimate its effectiveness?

Soup from celery for weight loss

First of all many girls and what to hide, guys praise celery soup for weight loss. It so because celery – fine plant which is vitamin-rich minerals, salts of potassium, sodium and other useful substances, and the main is the fact that it interferes with accumulation of fats, improves metabolism. It is necessary for those people who have ruined the stomach monodiets and fast food.

Many dislike celery because of its specific smell and taste, but it is rather because just do not know as it correctly and to cook well. And what it tasty as a part of soup! Mmm, charm. Huge "plus": the celery possesses the rejuvenating action! Well, all of you are still bent at its look? And if you from category of people who adore this curative vegetable then you were lucky – weight will be normalized, and health will be strong. Well, are ready to throw down challenge to excess weight and to subdue pedestals the smart forms? Then forward!

It is very simple to cook soup from celery for weight loss, products, necessary for it, it is easy to find all in granaries of any hostess. Celery soup in winter time when there are no refined vegetables and fruit or they in the price "biting" is especially effective and popular.

суп из сельдерея

To cook soup from celery for weight loss it is required:

- small head of cabbage

- 200 gr. celery root

- 6 pieces of bulbs (all the same blue or white)

- 2 pieces of green paprika

- 6 pieces tomato

- siliculose haricot

- 1,5 l. tomato juice

- greens, salt, pepper, seasonings to taste

маленький кочан капусты 200 гр. сельдереевого корня 6 шт. луковиц (без разницы синих или белых) 2 шт. зеленого болгарского перца
6 шт. помидор стручковая фасоль 1,5 л. томатного сока соль

The last point of structure of soup especially pleases, many diets exclude salt, and you were obviously frightened that it is necessary to choke with fresh vegetable swill.

And so, first of all, we cut all vegetables and we fill in them with tomato juice. If it completely does not cover them, add a little water and put on plate, add seasoning. It is worth removing soup after boiling of tomato then let's it be drawn even minutes 10. It is ready!

суп из сельдерея для похудения

But there is one more option of soup from celery, it less saturated and to prepare so:

The floor of head of cabbage, six average bulbs, greens (or roots) celery, 2 paprikas (red or green), two tomatoes and any spices loved by you, salt or cube of broth undertakes. You fill in the cut vegetables with the added some salt water and you cook 10-15 minutes until vegetables become soft.

You grieve from the fact that it is necessary it is uniform to eat celery soup for weight loss for breakfast, lunch and (about is not present) dinner? Is not necessary, diet though planing, but allows to regale in parallel with soup also:

Day of the 1st:

it is possible fruit, but only not bananas + it is a lot of NOT sweet liquid;

Day of the 2nd:

plentifully we eat soup and vegetables (not bean) + 1 potato baked in peel with oil and standard daily rate of water;

Day of the 3rd:

soup + vegetables and fruit (bananas and bean - taboo). At the correct mode, losses of weight will be from 2 to 3 kg;

Day of the 4th:

that, it is possible to eat also banana, even 3 pieces, low-fat milk are possible too. It is a lot of soup and water;

Day of the 5th:

we celebrate it boiled govyadinka in number of 300 gr. also we eat fresh tomatoes soup (the quantity is not limited, the main thing that on them was not allergy or other reactions);

Day of the 6th:

similar to the fifth, but vegetables it is possible already and sheet;

Day of the 7th:

it is a lot of soup, brown rice, vegetables and natural juice.

When the diet terminates, and you estimate its efficiency, can make respite in 2 days and repeat it again. If the plumb makes more than 8 kg., refrain from fast repetition, stress to organism to anything.

Onions soup for weight loss

There is also onions soup for weight loss, and it is very similar on celery (according to the second recipe), but difference that the diet on onions soup excludes addition of roots of celery in preparation time, and the preference is given to greens, and that in number of one bunch.

Onions soup for weight loss also is cooked, and it is necessary to eat it as much as possible too.

Various vegetables and fruit should be used in compliance to celery diet, without breaking anything at all.

луковый суп

What OBPZATELNO should be excluded until there is soup diet?

First of all – alcohol. To describe its harm it is useless, all educated people who care for the health know about it. Also forget about all bakery products, sugar and fats in any kind. Drink water only without gas, cleared.

So, we will sum up the results

The diet on onions soup (or celery) allows to get rid for a short time of excess weight, at the same time having properly cleared organism and having improved work of metabolism. She is easily had, you can have no "psychological hunger", it is possible to eat as soon as it it wants also in any quantities and as earlier it was told – the more the better.

The soup diet does not demand big financial expenses, the simplest ingredients for preparation of crown dish – soup are used. The organism wholly receives all necessary vitamins and microelements, without any damage to health. All week you will be in peak form, the breakdown will not be (it promise monodiets), and the mood will are excellent, every morning when weighing you will see as the arrow of scales "floats" to treasured figure and volumes of body will decrease.

Try also you, you will not be disappointed!

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