Interesting and unusual ways to get rid of excess weight

способы избавиться от лишнего веса
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Presently very few people can brag of ideal weight. And here everyone has several excess kilograms practically.

The easiest way to grow thin is to spend calories more, than to consume. I.e. the result can be received if constantly to limit itself in food, to move or play more sports.

For those to whom this elementary way of fight against excess weight does not suit there are numerous diets. To make process of acquisition of symmetry not only effective, but also interesting, we will consider several unusual, even strange diets. Suddenly something will suit you!

Technique of the Japanese geishas

способы избавиться от лишнего веса This diet is most widespread in pponiya which as all know, is the homeland of geishas.

The main components of such diet are: garlic, boiled rice, pickles. It is necessary to take half a kilo of boiled rice and to mix it with small cut salty cucumbers.

Such mix should be prepared every day. The main advantage of diet of geishas is that it is possible to eat practically all products, but after each meal it is necessary to eat about five spoons of the prepared rice mix. At the same time cucumbers are it is impossible. They need to be collected behind cheek and then to hold as long as possible in mouth. If you after all have swallowed cucumber piece then eat garlic.

Pluses: you will surely grow thin as the pickles residing in mouth beat off appetite.

Minuses: at first from you will constantly smell of garlic.

Diet on baby food

способы избавиться от лишнего веса Will suit young mummies. The Hollywood actresses who need to lose quickly excess weight before shootings have thought up this diet. Each meal can consist of vegetable puree, plateau of porridge or children's cottage cheese.

In turn it will not be difficult to mothers who have got used to have a bite on the run throughout the day to organize to themselves fractional food - for example, on one-two jars each three hours. The main thing not to exceed the planned number of calories.

Pluses: it is possible to grow thin approximately for ten kilograms.

Minuses: you will constantly want to eat, and vital energy at the same time will hardly increase.

Diet for sweet teeth

способы избавиться от лишнего веса The majority of diets assumes full refusal of sweets. If you are incapable of such step, then you will suit candy diet.

About a few weeks it is necessary to eat generally lollipops (at desire they can be replaced with chocolate segments). Only sometimes it is possible to eat fish, cottage cheese, fermented milk products and vegetables, but for dinner - only lollipops.

Pluses: most likely, you will grow thin and will begin to hate sweet.

Minuses: itself can spoil teeth.

Diet on the basis of cookies

способы избавиться от лишнего веса Especially for fans of having a snack and flour products the nutritionist Sanford Segal has developed diet which main ingredient is very tasty digestive biscuit. These cookies should eat throughout the day. And only for dinner it is allowed to eat fish, seafood, chicken or turkey. During observance of diet it is recommended to drink a lot of liquid.

Pluses: because of the low caloric content of the consumed products you surely will lose weight.

Minuses: the offered diet does not differ in variety and can quickly bother.

oven diet

способы избавиться от лишнего веса As it is clear from the name, the main component of this diet are eggs which are low-calorie source of protein and practically do not contain carbohydrates. Thus, the organism which is not receiving energy effectively burns own fatty stocks.

There is set of the options of egg and proteinaceous diet differing lasting from several days about one month and also rigidity of diet. At the same time it is necessary to observe very strictly offered diet: it is necessary to eat strictly on time, it is impossible to change and add products to the menu, in intervals between meals it is desirable to drink as much as possible.

Pluses: you will not hunger.

Minuses: the diet demands exact observance of rules, does not suit allergic persons, sick diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


способы избавиться от лишнего веса The main idea of this technique is that for life it is enough to human body to eat solar energy, to breathe air and to drink water. It is supposed that full refusal of food is possible by long trainings, and finally it is possible to reach immortality.

By Solntseedeniye it is still very poorly studied as it is almost impossible to prove: whether actually adherents of this concept eat nothing or they only speak about it? Nevertheless, we categorically do not recommend to put this "diet" into practice as it contradicts common sense!

Pluses: having become solntseedy, you considerably will save on food;)

Minuses: the diet is life-threatening.

We have provided not the full list of interesting, ridiculous and even dangerous diets. Something from this list can be adopted, and it is better to refuse some ideas once and for all.

Anyway, before choosing for itself any diet, it is desirable to consult with the specialist, with health of joke are bad!