способы эффективного похудения

Which of us does not dream of ideal and at the same time sound body?

The majority of us dreams (especially it concerns fine half of mankind) that our figure will cause enthusiastic views of opposite sex, skin will shine health, and the mood from all this will be lightened up just every second.

However, quite often the reality afflicts us. Especially often it occurs in the most wonderful time of year – in the spring when on the contrary there is a wish to look for all 100%. And, naturally, that the majority of us begin to think of diet at once, and diet of the most cardinal i.e. that at once in week of-5-7 kg. But whether it is correct?

Of course, no! The organism so experiences the enormous strain connected with gipovitaminozy, transition to summertime, change of hormonal background, and here still ourselves add problem, sharply limiting ourselves in food. How to do right thing? To make the correct decision, it is worth deciding on what in general we can undertake for a start?

There is set of ways of weight loss.

употребление специальных таблеток One of ways of weight loss is the use of special tablets. Many treat such preparations as to miracle, and naturally expect from them just incredible effect. But most often, it does not occur.

употребление специальных таблеток All tablets can be divided into several groups:

- reducing appetite. These preparations oppress feeling of hunger at the level of the central nervous system. However these preparations are applied only at the people who really have vital issues with increase in weight and are appointed only according to the decision of the doctor;

- removing or interfering absorption in organism of fats. In principle the essence of action is not so bad, however this group of preparations rather expensive, and one of side effects is incontience calla. Not really pleasant characteristics;

- the additives having laxative or diuretic effect. As preparations for weight loss, this group it is possible to apply once if it is urgently necessary to get rid of couple of extra kilos. However, for long-term therapy they are absolutely contraindicated since they together with waste products bring out of organism and the mass of useful substances.

Thus, we draw conclusion: more simply and more usefully about this way it will be simple to forget.

диеты The next way of weight loss is all favourite diets. It is difficult to imagine the person who will tell that he never kept to diet. Here only on what?

Diets there is absolute set. Even if it will want to write about everything, then it cannot almost be made. However, all diets in certain measure can be classified.

Type 1. Elementary starvation. The most extreme and aggressive look of weight loss. The organism begins to devour literally itself. Except that this way to lose weight is extremely painful, it also is harmful.

As if we did not want, but at once there is consumption of power materials not of problem zones. The organism begins "to rob" for example brain, etc. I.e. those bodies without which physical life activity will not break. And as result: the person turns into the zombie. In such state it is not far also to clinic.

Type 2. Different monodiets. Are less aggressive, but too are in some way harmful. The principle of action is that we give to organism nutrients, but we give in the form of, most often, proteinaceous or slozhnouglevodisty component (porridges, kefir, apples, etc.). As long diet naturally such way is unacceptable, but as fasting days – is irreplaceable. Even to pregnant women at excess set of weight 1 day a week is recommended to keep to diet of this sort.

Type 3. Principles of separate food. I think this way to explain to nobody it is necessary. The organism receives in principle the majority of nutrients, only in certain sequence and at different times. In principle there is nothing bad in separate food. Ah yes! Cost. Good separate nutrition after all is too expensive for the majority of us.

диеты Type 4. Vegetarian diet. You should not confuse this diet to vegetarianism. During diet you specially limit receipt in organism of number of nutrients, to be exact completely exclude proteins. As all of us know, proteins is the most valuable construction material of organism. It is contraindicated to exclude them at young age. It can not only lead to decrease in body weight, but also lead to violation of activity sexual, immune and some other systems. After 45-50 some decrease in amount of the received protein is even useful, but not full.

Type 5. The diets based on features of organism. Each person is unique and unique system. It seems the processes happening in organism are identical physiologically, but there are they at everyone to the exclusive features. These types of diets are also based on understanding of these features.

As example it is possible to give diet on blood type. Its principle is that people with different blood type have to eat products mainly of one food group. The base of diet is based that blood types formed at people in the course of evolution upon transition from one step to another. When people were mainly meat eaters, all had only the first group. With transition to settled way of life and development of agriculture the second was created, etc. The diet mechanism as if is based on genetic memory of the person. It is not necessary to limit itself in number of eaten, and in normalization of the process of digestion of food and improvement of metabolism.

It should be noted that the diet on blood types is not "emergency", as well as the majority of diets of this group. You receive notable result only 2-3 weeks later, and even it is more. However, continuing to eat properly, you will be able to control the weight and at the same time to revitalize organism that in itself very much is not bad.

It is necessary to carry to this group of diets also astrological diet. Its principle is based that all zodiac signs can be divided on man's and female. At each group digestion happens to different speed, and, therefore, and they have to eat differently. If signs of men's group have to eat on time and to do it more often, then signs female should eat food only on internal feeling of hunger.

Besides, it is necessary to adhere to certain ritual of meal. To improve digestion fiery signs should give before acceptance of food to organism small physical activity. It activates digestion processes. Signs of the earth and water on the contrary have to eat food only being able full, both physical, and peace of mind. Only then digestion will be correct.

Astrological diets have not found broad application, yet however why not to try?

Type 6. In fact it is not absolutely diets. The diet implies refusal of certain components of food or its restriction. It is better to call these diets just the principles of the balanced food. What can be carried here?

Excellent example is so-called

Mediterranean diet

It is the whole power supply system based on the use of certain groups of products. It has been called so because initially is based on the main food of inhabitants of the Mediterranean. In due time several scientists have conducted researches and have found out that inhabitants of this region have much less mortality from warmly - vascular diseases and in general their percent, per se, among indigenous people is not high. Having conducted number of researches, scientists have come to conclusion that such combination of products well influences work of cardiovascular system, reduces the content of cholesterol in blood and just revitalizes organism.

What is inhabitants of the Mediterranean eat? If just to list products, then it will become banal terribly and unclear: and where here something useful? Large amount of oil, wine, cereals in the form of grain and as a part of bakery products, macaroni. It is not necessary further.... The terrible set, but if to begin to consider on points, then everything will become clear at once. So.

For a start we will be defined that the overall balance of nutrients has to make: 60% carbohydrates, 30% fats, 10% of squirrel. Quite so with little changes. It is necessary to eat according to such scheme not 1 and not 2 months. It is desirable to adhere to diet long time.

Further main ingredients.

масло рыба макароны помидор травы вино бобовые

Oil. And at once we will make a reservation: oil, and olive is not simple. It contains in the basic monounsaturated fats (unlike animal fats) which reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in blood, by increase at the same time in the level of "good" cholesterol in organism. I.e. the positive balance of fats is recovered, and then there is direct increase in concentration of cholesterol to blood. This direct protection against atherosclerosis and the related complications from outside warmly – vascular system. Add to it that olive oil contains just huge amount of the vitamin E possessing antioxidant abilities, and you gain complete idea of advantage of this product.

Additional source of fats in organism in the Mediterranean diet is also the fats used in fish. Fish is admissible not everyone. In the Mediterranean the most popular types are deep-water types: mullet, cod, etc. To contain in fat of these breeds of fishes so-called fatty acids "omega-3". They also possess ability to reduce cholesterol level. It is necessary to make a reservation that you should not prepare fish for preservation of usefulness together with eggs, flour and other pleasures of our kitchen. The best way is suppression with addition of small amount of olive oil, vegetables or roasting.

Meat products, per se, rarity in the Mediterranean diet. If they are also used, then only in the form of low-fat mutton or veal, chicken meat is more rare. Frequency of the use 2-3 times a week (it is better - more rare) in the small portions.

The following item – paste. Or easier to say macaroni. Here, besides, a lot of things depend on grade of pasta. It is important to buy only products from firm grades of wheat which are good source of cellulose (which to the word normalizes digestion better than any "Aktiviya"), complex carbohydrates, vitamins of group B and magnesium.

Except paste complex carbohydrates come to organism from bakery products (besides baked of firm grades of wheat), cereal cultures (rice), qualitative dry breakfasts.

Vegetables and fruit. So it has turned out that vegetables and fruit of yellow-orange-red scale grow in the Mediterranean mainly. One of the most favourite products of this category is – tomato. It is fine source of lycopene. Even in small concentration lycopene renders positive effect on cardiovascular system. Also you should not forget about excellent influence of lycopene on male reproductive system. This substance simply universal "defender" of our men from oncological diseases of prostate. You should not think that tomatoes should be used only in the raw. Just on the contrary. In the course of preparation useful substances gain those qualities about which it was written above.

Except tomato you should not forget about pepper, lemons and other citrus. They can be used independently, and in the form of dishes. It is possible to prepare freshly squeezed juice, and it is possible to experiment with addition them in different classical recipes.

If you lack highlight in the Mediterranean kitchen, then it is not necessary to be upset. Practically all recipes allow (and even provide) addition in dish of different spices and herbs. Spinach, thyme, garlic, etc. are the most popular. The majority of spices are not only aromatic additive to food, but also the whole well of useful substances. For example, garlic contains phytoncides in the structure. These are powerful antibacterial, and also antiviral substances. Besides, garlic contains large amount of useful vitamins and minerals.

The thyme is one of the most useful spicy herbs. It contains big concentration of antioxidant substances in the structure, besides as well as garlic possesses antibacterial and antiviral action.

Rockets and other dark and sheet salads are rich with antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E, and also beta carotene. All of them delete the free radicals which are formed over time and also at stress and bad diet in any organism.

Properties of lemon all of us know since the childhood. Concentration of vitamin C in lemon almost maximum. It is irreplaceable antioxidant.

If there is no opportunity to buy spices in the raw, that is excellent alternative – dry seasonings. Only upon purchase attentively read structure. In qualitative seasoning there should be no additives.

And, at last, one of the most favourite points of the Mediterranean diet – wine. This traditional making menu of inhabitants of the Mediterranean. At once it is worth making a reservation that it is possible to drink only 1 glass a day for women, and 2 glasses for men. Such quantity of alcohol will promote the correct digestion: to improvement of motility of intestines, moderate stimulation of release of different digestive enzymes. средиземноморская диета

Also for a long time it is proved by scientists that small concentration of alcohol are capable to render positive effect on warmly – vascular system: to reduce amount of cholesterol in blood, thereby interfering with emergence of atherosclerotic plaques. The main thing is moderation here.

Wine is served most often at dinner or dinner. It is desirable that it was young dry grape wine. Inhabitants of the Mediterranean consider pure natural wine almost as panacea. It contains set of vitamins, minerals, and also legkousvayevayemy sugar.

If to speak about proteinaceous component of the Mediterranean diet, then It is necessary to tell that it also has the features.
Of course, the considerable part of proteins treats fish. However, it is impossible to forget about such important suppliers of protein as bean. Without them in general it is difficult to provide the Mediterranean menu. Any soup, broth or soup, beans is everywhere. Though bean also contain rather large amount of carbohydrates, in lump they are so imperceptible that it is quite possible to allow to use them in such quantity.

And, of course, it is worth remembering common truth of diets (including Mediterranean):

if the piece of fish or meat at you in plate the size approximately about average apple, then quantity of light salad has to be twice more.

And if you have also added garnish, then it just has to be twice less.

Here, perhaps, and main components of the Mediterranean diet. You should not think that even within 2-3 months you feel full decrease in body weight. However, the feeling of ease, lack of problems with digestion, improvement of the general health is guaranteed. Besides the general indicators of fatty exchange including cholesterol level in blood, will be returned to normal over time. And it will positively affect state warmly – vascular system.

There is still huge number of various diets, but to observe them often very difficult if not to help organism to burn excess calories. And how it can be made? Naturally, carrying out certain physical activities.

физическая активность Physical activity is and there is the third way of fight against excess weight. It is necessary to tell that it is the most correct and optimum way of weight reduction, of course, at observance of certain moderation. физическая активность

Any physical activity is loss of calories, question: how many you lose? When performing usual actions, we generally or compensate power expenses by the energy arriving with food, or we exceed even the minimum necessary quantity. All this leads to the fact that our weight gradually grows. If to consider that with age the required amount of energy decreases, and the quantity and quality of the arriving food often does not change, then the reason of increase of weight is clearer.

Here to the aid physical exercises can also come. Also it is not obligatory to go and register at once in the best fitness at all – club. For a start try to act by own efforts. You go to work and from work on foot, try to get out more often to walks in park, eventually, it is possible to get rollers or the bicycle.

What type of weight loss you would not choose, remember that, first of all, you grow thin to become healthier. Therefore choosing for itself the most acceptable way, it is worth reflecting that in such business the shortest way does not mean the best and correct. Let you will spend more time for necessary weight reduction, but keep, and even improve own health and mood, and, of course, over time you will get rid of such undesirable folds. And can these folds and there is your "highlight"?