Sports food

спортивное питание
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It is interesting to all people who support the body in excellent form to know that such sports food. Though, without paltering, many are interested in this question. So it it actually? Harm or advantage? It is worth entering it into the diet or nevertheless to give preference to the healthy and balanced nutrition? In this article we will in detail consider sports food with all its aspects, positive and negative sides.

Sports food is the balanced and concentrated complex consisting only of natural substances. In other words are additives which integrate merits and components of food, usual for us.

It would seem why in addition to use "magic" and such useful additives if it is possible to make just competently the diet and to continue to work on main objective: to giving to body of incomparable beauty and bends. The answer is as follows: after trainings athletes are very exhausted, on the way to ideal all forces are settled, there is work at full stretch. As a result the stock of energy is minimum, on recovery of the general condition of organism there are no forces at all and athletes at such moments can be on the verge of unconscious state. Good in it, certainly, there is nothing, it is necessary quickly to help organism to be recovered and here sports food which bears in itself weight useful and such substances necessary at present lends a hand.

From where energy at the person undertakes?

откуда берется энергия у человека Its main sources are vitamins and fats. When there is neither left that, nor others, active combustion of muscular tissue begins that leads to exhaustion, the body "is as if blown off", but does not get fine outlines. Sports food is faithful assistant to athletes, but only if carefully to pick up it and correctly to use.

Sports food is necessary for set of mass of muscles, and also for active combustion of fats and weight reduction. The third purpose of sports food is improvement of the general state of health (cheerfulness appears, forces become more).

The term sports food misleads and hundreds of people begin to think that it is necessary and it is useful only for athletes who completely move away to unreal physical activities. But it not so! Can accept food additives everything, main it is correct to choose that product which is necessary and to conform to you to all rules of its consumption. If your purpose is loss of weight and finding of slender body, then zhiroszhigatel are necessary for you and if you want to become Apollo, then pay attention to sports food for set of mass of muscles.

Food of athletes is divided into two versions. It:

- food at the heart of which proteins contain;
- food at the heart of which carbohydrates contain;

Versions, in turn, are divided into 6 main types:

Zhiroszhigateli - their main function is fast structure of muscle bulk. The making components positively influence work of liver, helping it to split actively fats in the course of long and saturated trainings.

Complexes of vitamins and different vitamin supplements improve the general state of health. If food of athletes is supplied with vitamins, then the tone of muscles will become excellent, the metabolism is adjusted, and it will be possible to forget about diseases.

Amino acid - without this additive cannot exist any sports food, it is the integral and its very important part. It is the main reducer of muscle fibers which are damaged after long trainings in the gym.

Geynera is type of sports food at the heart of which there is mass of proteins and carbohydrates of the highest quality. In the course of trainings geyner are split, free training energy which promotes growth of muscle bulk comes to light. It as if construction material for the sports, perfectly put body.

Glutamine is special amino acid which favorably influences work of brain, and also supports the normal acid-base environment in organism.

Creatine - the additive consisting of natural components which promotes endurance of organism during trainings. The probability of exhaustion at creatine reception the crane is small, it is part of any sports food.

As it is correct to accept sports food

как правильно принимать спортивное питание

Geyner is accepted in the diluted look, it is possible to mix it in shaker with milk, juice or simple water. Main receptions: in the morning - for increase of caloric content of diet; before training (for 1-2ch.) for saturation of organism carbohydrates, and also amino acids; during the day as having a snack (in case of unbalanced food, impossibility to have a bite normally).

Protein, it is protein, it is necessary to organism for normal life activity. Its day norm of 2 g on kilogram of weight, but occasionally this figure many times is more - 4 g. The protein is accepted just as also geyner in the diluted look. Main receptions: right after dream (the protein burned during dream is recovered); before training it is worth accepting serumal isolate as it is quickly acquired; the protein will serve as having a snack at mad rhythm of life; casein will support before going to bed the level of amino acids normal.

Amino acids are as if bricks of which protein is under construction. Amino acids need to be accepted right after dream, for recovery of their level after dream; day reception of amino acids will help to improve catabolism (power exchange) if there is no time normally to have a bite; also the additive should be used after training not later than in 20-30 minutes. It will help to recover confused training forces and to return former cheerfulness.

Creatine. Its norm for the healthy person makes 6 g to receive such amount of creatine it is necessary to eat 6 kg of meat, but it is unreal, especially for vegetarians therefore the use of this additive very reasonablly anyway. Creatine should be used from 4th to 6 weeks. In the first half of reception necessary requirement of creatine on 10 g few times in day, further - on 3 grams 2 times a day or 5-6 grams for one reception. After that the break in 2 weeks in order that the creatine which is produced in organism did not lose the regenerating ability is necessary. It is the best of all to accept creatine on hungry stomach, so assimilation happens more actively and more fullly.

The state for the 2011th year specialists in the field of researches has made rating of sports food - the TOP of 10 best sports additives.

  1. the first and the place of honor was taken by the Protein of 100% of Whey Gold Standard
  2. on the second Animal Pak Vitamins were proved
  3. the three of leaders comes to an end with protein of Elite Whey Protein
  4. further there is protein of Prostar of 100% of Whey Protein
  5. the fifth place - NO-XPLODE creatine
  6. on the sixth there is geyner of Serious Mass
  7. the seventh: Syntha-6 protein
  8. the eighth place was taken by Matrix 5.0 protein
  9. the ninth place - geyner of Muscle Juice Revolution
  10. on the last line Jack3d creatine was located

Today small streets of the city and open spaces of the Internet dazzle with the tabloids "Sports Food", it simply is necessary to pay attention to it. Among such variety it is difficult not to become puzzled. Not to acquire low-quality or counterfeit goods it is worth knowing that the best producers of sports food it:

противопоказания спортивного питания

BioTech Multipower SciFit
BSN Muscle Tech Scitec Nutrition
Dymatize Nutrition Nutrex Supreme Protein
Gaspari Nutrition Optimum nutrition Syntrax
MAGNUM Power System Twinlab
MHP Prolab Universal Nutrition
MSN SAN Weider

As if producers of sports food did not convince us of its harmlessness and advantage, it has contraindications and it is not impossible to be indifferent to it, otherwise you risk to affect the health seriously.

Before getting food of athletes, it is worth consulting with the gastroenterologist, he will advise what to give better preference not to do much harm to stomach and not to overload it. The allergy to separate components of sports food is quite possible, consider it!

In aspiration to reach big heights in sport or just to lose weight, it is worth being accurate. Sports food is assistant, but only when to it there is reasonable approach.

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