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Sound body - is beautiful by definition. But beauty and health need to be able to be supported.

The complex from 5 exercises on all main groups of muscles will help not only to keep beauty, but also to improve some lines and bends. Flexibility - one of sexuality components. And all its advantages are known for a long time.

Step 1 - warm-up

Sports activities need to be begun with warm-up always. Thanks to it muscles begin to be warmed and, so no injuries and stretchings happens. "On warming up" have to enter exercise complex: - inclinations (direct legs at the level of shoulders, we try to reach hands floor) - moves hands

20 minutes - and body are ready to spending calories, and also "to select" folds and to create seductive muscles where recently there was fat. Warm-up has ended - the real exercises have begun.

For an hour and a half before fitness classes it is necessary to eat something not really fat. In two hours after training - thoroughly to be supported.

Step 2 - elastic press and wasp waist

One of the best ways to begin the owner of beautiful sexual tummy and the same waist - to carry out exercise "bicycle". For this purpose it is necessary to lay down on back and to begin to twist the imagined pedals. Begin about 1-2 approaches from 10-15 "turns", gradually increasing them till 20-30. To create the maximum load on stomach muscles, it is necessary to work with all body while the bent leg has to remain motionless. Along with rotation by legs tear off shoulders, the head and neck from floor and reach as you can, the right shoulder for the left knee and vice versa. It will create additional load of press. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times.

30 minutes of driving the bicycle burn the calories equal to one "Big Mac" - i.e. 475 kcal.

Step 3 - exercises for breast

By means of exercise you for a long time will be able to keep the breast elastic, attractive and sexual. Get up exactly, having straightened shoulders, and press palms to each other at the level of breast. Press one palm on another, overcoming resistance. You will feel how muscles strain - it is sign of the fact that they really work.

Step 4 - beautiful hands

Relief muscles of shoulders look not only sexually, but also visually reduce lower body. With the pumped-up hands any open top will become your secret weapon: ideal dress for appointment or business dinner. So in yours fitness do not forget to allocate to the program the place on exercises of muscles of hands. For this purpose put legs at shoulder length, knees have to be polusognuta. Extend hands with dumbbells before yourself (elbows have to look in floor). On exhalation slowly raise hands up (bending in elbow) until hands do not appear perpendicular to floor. Repeat exercise on 2-3 approaches from 8-12 repetitions. Dumbbells should not be heavy - at most 1,5 kilograms. Over time increase the number of approaches, but not the weight of dumbbells, and that you can pump over hands.

Step 5 - for hips and buttocks, from cellulitis

Lay down sideways, bend legs, put the head arm-distance. Lift and lower the upper leg - at first bent, then straightened. Do 2-3 approaches on 4-8 times in everyone, then lay down on other side and do most other leg too.

Other effective exercise is rope jumping.