Problem of dream and wakefulness

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Wakefulness and dream - problem of paramount importance. These states as if divide all our life in two. The dream always drew to itself special attention of people. For explanation of its essence uncountable theories were created. Wakefulness was considered as natural, initial state. What of these states is primary? This issue is not resolved still.

Throughout ratio human life between dream and wakefulness change. During certain periods of life the dream is more long, than wakefulness. At many animal species the dream in general on duration much more exceeds wakefulness. There are animals who are in condition of deep dream many months. The person cannot exist without dream; long continuous stay in dream is possible. All this suggests idea that our ideas of wakefulness as initial state should be reviewed.

Disputes on what of these states initially, are fruitless. Both processes result from vigorous activity of specialized brain devices, and any of them is not subordinated to another, though are in close functional interdependence. And if this section is called "Wakefulness and dream", then therefore only that two thirds of people will see off in condition of wakefulness and only one third in dream. Much attention is paid also to the description of the processes happening in dream.

Interest in the discussed problem exists through many centuries. Each of us carries in himself still the unsolved secret of nervous system which is shown in so simple, apparently, processes as dream and wakefulness. The author aimed to show that constant interest in this mysterious activity exerting huge impact on physical and mental condition of the person has increased.

Perhaps directly here you will find earlier unknown data, perhaps not absolutely usual and clear. It is shown that dream not condition of rest of brain, but its active state that during dream vigorous mental activity takes place that there are two types of dream "slow" and "fast" that every night we see four-six dreams that from 60 years of life we spend 5 years in dreams that sleeplessness, in strict understanding of this word, does not exist that research of ways of maintenance of high level of wakefulness - important problem of the present. It is enough this transfer to understand need of review under the pressure of the collecting facts of some usual, settled provisions.