Doubtful ideals - leanness

сомнительные идеалы
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The whole world, apparently, has gone crazy. From covers of glossy pages and TV screens girls whose parameters are very far from notorious "90-60-90" look at us. The adult girl cannot almost be distinguished from the schoolgirl of initial classes or even the preschool child. Their hands and leg can be compared without exaggeration to matches, and to count edges with ease. With height of 170 cm they weigh 43 kg, and even it is less. What it is mass epidemic or modern norm of life? What pushes girls on such victims, the result brings pleasure only at first?

As ideals of female beauty changed (1292 BC - today)

To us, girls, it is peculiar to see himself in mirror not such as in reality. It is easy to begin to have complex when on advertizing posters daily you see girls whose photos you in the childhood pasted in albums and dreamed to approach the ideal in the near future. Quite often complexes begin due to the lack of constant attention from opposite sex.

Instead of approaching problem intelligently, the girl tries to discover its external factors: "p I will grow thin, and he will fall in love with me at once". However when the arrow on scales shows treasured figure, fantastic change in the prince does not happen (certainly if before you did not weigh under 100 kg).

They say that men like to swim on waves more, than to break into rocks that they are not dogs – on bone do not rush. But try to tell it to the girl for whom anorexia is not scary word from medical preventions. They are sacredly sure that they grow thin for themselves and only. And many really cannot be accused of it – they wanted to throw off only several kilograms, and after to return to normal food. Only the stomach does not maintain continuous experiments any more and flatly refuses to eat food.

сомнительные идеалы - анорексия

Certainly, you want to exclaim – "Where parents look?" It is a pity, but modern parents now up to the head in type problems how to dress and put on the beloved child, and trust questions of food to school, hoping for consciousness already, it would seem the adult, the child. When they begin to notice that something not so, already late. Quarrels, scandals, infinite campaigns on hospitals begin.

On the Internet continually it is possible to meet curses to mothers who force the daughter to go to hospital or to eat at least salatik. Why in hospital? First, there it is very difficult to resist the mode, and secondly somehow to recover health. Diets influence not only appearance, but also on internal, because of lack of necessary products, problems with hair, nails, skin, even begin teeth. (Unless it is beautiful?!) In addition, cases of loss monthly are frequent that leads to one million female problems and future infertility. Besides, not for nothing wide hips were appreciated at all times – they considerably facilitate childbirth.

Many girls, to calm mother, do not give sign that they have problems, eat together with all family, however, right after plentiful dinner nausea gets rid of food by means of provoking at themselves. It conducts already to new illness – bulimia. Quite often girls sit on tablets (EKA – ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin) which reduce appetite, or laxatives.

The most popular diets – very much and very rigid, for example ABC (ANA BOOT CAMP). It implies 50-day restriction of in calories. 6 days from 50 – full hunger strike, only in one it is possible to use 800 kcal, in all the others limit of admissible – from 50 to 500. (And this with the fact that daily norm for the healthy girl student - 2800). If once you have unintentionally broken, so next day toughen norm.

The buckwheat diet on which within week (and it is better than two) it is necessary to eat only buckwheat without salt and oil (which does not need to be cooked, just to leave for the night which is filled in with water), 1% kefir and if absolutely it is heavy, fruit is not less popular. The so-called "model diet", lasts only 3 days and approaches if you want to dump several kilogram before important event. For breakfast – egg, for lunch of a little skim cheese. To drink – unsweetened tea and water. Appetizingly, truth?

сомнительные идеалы - жёсткие диеты

Similar diets – one million, at everyone is the fans and opponents, but all doctors are sure of one – the individual specialist has to appoint diet, and at the true need (problem with health or really excess weight). Also did not hear any bad word to the Minus 60 system. On it you in the forenoon can eat everything, except milk chocolate, for lunch – there are no heavy, hot dishes, and for dinner - kefir, fruit, vegetables. Well and, naturally, the sports activities, greatest possible on frequency (even morning jog, charging and there will be enough 50 squats).

Frankly speaking, I do not know why so many girls around the world go into extremes, rather beautiful the female body looks if it is proportional. However, it is far easier to starve, than to register to the gym and to regularly visit it.

But, alas, epidemic will pass only when ideals of world show business when girls at last realize collapse what can lead them to "I will hunger couple of days – nothing will be". I doubt that it will occur in the next years though experience of centuries (have managed to visit fashion both fat and thin persons, and again fat) encourages.

Dear girls, please, love yourself such what you are. Do not allow fashion and temporary ideals you to mutilate!

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