Stunning diet of "Bikini"

диета Бикини
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Summer … Sea … White steamship … The most favourite by all part of year in the heat. The summer means the beach, and the beach, in turn - harmonous figure in bright bathing suit.

This unique diet with such speaking name is developed for lovely ladies who want to look stunningly in bikini bathing suit on the beach and. With it it is possible to bring without special violence over itself figure into faultless look, and without fears for its any absolutely ideal parameters to put on even the most courageous, most effective open bathing suit.

To be necessary for this purpose only seven days, and quantity of the thawed extra kilos of which it is so sad will reach five.

Simple menu of fast diet "Bikini"

Day the first. We take only one egg, but only his squirrels, and we do fried eggs. From thin piece of bread we prepare toast, we make to ourselves cup of fragrant green tea (of course, not sweet) and with pleasure it is had breakfast, anticipating all delights of beach rest. If it is simple to you not to do without coffee in the morning, then it is possible to weld cup, but only one, and again without caffeine.

By lunch any vegetable salad, but only without tomatoes, and also without mayonnaise, sour cream or other similar tasty, but high-calorific gas stations will be very pertinent. Vegetables we take any: cucumbers, radish, radish black or green, carrots, beet or garlic. The small piece of dietary light meat of turkey or low-fat chicken perfectly will approach such salad, the breast is the best of all. We drink water: the mineral, gassy or simple cleared drinking.

It is possible to make steam vegetables which most of all to you to taste for dinner: potato, carrot, beet, turnip, cabbage, and in general everything that you love. It is the best of all to wash down with simple drinking water.

For the second day have breakfast glass of juice from prunes with thin toast from black bread. It is also possible to drink tea (black or green) without sugar, coffee (into the account of caffeine have already agreed) there is a little.

Having thoroughly got hungry by lunch, make to yourself small fish and vegetables salad. Drink can be any, the main thing that unsweetened. For dinner we recommend to cook chicken broth or from turkey, to drink one cup and to eat piece of breast of chicken with the steamed celery. Drink this time will be cooling, naturally, without sugar.

There comes the third day. We have already slightly got used to such diet and with pleasure we eat several segments of tomato with thin toast from black bread as we in previous days, wash down black (it is possible green) tea. The small cup of coffee without caffeine will bring pleasant variety.

With lunch already easier: it is possible to eat even two thin toasts from the same bread, to them - low-calorie chicken and vegetables salad. Drink - cooling, without sugar. Let's reward ourselves dinner. We steam vegetables, and we eat the whole plate! We drink clear cool drinking water.

The breakfast of the fourth day repeats, as well as in 1 day, the lunch - crude or steam vegetables is, a little, not as during dinner of previous day, all small tea cup. We wash down vegetables with any drink (sugar is excluded). The breakfast was easy, after lunch of time has passed enough therefore on table this time the small fish baked in oven, low-fat, and to it steam vegetable marrows (it is not enough, tea cup), and again two slices of bread in the form of toasts. We drink soft drink, not sweet.

For breakfast of the fifth day at us glass of juice from the wrung-out blackcurrant, again two thin toasts and cup of black or more useful green tea, coffee. By lunch there will be original salad: we mix half of cup of the boiled shrimps in identical proportions with tomatoes, any mushrooms and lettuce leaves. We watch that ready salad no more tea cup has turned out. Same soft drink, not sweet. For dinner we eat the vegetables steamed too it is a little and we wash down with glass of drink.

The sixth day of our diet, most likely, is necessary on Saturday therefore we can relax and indulge slightly ourselves tasty. At choice – half-cups of melon or the whole cup is fresher than some strawberry. The thin toast from black bread, and to it will not stir tea without sugar or coffee cup without caffeine again again.

Again for lunch chicken breast, and besides very little. Is it it is possible with tomatoes, jamming one slice of toast and washing down with cold drink without sugar. We have supper small piece of fish, low-fat, boiled or steamed, and tomato half. We drink any soft drink.

Seventh day, final. Yesterday for breakfast there were berries, they are quite caloric therefore today we will be limited to one toast and half of tomato.

During the lunchtime again very tasty Grace salad, easy, low-calorie. For its preparation we use favourite vegetables. Soft drink.

For dinner it is possible to make the chicken breast baked in oven (without skin), and for it tea cup of cauliflower or broccoli. Toasts from black bread it is possible two, we drink any drink where there is no sugar.

The original diet of "Bikini" is extremely effective, but it is not necessary to be fond of it. The achieved result at further healthy nutrition will allow you to use this diet not more often than time in 1,5 months.

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