Weight reduction - without secrets and excesses

снижение веса без тайн и эксцессов
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It is no secret that excess weight was and remains big problem for millions of people. Despite improbable set of the systems and products directed to fight against extra kilos, this subject remains actual. The diets and supertechniques developed for weight loss are quite often useful only to the creators as source of constant profit. Very many of the declared wonderful preparations for weight loss work, generally at effect of placebo.

Placebo - (Latin placebo - letters. - it will be pleasant), the dosage form containing neutral substances. Apply to studying of role of suggestion in medical effect any medicinal substances, as control at research of efficiency of new medicines.

As the statistics shows, especially there is a lot of people suffering from excess weight in the countries with developed economy. It would seem - for the solution of question there is all necessary. Both means, and opportunity. But cart, as they say, and nowadays there. Let's try to deal with it in more detail, having considered nuances on which it is not accepted to focus attention.

So - excess weight! It is worth making a reservation that usually not the weight, but volumes of the person is the reason for concern. Weight - concept relative. In state of weightlessness body weight does not play special role. And in the conditions other than terrestrial? On other planet even the dystrophic person can weigh much more, than the large and well-fad person on Earth. So usually dimensions of the person, force it to look for means for weight loss. It is known long ago that excess weight is accompanied by the most various diseases.

So from where there was this problem?

Most likely is because of specific features of structure of human body. Properties which in the course of evolution have not undergone changes.

Let's consider, for example, stomach. It can be provided as the elastic bag changing the sizes depending on characteristic quantity of the received food. Than more portions which the person constantly uses - especially stretched there is stomach. This function is put by the nature as protecting and auxiliary. Our ancestors during many hundreds and thousands of years had to eat rough and low-calorie food, to endure the long periods of wars and crop failures. For receiving all elements necessary for organism the capacious stomach was required.

This property is also useful at incubation of posterity. The organism of mother needs to receive food for two. Perhaps, because of some conservatism and unwillingness to refuse the acquired habit to eat much, rather big percent of women puts on weight after the child's birth. The stretched stomach causes feeling of hunger and discomfort. After the delivery the need for the use of the same quantity of food which was necessary during pregnancy sharply decreases. As organism - already one. But on recovery of the former sizes the stomach needs some time. And we have got used to indulge own whims so we do not give time for recovery to stomach. Also we satisfy feeling of hunger: in other words - we eat. As a result - fast increase of weight.

It is important to acquire one truth: the slow-moving way of life and the use of big portions at the same time is first step to obesity. The modern person of average build has enough three meals a day and portion the size about average plate. There is no need for applying of big physical efforts for receiving livelihood any more. And the food became more saturated various elements. As useful, and not really. Therefore there is no need for the stretched stomach-. But, following traditions, we continue to use unimaginable quantity of excess food. Food which remains in organism in the form of fatty deposits. If the problem of excess weight is actual for you, then first of all it is necessary to pay attention to reduction of portions!

Practically all technicians and techniques directed to weight reduction - are effective. Both diets, and wonderful products, and starvation. The result at which they are aimed - is clear and clear. However very few people think of intermediate links of process. And the ignorance often conducts to sad effects. Let's correct this omission and we will recover gap in knowledge.

There are two main objectives:

  • first - to reduce the stomach size
  • secondly - to accustom organism to small portions

The one who has decided that for weight reduction 10, 20 or 30 days are enough to hunger according to some special equipment - strongly is mistaken and risks. It is not enough. Much more important - not to return to former portions. As sharp and frequent change of volumes of stomach is fraught with effects. To sit thirty days on saucer of rice and glass of water, and then to be full - direct way to digestive tract diseases. Therefore it is better to grow thin gradually.

General recommendations about weight reduction

снижение веса без тайн и эксцессов For persons interested to get rid of excess weight, it is possible to provide some general recommendations in conclusion:

Gradually reduce portions

The accompanying weight loss elements, and unpleasant, the feeling of hunger and weight are. Therefore sharp reduction of quantity of the eaten food can cause strong discomfort. If to work gradually, then process will be less painful. In order that the feeling of weight did not annoy, it is possible to increase the number of meals, observing at the same time portsionnost. Further gradually reduce also the number of meals.

To get rid of excess weight it is the best of all to begin in the spring

Not for preparation for beach season, and for health and good health. Just promotes it also religious Christian customs, such as post. Besides in organism at the subconscious level function is put: in the fall, usually, the organism tries to save up weight, preparing for the winter period. Therefore in the spring to this process it is necessary to apply less than forces.

Try to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages

Especially vodka and beer. These products - are very nutritious.

After seven o'clock in the evening - it is better not to eat

As a last resort - is not flour and fat.

It is necessary to avoid plentiful feasts

During feasts it is easy to break. Further, when you will get used to new portions and weight, this question will stop being for you actual. The organism will just refuse to accept superfluous. And everything used will be quicker processed.

6. Try to find to yourself occupation which would demand physical activities. It is not obligatory to go to gym, or to be engaged in run. It is necessary just to lead a little more active lifestyle. Always itself can find work to liking.

Try - and at you everything will turn out! The road will be mastered only by going!

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