The mixed cardiotraining – basis of success in weight loss

смешанный кардиотренинг
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Application of cardiotraining in sport and fitness has set of the directions.

The most popular direction of this application solves three main objectives:

  • set of muscle bulk
  • development of cardiorespiratory endurance (training of heart and lungs)
  • decrease in body weight (weight loss due to burning of fatty layer)

At the solution of these three tasks cardiotrainings with different parameters are used. For each task there are some basic rules which application has, as a rule, practical result. Let's treat these rules for each task apart.

At set of muscle bulk of cardiotraining have to correspond to the following rules: rather high intensity and short time under loading. Intensity of cardiotraining is measured in the basic by means of heart rate. The maximum heart rate on this training has to be within 85-95% of the maximum value. It is natural that at such intensity the human body is not capable to work long without loss of muscle bulk. Proceeding from it, time of such training has to be very small. The more frequency, the is less training duration.

Ideally, if the athlete is capable to develop very big intensity, then it is necessary to resort to sprinting. Running on short distances (from 100 to 500 m) with the greatest possible speed will be incitement to development in the set direction - to growth of muscle bulk. Use of organism to the limit without introduction in catabolic phase when destruction hormone - cortisol begins to be emitted, provoke in it surge in production of anabolic hormones which lead afterwards to growth of muscle bulk. Application of such trainings is imposed on the person by certain framework - the cardiovascular system of such person has to be healthy and trained. In other words, athletes can only apply this technique of cardiotraining.

The number of such trainings should not be big: these trainings belong to shock methods of impact on organism. It is recommended to use such training 2-3 times a week. It is natural that it is necessary to combine it with the main training competently: so that the loading received from cardiotraining did not interfere with the recovery processes. So, for application of similar technique it is necessary to have rather wide training experience of successful training as rather big load of organism is used.

Other task which cardiotraining allows to solve is combustion of fat or just weight loss. In this case cardiotrainings have to submit to the following rules: heart rate has to be within 60-70% of the greatest possible value, time under loading - not less than 30-40 minutes.

This training can be applied by both experienced athletes, and fans of average fitness. Fans of sport whose main training objective is weight loss process can start this training only after passing of stage of adaptation. The stage of adaptation consists in implementation of the training program which purpose is gradual increase of loadings from minimum to average values. Usually the stage of adaptation passes in time from 1 month to 1 year: everything depends on specific features of organism (age, weight, floor, experience of occupations).

From this technique apply the mixed cardiotraining which comprises application of association of trainings with different tasks in one general training to acceleration of occurrence of result (weight loss). In other words, cardio-training in that case consists of the mixed mini-trainings having different intensity.

For example, training consists of three cycles walking run having ratio on time: 10 minutes of walking and 3 minutes of run. Such training as practice shows and confirms the theory, burns fat more effectively. Restriction on its application is defined by the general intensity.

Advantage of such training is that it allows to burn more fatty calories, than during usual walking. Besides, this technique is more sparing for muscle bulk, than usual run. Such advantage allows to use this training technique to practically all engaged people: from athletes to fans of sport. смешанный кардиотренинг

The similar method is used in the trainings aimed at the development of cardiorespiratory endurance. Thus, the technique of the mixed cardiotraining is universal and is used for the solution of many tasks.

So, the mixed cardiotraining allows to burn effectively fat and to train warm and pulmonary endurance. Besides, such training allows to spend at the same time economically calories and to reach the necessary training effect during the massanoborny period. In addition to run and walking, such training can be carried out by means of swimming, jump ropes, step exercise machine and other cardiovascular machines. Their also joint use is possible.

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