"Slim Up" - technology: we grow thin lying!

Slim Up-технология

Today there are thousands of different devices and devices for fight against cellulitis and excess weight. Unfortunately, the absolute majority of them does not yield qualitative, steady result if gives it in principle. However the Italian company "Sauna Italia", already many years releasing the best cosmetic devices on quality has stunned the market with sensational development. New creation of the Italian scientists – the device "Slim Up".

Uniqueness of "Slim Up" consists that it combines two technologies of weight loss at once – miostimulyation of muscles (i.e. influence by electric current) and infrared beams. Then all ingenious – is simple. On the one hand – the novelty which has shaken the whole world, and with another – nothing essentially new, only successful combination of two programs independent earlier.

The device represents something like horizontal sunbed, only the lamps established in it - with infrared light. In total lamps six, they are established randomly, depending on part of the body which needs to be simulated.
Infrared beams get through skin layers on depth of two centimeters and kindle fatty deposits. Similar to usual advertizing fairy tales, however after procedure you can observe decent amount of liquid under yourself is and there is no other than kindled fat with which there are slags and toxins. As a result of such effect of influence of beams your metabolism improves. At influence of infrared light elastin – the special protein increasing elasticity of skin is also strenuously produced.

As for miostimulyation of muscles, here everything is simple too: on some sites of your body electrodes which give current rushes of certain force fasten. Under the influence of electric impulses of muscle begin to be reduced and allocate heat, and fat – to melt. Electrodes, as well as infrared lamps, go to the necessary parts of your body. Generally, the result promised by scientists is guaranteed: skin and muscles come to tremendous tone (even some wrinkles and bags under eyes clean up), the metabolism amplifies several times, the figure quickly gets desirable outlines. Procedure is absolutely painless and will not bring you any unpleasant feelings, plus – neither to, nor after procedure it is not required to adhere to any diet or particular treatment.

However it is necessary to consider also some aspects which in advertizing do not make a reservation. As "slim-up" is some kind of "weight loss on sofa", to lose weight once and for a long time, relying only on this procedure, it will not turn out. Without observance of the correct diet during procedure you will only kindle fat, then taking him the same rates. Therefore loss of weight will be only temporary phenomenon. Miostimulyation will provide some tone of muscles, but will not make them pumped up, as from fitness classes. Generally, you want to grow thin – use "slim up" as supportive application (and, believe, results will be fantastic). You do not want to strain – be adjusted only on disposal of cellulitis and improvement of skin tone. Consider also that for more or less steady results, it is necessary to complete full course from 9-10 sessions, course cost – 3000-3500 rubles. Most likely, in 5-6 months the course should be repeated because it is almost impossible to get rid of cellulitis forever.

Pay attention that there are contraindications to use of the device. It is pregnancy and lactation, epilepsy, some diseases of heart. In general, before course it is better to consult with the doctor.