Ambulance of organism on return to the labor mode

скорая помощь организма по возвращению к трудовому режиму

The long feasts conducting to overeating and excess drinking of alcohol lead to failures in work of digestive tract, cardiovascular system, dysbacteriosis, decrease in immunity and zashlakovyvaniya of organism. After holidays depression, discomfortable health and extra kilos is caused. Without special violence over itself, it is possible to return to working form, having correctly carried out after and festive rehabilitation.

The first step of rehabilitation - three-day diet.

However be not frightened, you should not starve at all, it will be just necessary to limit a little itself in the use of some products. Exclude from diet of squirrel and limit yourself in farinaceous, fat, sweet dishes. Instead of the established taboo on meat, eggs, fish, give preference to fresh vegetables, fruit, porridges and dairy products with the low maintenance of fat content.

On average during the day it is necessary to eat: 400-500 g of fresh or stewed vegetables, 200-300 g of grain to have glass of vegetable and fruit juice or to replace with fresh fruit, for the night - the fat-free kefir.

Perfectly speed up work on removal of toxins of porridge, especially buckwheat and oat, and also vegetables: cabbage, beet, carrots therefore emphasis can be placed on these products.

Besides, vitamin C therefore during the day use tea with lemon which improves work of liver helps to remove toxins and eat grapefruits. In general daily drink not less than 2,5-3 liters not of sparkling water.

The second step - visit of bath.

It is excellent way to return to the necessary form both body, and good mood. In addition to sweating room birch broom and bathings in cold water, organism will well encourage procedures for care of skin: peeling and food.

On the second calling in steam take honey mix with sea salt. Apply on face skin and problem parts of the body accurately massing several minutes. The salt peeling remarkably eliminates skin scales, at the same time deeply clears it, and also increases blood-groove and improves tone.

After acceptance of shower, return vitality of skin by means of olive oil which apply on all body, but blot not absorbed remains with tissue, so not only skin is moistened, but also there is its food.

Thanks to rest in bath you will return healthy look and color to skin, having cleaned its dryness and irritation.

The third step - increase in physical activity and the maximum stay in the fresh air.

Naturally is not necessary at once persistently and to exhaustion to be engaged in fitness or aerobics, do everything moderately. Choose that sport which will bring only satisfaction, for example it is possible to swim for a while in the pool or to ski, pipits. Otherwise, leave for city boundaries, in the wood and as much as possible take a walk there, enjoying clean and fresh air.

The fourth step - return to working daily routine (early morning rise).

During holidays, you have got used to go to bed late and long in the morning. However it will be precisely unacceptable for your chief. It is necessary to return the organism to the usual mode.

If in the evening you cannot long fall asleep, it is possible to use aromomasla, having included aromolampa with valerian, eucalyptus, pine or oil of mint, melissa.

Besides, it is effective to take bath with addition of broth or infusion from camomile, mint, melissa, nettle, fennel and St. John's Wort. After it it is possible to accept tea from the same herbs. Simply, medicinal properties of the specified herbs include availability of strongly calming and weakening effect that promotes sound sleep.

The best assistant in the morning - small charging and contrast shower (within 5-10 minutes alternate warm water to cool).

3 days of implementation of the rehabilitation program of later, you again also admit excellent form, without the special exhausting efforts.