Diet (system) "Minus 60" Ekaterina Mirimanova

диета минус 60
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The diet (system) "Minus 60 ″ has been developed by the author of best-sellers about weight loss Ekaterina Mirimanova. She has tried it on herself, having grown thin at the same time from 120 kg to 60 in only one and a half years, without resorting to surgical methods. The main advantage and difference of the Minus 60 system from most of others – to refuse favourite food there is no need, and there are no prohibited products.

Who such Ekaterina Mirimanova?

And her book you can read everything that you want to know about Ekaterina on its official site, the most important is that the woman has shared (and has earned on it good money, the good girl!), how it is safe to grow thin for the health and without limiting in anything itself.

It appears to change enough the way of life and your dream will begin to grow thin reality. Already to consider not to count all reviews on the Internet that the system of weight loss minus 60 is really effective and helps to lose excess weight.

If at you with way of life and excess weight everything well is very bad, it is the best of all to buy its book, but if to read you have no time, then you will be helped by this article. In it the main principles of diet, physical activity, psychological spirit and care of skin are described. As to grow thin for 60 kg, to you not 10 kg to throw off it - extensions can appear.

Basic principles of the Minus 60 system

It is better to divide meals on three times. Having a snack is not prohibited, the main thing that portions had small volume and consisted of easy products, for example vegetables or fruit.

On system minus 60 it is possible to drink coffee, tea and alcohol. It is better to replace the usual refined sugar with fructose or brown sugar because of their best comprehensibility organism and contents of vitamins. Wine is also best of all to drink "dry".

It is impossible to miss breakfast, it is just possible to reduce it to small portion of cheese or rye bread.

Sweet can be eaten, but only in the forenoon. It is necessary to refuse milk chocolate and to gradually accustom itself to bitter. Also it is necessary to treat white loaf – only in the forenoon. After – rye bread, and is better without it. Any food till this time in any volume can be eaten as, first, at this time the gastrointestinal tract is most mobilized, and secondly, to eat much it will hardly turn out.

As garnish it is better to use grain: rice, pearl barley or buckwheat. Ideally brown rice as it contains many useful substances, and to taste completely corresponds to usual rice. It is better to minimize the use of potato and macaroni gradually. The type of processing of garnish can be any – boiled, stewed, pan-frying, but whenever possible to avoid fried. If it is problematic, then it is better to clean mayonnaise and sour cream from diet.

Potatoes are not recommended to be combined with meat, it is desirable to divide these two products.

The last meal has to be to 6 o'clock in the evening. It not strict requirement, it is rather recommendation. If necessary it is possible to have supper and at 8 in the evening, but something easy, for example, vegetables or yogurt. Over time the organism will get used to "six-hour" dinners and evening hunger perstant you to disturb.

The system "60 ″ does not advise minus to drink waters more, than there is a wish. Its quantity in organism will not render strong effect on weight loss procedure therefore there is no need of to force and to drink on several liters of water daily. The same concerns salt - the fanaticism is also not welcomed.

It is not necessary to arrange fasting days or to starve as it can cause stress in organism and break the correct current of diet.

Physical activity

The Minus 60 system will not yield the necessary results if not to combine it with the correct physical activity which is the integral and important component of the program of weight loss of Ekaterina Miromanova.

It is necessary to give daily sports activities or fitness (visit of the pool, fitness club, active types of rest, for example, skiing or the bicycle in combination with house easy gymnastics). If it seems also tiresome, then it is possible to reduce the number of occupations, but it is all the same necessary to prepare and orient organism to constants, though small, loadings. Occupations should not be a burden, on duration can be also absolutely individual, but than longer, certainly, it is better for those. Try not to overtire.

We watch skin

As the effect of diet comes quickly enough and losses in weight are considerable, it is necessary to show consideration for condition of skin very much. It concerns especially women during the postnatal period or aged when the lipoaktivnost decreases. Cosmetics, creams, srubs, massages will come to the rescue. Self-massage is allowed. Thanks to such obvisaniye complex of skin it will be possible to avoid and keep shape of body practically.

Psychological preparation

It is necessary to approach responsibly and psychological aspect of preparation for diet because often exclusively correct internal spirit helps to achieve desirable results. Ekaterina Mirimanova's system "Minus 60 ″ - not punishment for appetite, and attempt to help organism to get rid of excesses of weight therefore it should not be a burden, and has to become way of life.

At accidental overeating or "failures" which are absolutely natural to any normal person it is impossible to punish itself hunger strikes. Simply next time it is better to consider the possible reasons which have induced organism to overeating and to try to prevent them, for example, due to increase in day portions.

Power supply system available to all

This remarkable diet has no time frames, at first it will work for weight reduction, then – for its maintenance. It is possible to tell that this diet will define the principles of your food for the rest of life.