Main laws of development of the Siberian health


Mythical god of doctoring Asclepius (so he was called by ancient Greeks, and Romans - the Doctor) had daughter - the goddess of health of Gigiyey. By the name of goddesses hygiene, that is the field of medicine which studies how it influences health all that surrounds the person is called: air and water, food and clothes, working conditions and studies, sport and rest.

But it is not enough to study of all this, it is necessary also to propose such measures that air and water were pure, the food was not only tasty, but also useful, work and study would bring joy, but did not harm organism.

In our country millions of rubles are spent to warn diseases, to provide to people the best living conditions, to keep and strengthen their health.

... On granite embankments of the Moskva River fishermen were located. And the river flows through the huge eight-million industrial city. Doctors-hygienists have made the offers on water purification.

... Factory. Here do toys. The doctor-hygienist watches that toys have not done harm to health of the kid.

... The huge plant is buried in verdure. Light, pure workshops. How many doctors-hygienists had to work here together with engineers and builders that pipes did not smoke, and the cluttered-up territory has turned into garden.

... You go to school. You enter the class. And here all is thought over: school desks stand so that light fell at the left; instead of window leaves - transoms, so current of cold air is directed up, but not to the children sitting near window, the design of school desks and tables is convenient for occupations.

Every year hundreds of new are under construction, it is modern the equipped schools. It together with teachers, engineers, builders, architects doctors-hygienists have worked.

After special scientific researches hygienists offer, for example, the lesson how many school students have to sleep what food is on what notebooks and what handles to write what is the time has to proceed...

It is possible to live near fine park or stadium, and to have a rest only on sofa, it is possible to go in sunny warm day having muffled, it is possible to prepare in the presence of electric lighting lessons in the twilight... It is possible, but it is not necessary.

That is why hygienists learn to carry out the norms and rules helping girls and boys grow healthy, strong and tempered. Many years ago, when yours mother and the father were still absolutely small, I have organized the special circle "Young Physician". Ten years left in pioneer camp, worked at schools as the practical and research associate. And always very much rejoiced when children (alas, it happened not always!) followed my advice.

There is ancient saying that health comes to us zolotniks, and leaves in poods.

The zolotnik is absolutely small measure - only 4,266 grams, and pood of the whole 16 kilograms!

This series of articles has to help you, dear reader, gets more zolotniks of health.

In that case that, so this series working and it is necessary to work with it gradually - step by step. And not each step will be lung. Prepare for it.

Do not forget to carry out the most important laws of health. (Once again read chapter 1.) And now start performance of the calendar of health. At first you should make efforts and to spend some extra time. But there will pass small term, and you will see that you release more time for reading, for walks in the fresh air, for different interesting affairs. You will understand that you began to feel more vigorously, more fine.

In two weeks do not forget to note the achievements. Plates well will help you to see progress and shortcomings.

Do not undertake performance of all tasks at once. So, step by step, the head behind the head.

And at last, the last. It is possible to work with the book together, or three together, or even all class. You will help each other, to compete. And in general to do all by collective is more interesting, more useful, more cheerful, than to one.

It is good if this book is read by your parents, they in many respects will help, will advise. Do not forget about kind advisers - teachers, doctors, nurses.

Success to you in your steps on health ladder!