Chocolate diet

шоколадная диета
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The chocolate diet is diet for the real judges of taste who are going to lose excess weight, without losing favourite delicacy.

Chocolate diet not only tasty, but also useful. And now we will prove it to you.

In the modern world many diets which become more difficult to be considered every day are invented now. Nutritionists actively work on creation of simple and more complex systems of food and diets that each person could execute the cherished dream – to grow thin and become healthier, more attractive. Think whether there is such diet which could solve problem of excess weight, it is magnificent to fit into today's rhythm of life and to be pleasant?

Yes, is, chocolate diet!

Laymans in the field of diets will tell that it is impossible, and the experienced growing thin companions convincingly will nod in reply, about chocolate diet a lot of information is written, but not everyone went further its reading. The problem in indecision or not love to chocolate can?! As if there was not, but fans of this delicacy on "UR" will apprehend information, chocolate diet – it is tasty and it is useful.

The diet on chocolate can be rigid or more moderate, choose to you, and for a start we will get acquainted with the basic principles of food and diet.

We beat calories without the prevention

This option of diet is expected those people who madly love chocolate and have no serious diseases of liver, have no sand and stones in kidneys. Also learn whether you are sick with arterial hypertension, there is risk of exacerbation of this disease. Not because of chocolate, and amount of caffeine which will come to organism from coffee which is obligatory.

So, chocolate for weight loss should be used within 5-7 days for which there will take place the main loss of weight in 3-5 kilograms and if you eat competently and moderately after diet, then you will be able to throw off the approximate same number of weight without problems and harm to.

There is question as what to choose chocolate, flavoring preferences at all different and how many it can be eaten? That the delicacy has to be obligatory with the high content of cocoa beans there are no doubts, they improve metabolism which besides "is warmed up" by coffee. Forget about white, diabetic and milk chocolate, you do not benefit from it and will only mock at organism. Excess weight, undoubtedly, will a little leave, but the result in comparison with dark, natural chocolate will be insignificant.

Now we will talk about quantity

It is question somewhat individual, someone eats tile and to it a little, and to someone 100 gr. there is quite enough. The classical option of diet suggests to use 80 or 90 gr. chocolate in three steps which surely are followed by black coffee without sugar (it is possible to add to it a little skim milk). Tile in 90 gr. it is easier to divide into three receptions, but as average tile hundred-gram, it is necessary to divide approximately though clearness does not matter here, the quantity will be eaten same, it will not be reflected in result in any way.

The approximate menu for the period of diet:

примерное меню на время шоколадной диеты

You have breakfast 30 gr. dark chocolate without any additives + cup of black coffee without sugar (substitutes).

примерное меню на время шоколадной диеты

During the lunchtime the same 30 gr. dark chocolate + black coffee.

примерное меню на время шоколадной диеты

For dinner again 30 gr. dark chocolate and black coffee.

It is worth noticing that because of complete elimination of salt (not to put it in coffee) and there is loss of weight, the organism comes out all stagnant water. Approximate caloric content of one chocolate bar – 540 kcal, and during a day of people at mobile way of life spends about 2000. It turns out, 1500 kcal are burned at the expense of fatty tissue so for week of chocolate diet it is possible to spend 1 kg quietly. subcutaneous fat.

The chocolate diet for weight loss urges not to drink after eating of chocolate within 3 hours, but as practice shows – it is unreal, desire to make though water drink after sweet above all. Drink when hunting. Also you quite are able to afford such liberty as absorption of standard daily rate of chocolate in one step. Yes, it is so possible to make, but then it is possible to drink only coffee, nothing any more.

We clean weight intelligently and gradually

This type of diet has been developed by the Italian nutritionists who decided to intrigue people with the name. The matter is that unlike the first option of diet this allows to eat only 30 gr. delicacies, gram more. But the general menu pretty attractive, the Veda you and sweet absorb and can be saturated with macaroni, without limiting yourself in vegetables and fruit.

Duration – 7 days for which about 5 kilograms of excess weight gradually thaw. If you wish, then the diet can be prolonged also till 14 days, but at the same time the timeout lasting 5-6 days is necessary, and then it is possible to attack safely calories further.

During diets it is possible to afford such products:

продукты шоколадной диеты- Паста Paste (the most various spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, and also other products from firm grades of flour). продукты шоколадной диеты- Соусы Sauces, gravies for paste, but it is worth training them surely without oil and any fat, and also meat, but it is admissible to add a little crushed light meat.
продукты шоколадной диеты- Салаты The salads filled with lemon juice or the fat-free soy sauce. продукты шоколадной диеты - овощи и фрукты Safely eat different vegetables and fruit, but exclude potatoes, bananas and grapes.
продукты шоколадной диеты- попкорн Such delicacy as popcorn is authorized, but it is necessary to train him without salt, sugar and oil. продукты шоколадной диеты- черный натуральный шоколад It is obligatory to justify the name of diet, eat 30 gr. dark, natural chocolate also drink not less than 2 liters of the purified water.

All products can be mixed, used in such look as it is convenient, but the main thing of anything to fry and not to add oil anywhere, in chocolate there is cocoa butter which satisfies with everything to fat indicators.

That the chocolate diet for weight loss did not seem boring it is possible to diversify it thus: in the first day eat apple or pear integral, and in following make of them easy salatik, filled with spoon of lemon juice or natural yogurt. It is also possible to cook vegetables and fruit puree on the discretion, it is very convenient and it is useful.

The diet has provided three meals and as much having a snack by chocolate and popcorn. During diet you will not feel weariness, sweets will give stock of forces and energy which quite will be enough for you especially as vegetables and fruit will be sources of vitamins. If you wish, it is possible to connect additional reception polivitaminok and microelements which will do exclusively good to your organism.

The approximate menu of such chocolate diet will look so:

меню шоколадной диеты

For breakfast make fruit salad (apple, pear, orange, kiwi or any other favourite fruit); it is possible to make gerkulesovy porridge and to add to it pieces of juicy strawberry or raspberry; if to do something to time is not present, and you hurry for study/work, then it is possible just to eat any fruit.

меню шоколадной диеты

During the lunchtime it is worth indulging himself with some pasta, for example, paste; vegetables salad under lemon juice; gravy with meat pieces.

меню шоколадной диеты

For dinner prepare paste or "horns" in tomato and garlick sauce; vegetable salad; steam vegetables or fruit.

меню шоколадной диеты

After breakfast, as having a snack, 10 gr. chocolate/popcorn or fruit.

меню шоколадной диеты

After lunch, as having a snack, fruit mousse from any are sweet fruit and cup of the removed skim milk or 10 gr. chocolate/popcorn/fruit.

меню шоколадной диеты

After dinner, as having a snack, 10 gr. chocolate / fruit.

For all day drink surely water in that quantity which is necessary.

Connect small physical activities, then you not only will get rid of share of excess weight, but also perfectly tighten figure and if you make sport by the loyal friend, then you will be able soon to brag of beautiful waist and press.

Reviews of chocolate diet

People who have tried and on own experience have passed through chocolate diet note that loss of weight happens very quickly, and the most important is effective. The left kilograms leave for a long time and do not return upon transition to usual food.

But the chocolate diet has responses also neutral, some just begin to feel better, but cardinal loss of weight is not observed. It turns out what the chocolate diet is not so good as it is painted? At all not, all hitch in features of organism: someone loses weight and does not gain it, and to someone all life to have to limit itself in food to look on all hundred.

Chocolate diet: main "pluses" and advantages

The first and most important plus – it is tasty. You should not eat day from day unloved buckwheat or rice porridge which for years of life and has so cloyed. The chocolate bar per day is charge of cheerfulness and excellent mood.

Plus No. 2 is fast loss of weight which is occasionally so necessary before important action or event in life. Combine business with pleasure and be in peak form thanks to loved to delicacy.

All know that chocolate perfectly stimulates work of brain that is perfectly reflected in working process during study or writing of the annual report for the chief. Especially during diet you will be able quietly to eat the gourmand and not to execute yourself for weakness, at this time you lose kilograms.

Chocolate diet: main "minuses" and shortcomings

шоколадная диета Despite all advantages, this diet has also shortcomings which are essential.

The first negative side is mass of contraindications, if you have allergy to chocolate or any its components, then it is worth forgetting about such way of weight reduction. If the desire nevertheless is big, then first of all it is worth consulting with the doctor and only then, proceeding from its verdict, to decide how to be.

Also the diet can cause metabolic disorder which is inherent in all fast diets. It more to treat the first option of diet, he very rigid and except chocolate and coffee allows to use nothing. If work of heart in ordinary life guards you to you too it is worth refusing diet, coffee will repair harm, and with heart, matter of course, jokes are bad.

For some people there is risk of set of the lost kilograms back, and with additional weight.

The chocolate diet in the first option unbalanced, can cause big fatigue and loss of forces, but it is recovered at the following reception of delicacy. The poet some people increase consumption of chocolate to 200 grams.

As you can see chocolate for weight loss is excellent thing, but it is necessary to be very careful that then loss of weight did not become for you the hard blow on health.

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