General criteria of optimum food

оптимальное питание

Many would like to receive the recommendations containing the uniform optimum power supply circuits guaranteeing long and healthy life. There is opinion on possibility of development of some uniform, universal and optimum power supply circuit of people.

However there is no such scheme and cannot be. Unless it is admissible that residents of Russia and India, the child and the adult, the worker of brainwork and the worker occupied with hard physical work equally ate? Certainly, no.

However, the general criteria after all are. The food has to be high-quality, biologically valuable, various and used moderately. It is necessary to learn to eat on health. It would be desirable that questions of balanced diet were propagandized as it is possible more widely, became common property, indicator of their general culture.

But whether so everything told seriously and important?

Let's imagine for minute that all human organs, perhaps, except for nervous system, during his life update the cellular structure. At us hair and nails constantly grow, the cellular composition of blood is several times a year updated. In human stomach tens of billions of cages of superficial epithelium daily perish and as much appears new, young that serves as fine illustration to told by Friedrich Engels: "To live - it means to die".

Therefore, the good nutrition means need of extraction from food first of all of the various full-fledged proteins having full range of necessary amino acids. From this it follows that long strict observance any, even the most refined diet because of its unilaterality is defective.

Evidence-based recommendations about questions of balanced diet cannot ignore regional, national, age and other peculiarities. To all of us sharpness of the Caucasian dishes which are plentifully seasoned by the pepper, garlic, onions and other spices badly transferable without habit is well-known. Meanwhile the digestive tract of locals is perfectly adapted for such features of food. Besides it is proved that in the conditions of hot climate the spicy food is necessary.

It is necessary to calculate the caloric content of products taking into account local climatic conditions too. In the north it has to be higher, than, say, in the southern regions of the country.

There are different ideas of the frequency of meals or rhythm of food, of distribution of food loadings in days. All mankind lives in conditions of permanent rhythms: changes of time of day, hours of rest and wakefulness with which also biological rhythms of work of our internals including digestion are connected. It has dictated need of observance of diet.

Three-quadruple food in strictly certain hours is absolutely necessary for the adult. At the same time it is necessary to pay attention to preference of big loadings in the first half of day. The crowded digestive organs worsen depth, quality of dream, reduce its refreshing character. Therefore popular wisdom: "Have breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, and give dinner to the enemy" - sounds extremely scientifically and actually.

Besides, at once there is sense to emphasize that after food it is necessary to keep vertical position of body (that is not to lay down) not less than two-two and a half hours.

It is necessary to pay attention and to condition of mouth. Even the healthy person in it has huge number various, including pathogenic, microbes. Concerning bacterial impurity it can be compared only to rectum. Number pathogenic (able to cause different diseases) microbes sharply increases in the presence of inflammatory processes in mouth, and also not baked teeth: with food comes to stomach the bigger quantity of microbes, and, in case of decrease in acidity of gastric juice is considerable, they occupy duodenum, bilious ways with all that it implies.

On the other hand, lack of teeth or their prostheses deprives of opportunity to carefully chew, crush products and by that it is good to prepare food masses for gastric digestion. Optimum condition of mouth - indispensable condition of full health of the person.

As it is proved by the conducted researches, the surprising constancy of the environment differing in related departments (stomach and duodenum, thin and thick guts, bilious and pancreatic channels and intestines, etc.) markedly is maintained by so-called valve devices of digestive organs. They are located on borders of different departments of digestive tract. Knowledge of their availability, functional predistination are necessary for each person because their protection, the careful relation to them forms basis of prevention of diseases of digestive tract.