Secret of my great-grandmother - how to look stunning

секрет моей прабабушки

Agree, before the woman managed to look stunningly and without arsenal of decorative and medical cosmetics, did not know the word "cellulitis" and kept the youth for many years.

When this subject was lifted on our "women's council" in the house, the grandmother has smiled and, having conspiratorially winked at my mother, has told: "Everything, Lyudmila, has come time to her everything to tell …" And was solemnly removed from kitchen, having left me in easy bewilderment in private with mother. p with sincere awe waited that my mother will tell, and mother has smiled and has begun the story …

It appears, these secrets were transferred by women in our family long since and helped to keep health and beauty very long. And as I am nature not superstitious, well, I will share them with you.

The first condition is respect for flatness in character, more or less quiet relation to vital problems and chagrin. Besides, continuous fight against human weaknesses, and also pure and truthful thoughts in soul.

So philosophical approach fine has surprised me and has pleased. But further rules more applicable to real life followed.

Early get up early and … you lay down.

Yes. p always thought that it is typographical error in the text, we often do everything on the contrary: we get up early and we go to bed late.

Every day without exception it is necessary to happen in the fresh air.

For some reason in this place the last working day was remembered. Short dash from house entrance to the car, further fruitful work in native collective, again the car, supermarket and uf … at last, native bed. Stop! Something I have not noticed the phrase "fresh air" there …

Temperature in bedroom should not exceed 14 °C.

Here it that! And I at first freeze and therefore densely I close window leaf in the room, and then I wake up in the middle of the night from intolerable closeness. Yes, live and learn!

It is not necessary to sleep on soft mattresses and pillows.

That is why I do not get enough sleep on the "soft throne" … As if did not go to bed early, in the morning such feeling that I all night long unloaded cars: the body aches, hurts, the head square. From now on I will be cleverer …

It is strict to observe purity of body.

Well, though I did something correctly. As they say, purity – guarantee of health!

Several times a week, and it is better to carry out daily before lunch gymnastic exercises.

Well, it is direct hint on my "excesses" in corporal question. Yes I know that it is necessary to go to the gym, but there is not enough time …. And here to carry out exercises before lunch it is worth trying: I will tell Lizke, Katya, they "suffer" from diets too … It is possible even to arrange such himself collective training. I hope, the chief will be delighted!

Put on always in compliance with climate and weather. Try to hold legs warm.

I do not know how this rule is applicable to my new boots though if to hook socks "with pile", there will be most that. And that is regarding clothes on weather, I agree with it: that for habit at our population to look out of the window "in what people go" … just at that time. When I look out of the window, for some reason by take place the granny in sheepskin coat "barefoot", the juvenile beauty in leather jacket and high fur boots.

It is obligatory to wash not only in the morning, but also for the night.

So … we will make investigation. In the morning I wash to wake up and prepare the forehead for drawing make-up. And in the evening this make-up it is necessary to remove and wash away its remains from face. That's right. My great-grandmother – the genius!

Not to gorge on before to feel weight in stomach. It is necessary to stop meal when you feel what could be eaten still. To eat only in certain hours.

What here you will tell? Apparently, it is necessary to follow these rules of food, at least to keep the figure of harmonous. For example, my grandmother not too bad at all! Still stare at it …

The quantity of food has to be proportional to the movement: the less movements, the it is less than food.

Farewell, my evening sandwiches and night candies! Hello, evening walks in the fresh air, light thoughts in the head and happy life!

After all the wisdom checked for centuries - indisputable dilemma!