How to make gastrocnemius muscles beautiful

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If men want to make the gastrocnemius muscles stronger and relief, then women absolutely on the contrary, dream of harmonous graceful legs. prko the expressed calves are one more problem for fine half of mankind. And yes to women these muscles need to be strengthened because from ruptures of sinews and sprains nobody is insured. What exercises lovely ladies can carry out for strengthening of legs, at the same time keeping and increasing beauty. Let's think.

The principles of occupations for women will be others, than for men. It also is clear, the purposes that different. To make calves more harmonous, it is necessary to acquire several rules firmly. First, completely to refuse power exercises, otherwise muscles will increase in sizes. Secondly, to choose the correct diet. Thirdly, actively to use exercises on extension. It burns fat, increases elasticity of muscles, does muscles by more relief. Now, when you have acquired the basic principles, it is necessary to choose set of exercises suitable for you. Let's consider some of them.

Exercises for extension and relaxation of gastrocnemius muscles

These exercises need to give 2 times a day for 5-10 minutes.

1. Become directly, make legs together, hands are freely lowered. We carry out squats from this rack, but not up to the end. Foot completely stand on floor, we do not tear off heel.

2. We sit down on floor, we rest hands behind ourselves, we extend legs before ourselves. We bend legs, at the same time we do not tear off foot from floor, your purpose – to touch by heels of buttocks. Exercises can be carried out as alternately for each leg, and two legs at the same time.

3. From standing position set aside leg back, at the same time it has to touch floor only by fingers. Further try to touch by heel of this leg floor, but leg muscles have to work, the body has to remain motionless.

The extension is not less important for muscles also. Take one leg step forward, the second remains on site. Bending the leg exposed forward in knee, slowly sink forward and down, slightly springing the leg standing behind you. Body weight when performing this exercise is the share of hind leg. It is necessary to carry out exercise not less than 30 seconds for each leg.

Exercises for weight loss of calves and giving of symmetry to them.

For this purpose best of all the step will approach. Being engaged in step, it is also necessary to follow some rules.

1. Between approaches do several drinks of water.

2. At occupations by step, foot on platform it is necessary to put completely.

3. Do not make too sharp movements.

4. You watch bearing during exercise performance.

5. Carry out exercises alternately for each leg, it is not necessary to concentrate only on one.

And now we will consider exercises. As you know, the step is complex of rhythmical exercises therefore during training turn on the rhythmical music. Choose speed proceeding from your physical capacities. And if to add the movement by hands, dancing warm-up also useful to all organism in general will turn out. So, exercises:

1. Steps from floor on platform. Take step the left leg on platform, then step the right leg, make legs together. The same with steps on floor: at first put on floor the left leg, then right. Then change legs.

2. Put the left leg on platform, tighten the right leg bent in knee up, trying to touch breast. Then lower the right leg on floor and put to it left. Change priority of legs and repeat exercise. Be extremely careful, the sharp movements can lead to falling.

3. Put the left leg on platform, right slightly raise over floor and, without putting it on platform, lower back. Farther you already know – change priority of legs.

What main mistakes at occupation by step can trap you? First, putting leg on floor, do it accurately. It is not necessary to fall sharply by it all body weight since sheaves and sinews can suffer. At first concern floor foot sock, then put heel. Secondly, do not bend knee of leg on which you lean. It is dangerous! Thirdly, at statement of one leg on platform, you watch bearing. You will stoop – you can lose balance.

Exercises for lazy

This complex can be carried out even lying in bed:

1. You lie on spin, legs are extended forward. Pull socks foot on yourself and from yourself. Legs can be raised slightly.

2. Without changing situation, press legs to bed, and then, having slightly relaxed legs, tighten them to yourself, having bent knees.

3. And again lying (it is lucky you), put hands under the head, slightly raise legs and extend feet from yourself. Be late in such situation for several seconds.

All complexes brought to your attention work by the principle of combustion of fat and the general strengthening of gastrocnemius muscles, without increase in their volume. You needed only to choose suitable complex and to achieve the dream of harmonous legs. Good luck, lovely ladies!