How to make that cheeks have grown thin

чтобы щеки похудели
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Face zone - one of the most problem as as much as possible nature of our food, our health and emotional state is reflected in it. Not smaller problem is also correction of completeness of the person - many women grow thin, beginning from zone of legs and hips to breast and neck. And therefore in order that excess centimeters and have left face, rather long time is required.

The reasons of completeness of the person, as well as the drooped cheeks and chin can be is a little and general excessive body weight, both excessive puffiness, and the wrong bearing, habit to hold the head lowered. To clean unnecessary centimeters and at the same time to make skin more elastic and tightened only the integrated approach to problem will be able. Thinking of how to make that cheeks have grown thin, you will need to get support of both specialized preparations, and special exercises. Not superfluous will be to take care also of food allowance.

Professional assistant

It is very important to choose not only effective, but also safe means which influence will be soft, and the result at the same time will be notable and long-term. And here the best decision is the metabolism regulator "Fitoslim Aktiv" from the domestic pharmaceutical company "Altafit".

Its action is based on activity of different amino acids, vitamins, microelements and natural components. One of key roles concerning splitting of fatty depot is played by combination from vitaminopodobny substance of L-carnitine and the natural catalyst of combustion of fats of Coenzyme Q10. The first brings "stocks" of lipids out of hardly accessible hypodermic zone and sends them to cellular mitochondrions, the second then promotes splitting of fats for the purpose of obtaining energy. As a result in addition to face form there are much more harmonous even such problem sites as waist, hips and stomach.

Thanks to action of additional components slags are removed from organism, the water-salt balance, lipidic and carbohydrate exchange is normalized, rejuvenation mechanisms are started. Skin gets healthy shade, becomes more elastic - the problem of the second chin and excessively chubby cheeks is solved.

However and on it work of the preparation "Fitoslim Aktiv" does not come to an end. Thanks to what it comprises also pikolinat it is lame, and also extracts of such plants as gamboge Cambodian and the dzhimnema, "Fitoslim" perfectly reduces appetite and addiction to sweets and flour products. And it means what to support at the necessary level parameters of the person and body after the end of reception of preparation it will be much simpler.

And, at last, it is important to notice that developers of this means have taken care also of psychological comfort of the people thinking as how to make that cheeks have grown thin. Scientists have implemented natural components which are urged to make weight loss comfortable from the point of view of emotions in preparation - L-tyrosine amino acid will lighten mood, will take off fatigue, will reduce quantity and force of differences of mood. You will feel easily not only physically, but also morally. And it, you see, too is very important.

Face fitness

чтобы щеки похудели To tighten skin and to strengthen face muscles it is necessary to carry out simple exercises daily.

So, to allocate several minutes of morning time for massage of zone of cheeks and chin by means of towel.

For this purpose at first prepare infusion - you can do alternately salt and grassy. For the first part one tablespoon iodated (or sea) salt in one liter of water. For preparation of the second you need camomile, yarrow, lime color or sage (it is possible to take also grass collecting) - these plants possess the fine tonic and rejuvenating properties and will be able to give the answer to the question "how to make that cheeks have grown thin". Fill in one tablespoon of grass with 1,5 glasses of boiled water and let's be drawn within 20 minutes.

At the same time it is important to consider characteristics of skin - if it dry, then hydrochloric solution has to be the most loyal if fat or combined, then stronger. If at face skin there is capillary grid, then it is necessary to avoid sharp differences of temperatures - for example, after grinding by warm towel it is impossible to wash excessively cold water.

After the necessary infusion is ready, wet it towel. Later take fabric by the edges and, having brought closer to problem zone, sharply part the ends aside that the towel "has slapped" on skin. Repeat several times. Then surely grease face with nutritious cream.


Very often excess completeness is added by puffiness. That to avoid it it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

First, do not forget to drink not less than 1,5-2 l of water (without gases) or green tea in day, avoiding evening and night time of day. The lack of the consumed liquid can provoke its intended deduction by organism, and as a result - hypostases.

Secondly, eat many vegetables and fruit (they have to make half of your daily diet) - cellulose normalizes metabolism and tones up skin.

Thirdly, avoid the frequent use of alcoholic beverages as they promote formation of hypostases.

Besides, try to give to organism at least 1200 mg of calcium a day - scientific researches have proved that this element promotes the correct expenditure of fatty deposits.


Influencing in this way at once from several "the strategic directions" face contour, in particular zone of cheeks, you in several weeks will achieve quite notable progress. Asking question how to make that cheeks have grown thin, to remember the main thing that there are no unsoluble tasks, there are only incorrectly chosen methods according to their decision. Progress to you!

BONUS: how to grow thin for 25 kg in month

Thinking of how to grow thin for 25 kg in month, we go on the most severe diets, we injure body on heavy apparatuses. As a result, of course, we reduce the volumes by several centimeters, but in exchange we get the hardest psychological and physiological injuries. But that the annoying - already through the short period of time, hated hypodermic depot begins to spoil our figure again, we return to what have begun with.

In what the reason of similar failures, you ask? In very widespread mistake to influence problem effects instead of eradicating its reason. How many physicians, nutritionists, fitness trainers did not speak to us about need of first-priority regulation of work of body organs, we continue to give preference easier as it seems to us, to way - external correction of parameters. And having only appeared on hospital bed, we recognize that were wrong.

похудение за месяц Therefore for a start you have to understand in what actual reason of your excessive weight. If to exclude serious illness, then, as a rule, the most different factors (heredity, pregnancy or other hormonal failure, overeating) are reduced to metabolic disorder. Therefore if the doctor does not see at the heart of surplus of your weight of premises in the form of stroke, defeats of TsNS, diseases of endocrine system or diabetes, then it is necessary to place emphasis on stabilization of metabolism.

At the same time nevertheless think of prolonging the terms established for weight loss - organism and it is so injured by considerable weight, additional loadings in the form of the emergency loss of weight will bring upon it essential trouble.

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