Collecting and application of herbs

сбор растений

Use in medicine of plants with the medical purpose was so far issued in evidence-based system of medical actions – medicinal therapy by plants (phytotherapy). It is established that from 21 thousand the higher and lowest plants growing in the territory of our country, more than 2500 herbs, trees and bushes possess medicinal properties. Their tenth part is recognized as the state pharmacopeia as herbs.

It is known that the chemotherapeutic preparations existing in arsenal of official medicine are not always effective and at long reception often cause irritation of digestive tract, allergic reactions, complications from secretory bodies. Unlike chemotherapeutic means herbs contain organic and inorganic compounds with wide range of biological effect which participate in oxidation-reduction reactions, are part of enzymes, well influence the exchange processes happening in organism. In addition to selective impact on this or that struck body, they are capable to strengthen nonspecific protective reactions, i.e. to play role of the biological stimulators increasing the level of life activity of all organism.

Medicinal herbs are close on the structure to food vegetable substances therefore they do not cause at prolonged use of collateral negative reactions. Besides almost all higher plants applied in medicine contain the vitamins and phytoncides possessing bactericidal and antiviral action.

It would be desirable to pay attention of readers to need of extreme care for use of national medicines of travolecheniye. Here strict performance of all conditions of collecting, drying, storage of herbs, ways of their preparation, observance of dosage and time of reception of the means made in house conditions is required.