The most dangerous diets

самые опасные диеты
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Food restrictions are the normal phenomenon for many women. However not always those women who wish to grow thin, think of what price they try to get rid of excess weight.

Many who want to grow thin use for this purpose different diets, strict or more free, proteinaceous, fruit, monodiets and many others. Whether but many of you reflected, but whether stay on diet is dangerous to organism? In fact, these or those restrictions in food are always stress for organism and as it will react to similar stress - it is big question. Sometimes in pursuit of ideal of figure it is possible to lose absolutely health, and to here recover it then it will be problematic, sometimes treatment drags on for many years.

I will not go: I will compare traditionally Russia mother to the West. Here and there the number of the people of working-age having the diagnosis obesity makes 30 percent.

One of basic reasons of obesity and at us, and in the West - improper feeding, and mainly – constant overeating. It is possible that differences and are present at the factors causing overeating as in our country the people live in poverty more and therefore has some limitation of the choice of food allowance.

But, in general, as show results of sociological researches, both Russians, and residents of the developed countries have the same idea of what is weight loss basis. These are diets. Diet, according to growing thin, the most effective and available way of weight loss.

Everything it would be good if not excesses. Unfortunately, number of modern diets, not only are inefficient, but also are unhealthy.

What of diets can be considered as the most adverse on their influence on health?

The most adverse on influence on health of diet

Diet on apple cider vinegar

самые опасные диеты Diet essence: addition of apple cider vinegar in food. Vinegar helps to activate metabolism.

In what danger of diet: regular consumption of vinegar cannot completely take place for organism. First of all, the diet on apple cider vinegar does harm mucous digestive tract.

Kefiric diet

самые опасные диеты The essence of diet is that it is necessary to eat only one kefir, other products cannot be used in general. Actually, thus it is possible to use not only kefir, is both carrot diet, and apple, and water-melon. These diets are called monodiets, that is, sitting on them, it is possible to eat only one product, the others need to be excluded from diet. I think, it is not necessary to explain how such diet will affect health.

I will tell you story of my friend. She has decided to keep to this diet, sat 3 weeks and has lost 25 extra kilos. Quite good result, isn't that so? Yes here the trouble, after this diet it has got into hospital for the whole month. It has so exhausted the organism that even is could not. Now it because of this diet has no healthy body.

Conclusion: the kefiric diet and all monodiets are life-threatening.

Electrolyte-deficient diet

самые опасные диеты The electrolyte-deficient diet is dangerous too. The name of electrolyte-deficient diet says that it is necessary to exclude table salt from diet. Very few people from adherents of such method of weight loss understand what it is necessary for. The majority of them, by the way, claim that absolutely without salt it is impossible to live (and it is correct), however do not recommend to add some salt to food. The author could not find convincing justifications of usefulness of such diet, its efficiency in respect of weight loss. However completely it is impossible to refuse to such diet the right for existence as sometimes it is appointed even by doctors. However, it is only recommended to patient with the hypertensive illness and heart failure which is followed by hypostases, diseases of kidneys to adhere to such diet. To healthy people moderate consumption of salt will be only useful as it is important source of sodium — the microelement absolutely necessary for work of heart, kidneys, muscles and brain.

Sweet diet

самые опасные диеты The diet is sweet – to consist in the use only of sweet food. Such diet strongly worsens health of the person. As, there is no receipt in organism of all other useful substances. Besides, first of all leads to severe headaches, indispositions, breakdown, heartburn and diarrhea.

This diet is the most favourite among women and teenagers. It consists in the exclusive use of sweets, for example for the account: candies or chocolate. But first of all before going on such easy diet it is necessary to think of whether there is it the most convenient, sweet and without any efforts way of your health?

Low-fatty diets

самые опасные диеты All products which contain fat are excluded from your diet. Keeping to such diet you can dump from 3 kg in week. BUT! If in day diet less than 19% of the general caloric content are necessary, then in blood the level of "good" cholesterol which protects heart and vessels from atherosclerosis decreases. The omega-3 and omega-6, for example, leads deficit of polyunsaturated fatty acids to diseases of urinogenital system, and sometimes and to infertility. Besides, these acids help organism to acquire fat-soluble vitamins: And, D, E, K. If the food is completely fat-free, then the liver cannot normally process already saved up fat. Nutritionists have defined optimum share of fats in day diet - 35% of daily caloric content have to fall on them.

The clearing diet

самые опасные диеты The diet assumes clarification of organism from toxins. The standard daily rate not has to exceed 1300 kcal + it is necessary to drink the clearing cocktail. The diet practically does not bring benefit to organism, and here from it is full of harm. After diet the organism will surely gain the usual weight, and can even more.

Lemon diet

самые опасные диеты The lemon diet became popular thanks to the fact that Demi Moore has appeared with sheaf with name, allegedly the Hollywood star is obliged to it by the unfading beauty. During lemon diet growing thin drinks water with lemon in large numbers, eats maple syrup, burning red pepper. Nutritionists claim that such food is extremely dangerous to the person, both the lemon and pepper stimulate production of gastric juice which, for lack of food, corrodes stomach. As a result – gastritis. And in the long term – stomach ulcer.

Tablet diet

самые опасные диеты The most dangerous of all above-mentioned and in general the weight loss methods existing today. The women preferring modern means to healthy lifestyle to lose excess weight as soon as possible without making any efforts, are engaged in amateur performance. They appoint to themselves reception of dietary supplements, cocktails, medicines - it leads to violation of the correct work of certain bodies and can turn the person into the disabled person.

You should not forget that the firms advancing the products on the market the size of own profit, but in any way not health of citizens consumers worries only. Besides often tablet diet is ineffective – people just waste money.

Crude diet

самые опасные диеты Essence: there are only crude products.

Danger: at thermal processing in food some useful substances are activated, and neutralized harmful and dangerous. At this diet the necessary amount of proteins, fats of carbohydrates receives less organism, it completely does not pass. Besides, the crude diet inefficient because thermal processing does not influence caloric content is recognized.

Grapefruit diet

самые опасные диеты At grapefruit diet it is necessary to eat food in the tiny portions, and in the rest of the time – only grapefruit.

Thus, at grapefruit diet in your food allowance nearly one grapefruit.

The grapefruit diet begins to work after 10-12 days of its observance. These 10-12 days of grapefruit diet is cruel torture for organism, deprivation of organism of necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The grapefruit diet assumes that grapefruit needs to be eaten in large numbers and on an empty stomach. The grapefruit diet can affect negatively dental health, gums, stomach and gullet. It is worth making a reservation that grapefruit exerts such impact only in case of grapefruit diet, fruit in itself in small quantity does not do such harm to organism.

Buckwheat diet

самые опасные диеты The popular buckwheat diet also raises many questions, so by what the buckwheat diet is dangerous? Eating on this diet, first of all, those who have high coagulability of blood as buckwheat condenses blood even more as this product is extremely rich with iron risk. Also the fact that the buckwheat diet leads to dehydration and violations of digestion in the form of locks is dangerous to one and all – practically all note strong dryness in mouth and problems with intestines.

It is much more harmful methods of weight loss, than useful. Drinking, soup, respiratory, express diet, hormonal, clearing, sweet – all of them are brought in this or that rating of the weight loss methods, most dangerous to organism. Therefore before going on specific diet, it is necessary to visit without fail the dietitian and to receive detailed recommendations.

So how it was dreamed to lose weight quickly and by any special technique instead of practicing dangerous diets, it is much more useful to review the usual food and to increase physical activities. It is the only way to grow thin without harm for health and to remain in shape not for some time, and it is constant.

Of course, provided that it will become your way of life.

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