The most important in weight loss is balance!

важное в похудении это баланс

Obesity this same "professional" disease of 21 centuries, as well as game addiction. But at obesity of effect it is far more terrible. Together with unattractive appearance you receive the whole scattering corresponding disease, since simple asthma and finishing with violations of cardiovascular system.

Problems with weight, first of all, happen because of imbalance of food and lack of physical activities. Of course, there are also diseases, but we will not concern it as share of similar people 10 times less.

Probably many corpulent people dissatisfied with situation tried to fight against excess weight, but this effect as a rule was short-term and after the termination of diet extra kilos ran again moreover thus at everything having taken couple of new. Let's begin with mistakes at once. And the main mistake in definition of the word diet. The diet is not short-term action, but process which becomes to constants, is put in the depth of consciousness and turns into way of life. You before being published give order the appearance, so why and not to monitor on the automatic machine the food.

The second mistake is that the diet should not be associated with words hunger and exhaustion in any way. If you constantly torment your organism, then in one not absolutely good day, it will take and will refuse. The diet is only balance of all that we eat. How to observe this balance we will dwell. There will be not many rules - only three. But these rules are same fundamental in dietologies as laws of Newton in physics.

Rule 1. 50-20-30.

In such proportion basic elements for maintenance of life activity of organism have to arrive: 50% carbohydrates, 20% proteins, 30% fats.

Why carbohydrates half from all day diet you ask? All because carbohydrates are the main source of energy in our organism. There are no carbohydrates - not energy. Carbohydrates bear twice more energy (it is measured in kilocalories) than proteins and fats. Also for normal functioning of organism proteins are required. Any school student knows that so far there is synthesis of proteins in organism there will be also life.

Fats it would seem harmfully. But far from it. Without fat quantity the organism begins to suffer. Each person has to have level of fat not less, but also it is no more than 19%. Generally fat is necessary in order that vessels and arteries did not lose the elasticity.

Generally if to put the energy received from carbohydrates of proteins and fats - it should not exceed 2000 kilocalories for men, 1700 for women if you want to support the weight. If you want to grow thin, then it is worth using minimum level of calories a day. For women the minimum makes 1000 kcal, and for men of 1200.

Observance of proportions will allow to adjust work of organism, and you will feel result at once.

Rule 2. 25-50-25.

The sense of this rule is that for breakfast and dinner it is necessary to receive 25%, and for lunch of 50 percent from standard daily rate of energy. It is caused by the fact that in the afternoon we are in the active movement and the organism needs more energy.

3 Rule.

Before meal play active sports. Most effective to be engaged in it before dinner. It is established that sports well influence appetite. That is lowers it. Also after sports the organism acquires protein better - the chief builder of muscular tissue. As a result of 5 week research it has become clear that examinees in weight have not lost, but the content of fatty deposits and muscle bulk has changed. People who were not engaged in exercises lost 2 kg of muscle bulk, but got these 2 kg. in fatty folds. Morning examinees have lost 1 kg of muscle bulk, and evening have even got 200 g.

So that sports, especially in the evening, well affect fat level in organism and muscles.

Following these three rules you will put in order and the both health and the body.