Sakharozameniteli and their influence on human body


Many ladies in pursuit of symmetry refuse to eat these or those products, including sugar. The tablets of sakharozamenitel which are not containing calories enjoy wide popularity at the growing thin women. However very few people reflect what actually it is worth waiting from sakharozamenitel for: harm or advantage.

First of all, it is necessary to mention that substitutes of sugar can be both natural, and artificial. Artificial sakharozamenitel.

So-called sweeteners, or synthetic substitutes of sugar are part of many products, for example, of carbonated drinks with zero caloric content today. However, as it has become clear, the benefit from such products is derived only by the firms making them as artificial substitutes of sugar cost it cheaper natural sugar. Besides, some types of sweeteners are in combination also the preservatives capable to provoke increase of appetite and I am eager, and, therefore, increase in quantity of the marketed products.

Thus, it becomes clear that artificial sakharozamenitel do to human body only harm. To all other, they cannot promote weight loss as provoke hypoglycemia and attacks of hunger. The matter is that the use of sweetener "deceives" human brain, sending it signals of need to emit insulin and to actively burn sugar therefore its level in blood strongly decreases. It is actual for diabetics, however to the healthy person to anything.

The use of sweeteners "deceives" also the stomach waiting for the carbohydrates promised by flavoring receptors that it plunges organism into stressful state. When at the following use of food long-awaited carbohydrates get into stomach, there is their intensive processing to release of glucose and its adjournment in the form of fat "for rainy day".

Here the list of substances which are considered as synthetic sakharozamenitel:

- aspartame (E 951) – can be source of carcinogens, cause food poisonings, headaches, tachycardia, depression, obesity;

- saccharin (E 954) – is also source of carcinogens;

- cyclomate (E 952) – at the frequent use provokes renal failure;

- taumatin (E 957) – it is capable to break hormonal balance.

Natural sakharozamenitel.

As for natural sweeteners, their advantage is obvious. On the structure they are similar to sugar and contain the calories acquired by organism.

Among natural substitutes of sugar it is possible to note the following substances especially:

- sorbite – the most caloric and least sweet substitute of sugar which at the moderate use is very useful as it improves microflora of digestive tract;

- xylitol – on the caloric content and sweet we will practically not distinguish from sugar;

- fructose – is more sweet than sugar approximately twice and 3 times less it on caloric content;

- steviozid – useful natural substitute of sugar which is more sweet than it by 25 times; the long use of this substance promotes decrease in level of glucose in blood, to improvement of work of pancreas and liver, normalization of dream, increase in working capacity, and at children eliminates allergic diathesis.

Thus, the advantage and harm of sakharozamenitel are relative. So, the moderate use of natural substitutes of sugar will not do to organism harm, and here it is worth refusing synthetic analogs of sugar.