Rice diet

рисовая диета
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Everything who ever tried to conduct active fight against excess weight have perfectly heard a lot about rice diet, and also about its fine results. It has seemed to someone boring and uniform, someone has refused it because of dislike for the porridge, and some owing to all circumstances have understood that the rice diet is necessary for them and have decided to sit down on it. The correct decision, it is worth noticing!

Why the rice diet for weight loss has caused such boom among broad masses of the population, than it such special, porridge as porridge. Here not! Rice, first of all, contains many amino acids which are necessary for excellent functioning of organism, and also number of minerals and vitaminok.

For example, potassium stimulates work of cardiac muscle, thereby reducing probability of cardiovascular diseases to minimum. Calcium helps bones, nails and hair to be strong and healthy, and you should not say that phosphorus, zinc, iodine, iron and vitamins of group B bear great value for all systems. Also rice supports squirrels, and the most important, in it unlike other granular there is no gluten which can provoke allergic reactions, and sodium salts.

What provokes accumulation of fatty weight in body why we suffer from the mass of diseases from excess weight? Hundreds of people who have problems a lot of body weight ask these and many similar questions. The answer, as usual, is simple: the zashlakovannost, availability in organism of toxins, salts and other "garbage" also causes violation of metabolism that involves active set of weight and number of diseases.

But it is enough to solve problem cleaning of organism. It is also offered to you by rice diet which just and is directed to it. Having brought rice porridge in the diet, you guarantee not only loss of weight, but also careful cleaning of organism. Rice, as if the brush, will peel harmful substances and will remove them naturally.

Were convinced of efficiency of rice diet? That, it is possible to go safely behind rice now and to begin to attack kilograms and slags. But you do not hurry, for the maximum effect it is necessary to buy not that white, such usual rice, and on the contrary brown, not cleared. In it the most useful substances which after steam processing will be available also to you have hidden.

And now before you there is choice, the rice diet for weight loss consists of several options and what to prefer – your business.

Option No. 1

рисовая диета It is more similar not to diet, and to fasting day. By the way, such "easy" days can diversify your diet and help to bring stagnant water and salts out of organism.

Rice unloading takes place so: you take glass of rice and it you put washout carefully on plate to prepare (it is desirable not to cook longer a little it). All porridge needs to be distributed per day and is in its small portions.

In parallel it is possible to drink pure water, natural juice and unsweetened green tea.

On the advice of nutritionists you can arrive thus: not to load itself weekly, simplify the mode, arranging three-day cleaning of times a month. It is not so unprofitable more effectively, try, and you will make sure of it.

Option No. 2

It is already similar to full-fledged diet which it is possible to observe from 7 to 14 days. You only do not think that all this time you should choke with kilograms of rice, washing down it with water (old advertizing stereotype). On the contrary, in parallel with rice you will use vegetables and fruit in diet, limiting yourself to the sweet fried and fat.

The diet is painted on days, get acquainted with it and make the correct decision on the way to beautiful figure, and also sound body and spirit.

DAY of the 1st:

we take 50 g of rice porridge
we fill it with lemon juice and we eat
1 apple

we do salatik by quantity in 150 g from boiled rice and various vegetables with addition of droplet of olive oil

once 150 eats rice,
boiled carrots

DAY of the 2nd:

Now for breakfast it is possible to fill rice not with juice, and smetanka (20 g)
and to eat 1 orange

150 g of rice,
little boiled young vegetable marrow

again rice (150 g),
boiled carrots of 1 piece.

DAY of the 3rd:

same 50 g of rice,
average pear

we indulge ourselves original salatik from rice, cucumbers and fried mushrooms totaling 150 g

and boiled kapustka

DAY of the 4th:

Now to usual 50 g of rice
we add 200 ml. milk
and one apple

150 g of rice,
50 g of carrot and garden radish

150 g of rice,
couple of walnuts,
boiled carrots – 1 piece.

DAY of the 5th:

to rice we add
and glass of the fat-free kefir

rice (150 g)
and again boiled vegetable marrow with bunch of any greens

we add to 150 g of rice
4 walnut nutlets
and lettuce leaves

DAY of the 6th:

4 walnuts
pear of the average size

150 g of boiled rice,
50 g of vegetable marrow with lettuce leaves

150 g of rice,
sour cream spoon
pear (1 piece)

The DAY the 7th completing:

50 g of rice and green apple

we eat rice with tomato and lettuce leaves,
it is possible to connect and eat everything as independent dish

100 gr. rice
boiled vegetable marrow

As you can see, menu various and not boring. But if you think that having honestly stayed on this diet 1-2 weeks, you will be able to afford everything that you ate earlier, you are mistaken. The portion of food needs to reduce, cease to abuse forbidden with pleasure - the fat fried products, to move more and weight will be stable, and organism working as watch.

Option No. 3

Works as prevention on purpose clear organism. If to adopt this option throughout all life, then it is possible to forget about locks, slags and toxins.

For this purpose rather simply in the morning on an empty stomach to eat couple of tablespoons of rice, a little half-cooked and not to drink then couple of hours any liquid.
Then return to food, usual for you.

Also there is specially developed rice diet after 30 flyings which allows all women and men to forget about extra kilos. Its menu differs from the aforesaid, but duration makes 7 days during which it is necessary to limit itself in salt consumption.

The menu for the entire period:

On breakfast there are 100 g of boiled rice, 150 ml. low-fat yogurt or kefir with honey spoon.
The lunch consists of 150 g of the fowl (not goose, and not duck) made in double boiler and 100 g of rice.
For dinner we do allsorts of 50 g of rice, vegetables and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Having conducted survey among people of this age category, the conclusion that the rice diet after 30 flyings helps, not less effectively, than in early years has been drawn.

Now you understand why the rice diet is so popular? Comments on her tremendous, she has helped to change many people life to the best, to replace the usual 54th size on 44-46 and all this for short period. Some see results in the first days, and someone needs time that weight, at last, has moved from "dead point".

What advantages of rice diet?

1. Rice very useful and tasty product which helps to clear organism, to saturate it with vitamins and microelements. Its combination to different products ideal, it allows to make the most various dishes.

2. Rice removes slags, toxins, salts and excess fat that positively influences not only weight loss process, but also organism in general. рисовая диета

But the rice diet has also shortcomings. What?

1. The diet creates illusion of dumping of weight, more the organism comes out water which returns at once as soon as you begin to use salt. It is ideal to keep to rice diet before some important event.

2. Rice can be reflected in condition of stomach, especially if in diet it is used very often.

3. The probability of failure is very high, control yourself!

If you love rice, then you on right way, and it is rice diet. Comments on her can be positive and from you, once you try, and you will forget also the drooped stomach and feeling sick.

Success in hard fight!

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