10 secrets how to keep results of diet for a long time

как сохранить результаты диеты надолго
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Today offer us thousands and thousands of various diets which secrets is that consumption of smaller volume of carbohydrates, decrease in amount of fats, or on the contrary - sharp increase of norm of fats and proteins. These diets are suitable for one people, for others - no, but at everything at the same time to us do not open the basic principles of diet which results will be visible not only for the first months.

We will tell you about these ten secrets of weight loss:

1. First of all consider calories: calories also bear energy to your organism. The body needs 3500 kcal to gather pound (453 gr.) fat, and already the source of these calories is not important. By and large, weight reduction depends on duration of your diet so as strictly you control receipt of calories in your organism. Low-carbohydrate diets will provide you fast dumping of weight thanks to ketozis (active combustion of fats), but because how many calories you will consume after have achieved result, and will become defining long duration of effect. Eliminate from the day diet 500 calories, and minus 330 gr. in week to you it is provided.

2. Do not put to yourself rigid time frames: It is not necessary to give all the best on all hundred for this purpose to become beautiful instantly - well unless it is necessary for tomorrow's beauty contest, and on new look the big rate becomes. Dare to get prettier gradually, and it is possible only when strict schedules are set aside forever.

3. Do not starve: When you starve, the organism covers power consumption at the expense of muscles. And processes of metabolism directly depend on them and if muscles weaken, then, eventually, calories will be burned much more slowly.

4. Control the diet even if you play sports: Before sports competitions trainers recommend diet to athletes at whom excess weight is observed! Yes, unnecessary kilograms can appear even at people for whom sports loadings became work if they eat more, than burn during trainings. And especially we on our usual occupations in sports club lose much less, than we receive with food - compare, 20 minutes of aerobics will relieve of 100 calories for which cakes can make up with ease. Active exercises require good health, time, the trainer and "the diyetny plan". But it does not say that it is worth canceling the classes in the gym, train gradually every day.

5. Eat volume: The fruit and vegetables consisting more of water and cellulose, more "volume", but less caloric. Recent researches have shown that women whose diet products with high content of water and cellulose entered have lost about 40% more than the weight, than those who have just reduced quantity of protein and have ceased to eat fats. Struggle with feeling of hunger. Begin lunch (breakfast, dinner) with big bowl of soup on broth or big portion of green salad, it is possible to eat it with something else.

6. Spend more calories for lunch: Process of digestion absorbs about 10 percent of the calories eaten by you. Many nutritionists advise is in the small portions of 6 times a day, instead of three big meals. But besides, the recommended quantity eaten for breakfast is not identical to all as, than stronger you are hungry, that high probability of what you will begin to have a bite. You will feel full and vigorous if have a bite something proteinaceous (for example, the hard-boiled egg), satiety comes thanks to ability of protein to be split quickly. It is possible to increase cellulose consumption what we already spoke in secret number 5 about.

7. Do not distract during food: If you have already decided to care for the weight, it is necessary to say goodbye to some pleasures of modern life. We eat too much when we watch TV, we listen to music or we read. To you council - when you eat ours, let's the organism digest portion before decide to eat new.

8. Ready breakfasts: Ready dishes like sheyk and the frozen lunches in which everything is already broken into portions and all calories are counted, quite quite good assistants for productive diets. Nobody says that there is it to you it will be necessary every day, but to use them in reasonable measure quite not bad.

9. New lifestyle: Huge obstacle in way to deduction of new weight is that at growing thin there is no correct installation till the beginning of weight loss. Many begin diet as the planned action only for this purpose to bring closer the real forms to of what dream long ago. It is necessary to understand for himself that it is contraindicated to gain new weight. You have to have installation on new lifestyle which most of all suits your new body.

Eat less, be engaged in the gym more, fall in love with the nature, switch to vegetables and fruit.

10. Finally I hurry to please with the last discoveries - it appears, falling of concentration of hormone of leptin in blood which accompanies loss of extra kilos is the reason not of preservation of results after diets.

Leptin is hormone which is produced in fatty tissue and serves for control of appetite, however the mechanism of its action is up to the end not studied. In the conducted American researches, the subsequent injections of leptin allowed patients to keep the reached weight.

Proceeding from the received results, scientists consider prospects of creation of the medicine capable to regulate the level of leptin, and, therefore, to keep results after diet.

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