Jealousy - the evil or the benefit


"Yes, yes, jealousy attacks - illness, yes sir, as plague, as black spleen, as fever or damage of mind" - A.S. Pushkin so wrote. I think, to opinion of the poet it is worth listening. It has surprisingly precisely expressed this complex, many-sided feeling which is capable to take the pathological forms, to reach attacks of melancholy and even to turn into illness (the word "spleen" the sad mood, melancholy means).

"Jealous men look eternally in telescope which small turns things in big, dwarfs - into giants, guesses - into truth", - M. Cervantes has told. "Jealousy - kind of feeling of property", - P. Lafarg has noted. "Jealousy - the monster with green eyes mocking at the production", - Shakespeare reminded.

All of them certainly are right. Their experience is gained. And precisely expresses essence of experiences at jealousy. And time it so, the sincere assessment of feeling of jealousy given by great minds can help the person with overcoming of some forms of jealousy.

- Though I am elderly, but I derived strength in literary works, controlled the behavior, called to the aid mind, - one of patients who has overcome lines of jealousy in the character has told me.

Specialists consider that the jealousy, apparently, was born when polygamy (polygamy) was succeeded by monogamous family - the union of one man with one woman. As a result the love began to find lines more significant, than just sexual desire.

There are two extreme points of view on jealousy problem. The jealousy is socially dangerous, approve one; the jealousy as the strong developed feeling, is socially useful, tell others. It is enough supporters of both concepts, and disputes between them do not cease. Risking to draw upon itself anger and that and others, I consider illegal both of these looks.

The jealousy is the complex feeling endured is deep, long and is steady, with obviously expressed orientation. In manifestations of jealousy mental anguish and the offended vanity, suspiciousness and despair, love and hatred, alarm and doubt are noted.

It is incorrect to claim that jealousy - low feeling, manifestation only of the lowest emotions. Who will call low Othello's torments or poor Lisa's suffering from Karamzin's story?

Reasonably the jealousy is natural, explainable, is even reasonable, it can serve strengthening of family, helping spouses to comprehend extremely difficult science of mutual understanding, reciprocal concessions. Jealousy reasonably - unindifference sign, the certificate of strong feelings and live human emotions.

It accompanies one of the most pure human feelings - love. Therefore it is not necessary to draw jealousy only black paint and to consider as the feeling unworthy the person.

- Most of all I liked to dress up the husband on appointment. It was matchless when it was in love, simply blossomed, - the widow of the famous poet V. Bryusov, the woman very kind and gentle, the person of high culture so spoke.

- And you were not jealous? - her young people asked.

- Ah, children, are jealous those who do not trust. p very much trusted and loved it...

So, the jealousy reasonably accompanies love and can serve as its measure. But at the same time it is known that love of love discord. Give, the reader, we will look narrowly at safe married couples from the immediate environment or we will follow number of literary examples. As the love to Nastasia Filippovna of the prince Myshkin and the merchant Rogozhin in F.M. Dostoyevsky's novel "Idiot" is unlike. Or compare Romeo's feelings to Juliette to Alecko's attitude towards Zemfira.

It is easy to establish that in one cases it is unconditional love with the attitude towards the loved one as to the supreme value. In other cases darling is highly appreciated and is object of care too, but the main aspiration at the same time - desire to subordinate the partner, to make it dependent. However if it begins to draw attention of others, itself shows interest in the people surrounding it or just weakens attention to loving, the last has experiences of jealousy.