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The STRESS is natural mechanism which in case of threat starts reaction of fight and flight.

But the same reaction which once protected our ancestors from physical danger can do harm in the modern world because only the few problems are solved by direct aggression or flight.

We cannot avoid troubles which we face in everyday life, but we can react to them in a different way. Specialists advise to learn to live exactly "at present", that is to try to realize and change to the best condition of the soul in the present.

Further simple, but effective methods which allow to reduce quickly stress are provided and can be used as part of the daily program of relaxation.

Your personal time

ваше личное время

Meditation smoothes problems of day, and you concentrate attention on yourself. The clothes are preferable free, in the room have to be silent.


To recover adequate exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in lungs, it is necessary to learn to breathe more deeply by means of diaphragm, but not muscles of thorax.

To fulfill phrenic breath, it is necessary to lay down on plain surface, having put one hand on thorax, and another on stomach. It is necessary to breathe slowly through nose, the mouth has to be covered. On breath the stomach has to be stuck out, raising the hand lying on it.

Then it is necessary to hold the breath for couple of seconds and after that to exhale until stomach, and together with it and hand will not fall. The hand lying on thorax has to remain almost motionless. Repeat exercise several times. You can also repeat it in sitting position or standing - until breath does not become natural.

Getting rid of tension

избавляясь от напряжения

Use so-called "pose of the dead": the head, neck and back are located on one line, legs are moved a little apart, hands are turned by palms up and taken slightly away.


Muscular tension - frequent consequence of hyperactivity of the nervous system caused by stress. But there is also feedback: if you learn to relax muscles, it will help to remove internal stress.

Besides, the muscular relaxation reduces the heart rate and arterial pressure.

Classes should be given in prone position or sitting on chair with direct back. Legs have to rest against floor, and hands are based on a lap. Each study is continued about 15 minutes. It is the best of all to be engaged after work or before going to bed.

The progressing muscular relaxation

Close eyes and serially concentrate attention on each of parts of body. Strain muscles of this part of body and take them in such condition of 5 seconds, then dump tension and completely relax muscles.

Deep muscular relaxation

The same receptions are used, as at the progressing relaxation, but without tension of muscles. Serially concentrate attention on each of groups of muscles, trying to obtain that they have relaxed and became heavy.

Massage at stress

массаж при стрессе

Massage - one of the oldest methods of treatment known to people. It is used for improvement of physical and mental health beginning at least from 3000th year B.C.

It is the best of all to choose the massage therapist according to the recommendation of your acquaintances or your doctor. If you look for it according to announcements, then can get on reception to the unskilled massage therapist who will only do harm. To the contrary, before trying to do someone massage, it is reasonable to learn to the correct equipment from the qualified massage therapist.

You obtain more detailed information in policlinic and in the centers of health.


The technology of meditation allows to reach full tranquility and serenity in condition of wakefulness. It allows to reduce also need for oxygen, to reduce the frequency of breath and warm rhythm, arterial pressure, to improve condition of patients with hypertension and bronchial asthma. Meditation helps also at sleeplessness as activity of brain during meditation reminds that during dream. At regular trainings the view of the world becomes quieter and released.

Meditation by concentration of attention

It agrees one of techniques, it is necessary to sit down on floor, having crossed legs, or on chair to direct back. In the beginning within several minutes it is necessary to relax muscles and to breathe slowly. Then it is necessary to relax, repeating about itself simple sound - so-called mantra (most often use sounds of "ohms" or "An"), - or to concentrate on feeling of passing of air through nostrils. Do not try to achieve feeling of emptiness in the head, on the contrary, concentrate on what you do.

If you notice that your attention dissipates, again concentrate on mantra or breath. It is part of process, designated as "permission to enter". This equipment allows to remove stress and helps to concentrate attention.

Be engaged in meditation 2 times a day. For this purpose best of all morning and evening approach, however it is not necessary to meditate just before dream and after plentiful meal. Begin with 5-minute occupations, then gradually increase their duration till 20 minutes. Having mastered equipment, you will find out that you can use meditation for fast removal of stress almost in any situation.

Meditation by means of internal images

Sometimes during meditation it is useful to concentrate on the images defined, bearing positive charge - this equipment is called as visualization. It is especially useful in that case when you feel indisposition or lack of energy.

Sit down on chair, straighten back and in the beginning give several minutes to muscular relaxation and concentration on breath, as well as at meditation by means of concentration of attention. Then concentrate on deeper breath, slowly filling with air thorax (it it is simpler to carry out, including from 1 to 10). Then on slow exhalation try to see the problems in gray color and to provide as you exhale them together with air. And present on slow breath that you see before yourself pure bright color (golden-yellow, orange or green), - with this color all body is filled with energy.

There is also one more way. Imagine that around you the fine nature, for example the wood or mountains. Try as it is possible to provide more authentically all details, including smells and sounds.

To strengthen visualization, repeat about yourself the supporting phrases, for example: "p it is full energy and light" or "p I feel tranquility and serenity".

You can use these methods separately or in combination with each other, being engaged within 5-20 minutes daily or within 1-2 minutes every time when you feel lack of energy or internal tension.

Concentrate on the thoughts

ваше личное время

It is better to be engaged in meditation, sitting on chair with direct back. Pick up the chair height that your feet leaned on floor. Cover eyes and put hands on hips.


To learn to control reactions of the organism (in particular, muscular tension) at stress, use the special devices based on the principle of biological feedback. They do not make impact on your organism, and just allow you to see the reactions, for example electric activity of brain, tension of muscles, temperature.

If you were already trained in effective methods of relaxation, for example phrenic breath or meditation, then by means of this equipment will be able to see results of your exercises, to learn more effective relaxation.

The consciousness dominates over matter. On the heat of electric lamp changed by means of reometr, the patient can judge the level of the arterial pressure and how it decreases during procedure of relaxation.


The people who are carrying out all day behind desktop often complain of neck, shoulders or spin pain. Usually it is result of inconvenient pose and mental tension.

The exercises given below should be carried out as often as possible during the day, they will help you to get rid of these frustration.

If any alarming thought causes in you tension, it is necessary to try the following reception. Close eyes and concentrate on disturbing you think.

Tell yourself:

"p I am exempted from this thought"

Exhale slowly, imagining as air and unpleasant emotions flow down from the head to legs down and leave through them.


1. Sit down conveniently that feet completely leaned on floor, and hands freely hanged down.

2. Deeply inhale and slightly raise shoulders that they remained are parallel to floor.

3. Exhaling, carefully bring shoulders into starting position.


1. Sit down conveniently, without straining that feet slightly leaned on floor, hands freely hanged down.

2. Without raising shoulders and without straining neck muscles, on breath slowly raise one hand.

3. Continue to raise hand, you will not feel easy tension yet. Then slowly lower hand.


Free time is not luxury, but necessary part of the life. As if you neither worked hard and as are big nor there were your duties, is vital part of time to devote to the hobbies.

It expands life experience. The person has to look back to estimate the work, relationship with other people, the way of life.

Leisure can serve also as method of fight against stress - it allows to soften sharpness of your problems and to get new forces thanks to which you will more successfully cope with the main objectives. As leisure can have the most different forms, it does life richer and balanced.

Joint travel on the yacht

Boating strengthens both your spirit, and your body. Managing, the yacht you for a while forget about daily problems.

Childish sports

Trying to cope with stress, adults can learn much at children. Simple occupations, joint games bring incomparable joy, exempt from cares.

Nature and you

Contacts with wildlife, reflections about the place of the person in this world - one of ways of the prevention of stress.

In the movement — Life

Not to everyone on forces to ride roller skates, but all need to find way how to use all opportunities of the body.

To soar in air

Would be mistake to think that, having only made life it is easier, it is possible to relax. Stress is reduced by such difficult sports as hand gliding.

Music as medicine

Playing musical instrument and singing - way of self-expression and rest from daily cares. Music perfectly reduces stress.


Books feed mind and imagination. They reduce stress, than television much more effectively.


Dances not only strengthen health, but also remove stresses. Occupations by dances give the chance of communication and physical activities, strengthen health.


This good physical exercise, communication with the nature, and also active recreation.

Laughter - it is serious

The laughter well influences health irrespective of whether he is called by joke or viewing of comedy film.