Several reasons to be engaged in regular jogs

регулярные пробежки




System of exercises PILATES








Some two years ago, having conceived to continue the sort, I have left off smoking: sharply and suddenly. Also has begun to run, in the morning and in the evening. However, for the period of pregnancy, of course, has taken break, but after the birth of the sonny has fallen back into the old ways, despite lack of time and chronic sleep debt with lyaly. It was my deserved rest from household chores, and what has forever changed my life.

You ask why?? p I like to run. Why?

1. Now I have developed will power. p I set the task and I run the last kilometers only on will power. Life every day becomes harder and harder, and I know how to be stronger than these difficulties, and all thanks to run. Now I do not stop running, even when not to consider problems in family. Both mother is ill, and the husband was left without work. Run did not allow to hang up nose, kept me in tone.

Run does me by the courageous woman, strong that, certainly, is pleasant to me.

2. To run – means to have a rest and good time.

Probably, at each of us there are not a lot of entertainments in life. House, family, work, children, cooking, cleaning. During run I have really a rest, and I have even a good time. p I try to choose new places for jogs, I choose new routes, and it inexpressibly amuses me. And as it is pleasant to buy new sneakers or suit for run, the real pleasure to go on sports shops and to choose new things. Shopping – the best entertainment for any of us.

Now for me run always in pleasure, despite weather and other factors which could become the reason for the admission of run.

3. Now I am self-assured, and all thanks to run.

Now I am able to concentrate on in what I am engaged, I am able not to pay attention to opinion of strangers. I have always positive spirit, and it was already half of had put on the way to self-confidence. During jogs at me always good mood and even if I come for jog in bad spirit, then I quickly switch, and the mood changes strictly on positive.

4. During jogs I communicate with the nature.

p already wrote that I run at all seasons of the year, under any weather conditions. In the spring I watch awakening of the nature as kidneys at trees bulk up as the first leaflets and flowers are dismissed. Birds on pond in park fly.

In the flying surprising warm evenings. I enjoy own beauty, and plainness in comparison with the gray nature in the fall. I love snow-covered trees, frosty morning hours and minutes in the winter.

5. p harmonous and beautiful.

The beginning of run, certainly, is caused by the fact that I tried to fight against excess weight. For only 1 km of jog about 150 kcal are burned. And if to eat only healthy food, then it will allow to remain harmonous and in good form long for many years.

6. Health.

p I keep in muscle tone, I do not complain of heart, and I differ from girlfriends in excellent gastrointestinal tract. Besides, being engaged in run, I for a long time insure myself against cardiovascular diseases as regular jogs are prevention, it is known to all.

7. p it is young! (;

And it is valid, processes were slowed down, aging is stopped. To tell honestly, I for a long time not the schoolgirl, and, apparently, years have to prevail. But I remain young and beautiful, and is grateful for it, of course, to run. My body strong, the legs trained muscles elastic, bones strong. After each jog my skin shines, and the effect remains for a long time.

8. My rescue from stress.

When I am overtaken by nervous tension, stress, run – the excellent assistant. With each kilometer my problems recede further and further, and I come back home already in good high spirits so it is ready to embrace the whole world with optimism. Jogs on the wood rescue from negative emotions. If I am angry, I try to come for short short jogs, and all the rage I pour out on run speed. Already long time run rescues me from fatigue and despondency.

9. p became the organized and obligatory lady.

p too strongly I like to run. It forces me to plan time, day in general that time was enough also for household chores, both for work, and for hobbies in park. p I am engaged so much how many itself I will want, and it is healthy.

10. p I load surrounding people with the energy of run.

Over time my family began to understand more me. Some my loved ones were so keen on my stories, as have begun to run in free time.

Many people consider that run – it is too difficult. Or what at THEIR age to run already late to begin, and it is absolutely frivolous. p I consider silly such policy. It is possible to run, and it is even necessary, at any age and at any physical training. The result will not keep itself waiting long.

Some of my friends have begun to run by my example together with me. Now I hear from them words of gratitude as run helps them to support itself in shape, to feel happiness, to lead full life.

11. My life is positive!!

p I run, and I feel freedom, these improbable feelings of flight. I cannot compare it to anything. From the scientific point of view, in everything emission of endorphines in blood is guilty, and they also keep us in condition of happiness. For this reason I am happy every minute when I run.

Now I in parallel practice yoga, and is happy even more. My life is various.

p very much I love the movement. I do not need motivation. p I love the body. p I want to be healthy.

12. Available fitness.

Probably, it is not prestigious. It is too simple to run. Subscriptions in expensive fitness clubs are too expensive, and I do not buy them. p I go to fashionable phytobars, I have no sports suit from the last sports collection, but: I derive energy and pleasure from the occupations. At the same time I have enough finance on different female to gratefulness.

p I hope, you are intrigued? Are ready to join me?