Fasting days for weight loss

разгрузочные дни для похудения - на кефире, варианты, польза
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Fasting days – about them know if not all, then many people who had desire to clear the organism and in passing to dump kilogrammchik of excess weight.

If properly to think, then fasting days are very useful, they help:

a) to bring part of slags and toxins, disintegration products, stagnant water, that is unnecessary ballast out of organism;

b) to have a rest to organism which is daily forced to digest the mass of food which most part does not bear in itself any value;

c) to rethink structure of daily diet.

Think: when you give to organism shake-up in hope for its cleaning and small loss of weight, the desire something wakes up to change and it "something" is the diet;

d) to train will power. Have limited themselves in food weekly? Have eaten instead of cakes and fried potato of useful product much? Perfectly, it is already small victory which can soon crown transition to healthy nutrition;

e) to lose weight, insignificantly, of course, but to organism without those 0.5-1 kg. it will be much easier.

Fasting days are excellent alternative to diets at the small excess weight. Using (at most two) times a week one of unloading products with low caloric content you, at moderate daily food, you will be able forever to say goodbye to two-three of kilograms. On it much more time will leave, but final weight will be stable, and your health will not suffer, and, on the contrary, to improve.

Basic rules

основные правила At first it will be heavy to get used to fasting days, and it is clear, the organism has got used to receive certain daily caloric content, and here time, and it is cut down in two, and even four times. For the successful beginning it is necessary not only to choose product for unloading, but also to acquire some important rules:

1. You carry out fasting day weekly, the fanaticism is not pertinent here. If excess weight is big and the organism was not cleared long ago, then increase number of unloadings to the 2nd.

2. In fasting day do not carry out any physical activities. The organism has to have a rest completely. Many without knowing this rule, begin to run in the fitness center and to be engaged actively in hope that thus fats quicker to be split and excess weight it will descend on time, but not so. In the absence of loadings the organism in days of unloadings will work very hard.

3. Try to carry out fasting days for weight loss when your schedule very dense. In huge number of affairs of thought of food will visit you extremely seldom, but it does not mean that meals can be missed. Divide all volume of food on 3-5 times and gradually saturate organism with healthy food. If the desire to have a bite pursues you very long, not to muchta of and drink glass of kefir. Such cunning is admissible at any unloading.

4. To speak about the volume of the eaten food very difficult, it directly depends on the initial weight of the person and his daily expenses of energy. In general the amount of vegetables and fruit should not pass limit into 2 kg., and proteinaceous food no more than 700 gr.

5. Water – life source, and in fasting days it is necessary to drink it enough, do not forget about it. The main part it has to be drunk till 15:00.

6. Combine pleasant business with useful and go to relaxation massage or to bath. It will help to be cleared comprehensively and to relax properly.

7. If you consider that the use in days of unloading of laxatives and diuretics will do good, you are mistaken. You should not be engaged in amateur performance, and let's organism be cleared normally in the natural way, independently.

Council: after fasting day you should not look at food with violent desire to absorb it in kilograms. The organism will be simply shocked with your new approach Alya "hunger-objedalovka" and will immediately revenge problems with health and frequent visits of the ladies' room. You behave also in fasting day weekly, and daily after it.

That fasting days caused did not cause despondency and irritation, it is necessary them correctly for itself to pick up. Today it is not difficult to make at all, variety of products for unloading will satisfy tastes of any person.

Popular fasting days

To yours the most popular fasting days for weight loss are presented, it is necessary to choose suitable option and to safely apply it.

разгрузочный день на кефире 1. The most popular is the fasting day on kefir which already long enough practices dietitians. The secret consists in the method of production of drink, special ferment saturates kefir with useful bifidobacteria and microelements. This dietary product is perfectly acquired and positively affects work of intestines. It is recommended to the people having gastrointestinal tract diseases to use kefir, but with care it should be used that who has the increased acidity of gastric juice.

In fasting day on kefir it is necessary to drink from 1,5 to 2 liters of drink. It is the most rigid option. Light - the version allows also the use of sweet-sour vegetables or fruit (bananas and grapes should be excluded) in insignificant quantity. That hunger did not manage to have an effect, it is necessary to drink 80-100 ml. kefir small drinks. Thus, you will easily transfer fasting day on kefir and receive stunning result.

разгрузочный день на гречневой каше 2. With ease the fasting day weekly on buckwheat cereal is transferred.

It is recommended to train her since evening:

Take 250 gr. buckwheat, wash out it carefully and fill in it with boiled water. That porridge was actively steamed pan with it it is necessary to turn about warm things or plaids.

Divide the turned-out weight into 5 parts and during the day in the morning, through rather equal periods use porridge. It is possible to wash down every portion with glass of kefir. Unloading takes place in such option easily, organism it is fine to be cleaned, and you feel extraordinary ease.

яблочный разгрузочный день 3. the pblochny fasting day to be pleasant to many adherents of this fruit, it not only is useful, but also is tasty. Sweet, with easy sourness apples will bring set of toxins out of organism and will help to lose some part of extra kilos.

Unloading on apples can be different:

- in day it is necessary to eat one and a half kilograms of apples, but nothing any more, even tea or coffee without sugar are inadmissible. All liquid has to go from fruit;

- in this option it is possible to drink kefir in number of 100 ml. on one apple;

- it is possible to eat many apples and to drink unsweetened tea – in such option will be absent not only psychological, but also physical hunger that will allow unloading to come to the end successfully.

шоколадные разгрузочные для похудения 4. Chocolate unloading for weight loss with delight all sweet teeth will note to themselves.

For all day it is possible to eat only chocolate (500 gr.) and to drink unsweetened tea / the purified water.

But not any delicacy will approach: the maintenance of cocoa beans has to be maximum, refuse milk and white chocolate, in it there are no those useful substances that is natural black.

день на молокочае 5. You love tea with milk? Then day on molokochaa will be ideally suited for you. Such unloading is pleasant to many people, the cup of warm drink perfectly saturates, to eat during the day at all not hunting.

It is possible to cook such drink differently, but generally on 1,5 liters of the skim milk which is warmed up to 70-800 5-6 tbsps black or green undertake and all this is drawn within 10 minutes. Then it is filtered and drunk during the day in the small portions.

Molokochay possesses fine diuretic property therefore the cup of this drink should be alternated to water cup. Thus, removal of urine is actively provoked and all water which has stood in organism is removed together with slags and toxins.

These are not all fasting days, but to choose is from what.

Take yourself for the rule to arrange to organism rest of times in 7-10 days, and the result will pleasantly surprise you!

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