Fasting days against the corresponding diet

разгрузочные дни
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At some diseases against the corresponding diet periodically to 1-2 days to the patient appoint fasting day. Such switching of food exerts positive impact on metabolism and course of disease.

Types unloading days

On structure of products fasting days divide on:

1) carbohydrate, treat them sugar, fruit, vegetable;

2) proteinaceous - milk, cottage cheese, meat and combined (meat with vegetables);

3) fatty - sour cream, cream.

Sugar day

разгрузочные дни Recommend at diseases of liver and bilious ways, nephrite, chronic enterokolit.

Every 3 hour five times a day give on glass of hot tea with addition 30-40 g of sugar. The attending physician specifies by sick nephrite amount of liquid.

Sugar day contains:

  • carbohydrates of 143,5-191 g
  • calories 585-780

pblochny day

разгрузочные дни

Appoint at obesity, hypertensive illness, atherosclerosis, chronic nephrite, chronic polyarthritis.

Five times a day give 300 g of crude apples, only 1,5 kg of apples. Patients with diseases of cardiovascular system and chronic nephrite should add 100 g of sugar.

pblochny day contains:

  • proteins of 3 g
  • carbohydrates of 151,5 g
  • calories 630
  • with sugar addition - carbohydrates of 247 g, calories of 1020

Rice kompotny day

разгрузочные дни

Appoint at diseases of liver and bilious ways, diseases of kidneys, hypertensive illness.

Write out on the date of 1-2 kg of fresh or 240 g of dried fruit, 50 g of rice, 120 g of sugar. The made compote (1,5 l) is divided into 6 receptions, and two times give with the sweet rice porridge cooked on water.

Rice kompotny day contains:

  • proteins of 8,53 g
  • fats of 0,45 g
  • carbohydrates of 276,53 g
  • kcal 1179,5

Fasting day from dried apricots

разгрузочные дни

Recommend to patients with diseases of cardiovascular system.

Give 500 g of slightly soaked dried apricots five times a day on 100 g on reception. This fasting day differs in the high content of potassium (8585 mg).


  • 22 g of proteins
  • 317 g of carbohydrates
  • 1395 kcal

Potato day

разгрузочные дни

Appoint at nephrite, sharp or chronic with hypostases, and at heart failure.

According to indications give 1, 1,5 or 2 kg of potatoes baked or boiled in peel without salt.

One kilogram of potatoes (taking into account 30% of withdrawal) contains 12 g of proteins, 140 g of carbohydrates, 620 kcal, 147 mg of sodium, 3974 mg of potassium.

Salad day

разгрузочные дни

Apply at atherosclerosis, hypertensive illness, diseases of kidneys, mochekisly diathesis, chronic polyarthritises.

Fresh vegetables and fruit (1,2-1,5 kg) with addition of small amount of sour cream or vegetable oil give 4-5 times a day 200-250 g without salt.

Cucumber day

разгрузочные дни

Appoint at obesity, hypertensive illness, mochekisly diathesis.

During the day the patient receives 2 kg of fresh cucumbers.

Cucumber day contains:

  • 14 g of proteins
  • 54 g of carbohydrates
  • 280 kcal

Water-melon day

разгрузочные дни

Apply at diseases of kidneys and urinary tract, hypertensive illness, liver diseases, mochekisly diathesis.

Five times a day give 300 g of water-melon without peel.

Water-melon day contains:

  • 6 g of proteins
  • 132 g of carbohydrates
  • 570 kcal

Milk day (1st option)

разгрузочные дни

Appoint at diseases of cardiovascular system in stage of subcompensation or decompensation.

Every two hours six times a day give 100 ml of milk and for night of 200 ml of fruit juice from 20 g of glucose or sugar. It is possible to add two times on 25 g of the dried white bread without salt.

Milk day without bread contains:

  • 16,8 g of proteins
  • 21 g of fats
  • 46,1 g of carbohydrates
  • 452 kcal

Milk or kefiric day (2nd option)

разгрузочные дни

For patients with atherosclerosis, gout, obesity.

Consists of 1,5 l of milk or kefir on 6 receptions in each 2-3 h on 250 g.

Milk day contains:

  • 42 g of proteins
  • 52,5 g of fats
  • 67,5 carbohydrates
  • 930 kcal

Cottage cheese day

разгрузочные дни

Recommend at obesity and atherosclerosis.

Cottage cheese (400-600 g) is divided into four receptions on 100-150 g and on 15 g of sour cream on each reception. Besides, give two glasses of coffee with milk without sugar and 1-2 glasses of broth of dogrose. Patients with diseases of cardiovascular system can add sugar.

Cottage cheese day from 400 g of cottage cheese without sugar contains:

  • 52 g of proteins
  • 54,4 g of fats
  • 19,5 g of carbohydrates
  • 796,4 kcal

Meat day

разгрузочные дни

Appoint at obesity.

For all day of 360 g of boiled meat (without fat) with vegetable garnish on six receptions (in 8, 14 and 18 h give 90 g of meat, in 11 and 21 h - on 45 g), resolve two glasses of coffee with milk without sugar and 1-2 glasses of broth of dogrose a day.

Meat day contains:

  • 113,5 g of proteins
  • 24 g of fats
  • 30,5 g of carbohydrates
  • 813 kcal

Chinese fasting day

разгрузочные дни

The combined day made of different products, so-called Chinese fasting day is appointed at obesity.

It contains 74 g of proteins, 77 g of fats, 30 g of carbohydrates, 1100 kcal.

Three meals a day:

  • breakfast - 100 g of cheese and one glass of black coffee with sugar piece
  • lunch - 2 eggs light-boiled glass of coffee with sugar piece
  • dinner - 200 g of cottage cheese