The carbohydrate, fatty, proteinaceous and combined fasting days

безлковые разгрузочные дни

Except diet No. 8 with its options the patients having obesity are recommended to do fasting days minimum once a week. Distinguish the carbohydrate, fatty, proteinaceous and combined unloadings.

The principle of restriction of proteins, exceptions of fats and introduction of carbohydrates at the expense of large amount of vegetable cellulose is the basis for carbohydrate fasting days. In one apple day in 5 receptions, each 3 hours, eat 1,5 kg of crude apples. Caloric value - 700 kcal. In cucumber day of 1,5 kg of fresh cucumbers with small amount of table salt distribute for all day. Caloric content makes only 250 kcal.

Treat kinds of carbohydrate unloadings tomato, berry (cherry, sweet cherry, plum, red currant, cranberry and other berries), salad (combined vegetables and fruit salads - 500-600 kcal), water-melon (1,5 kg of pulp of ripe water-melon on 5 receptions - 600 kcal) days. It is impossible to appoint carbohydrate fasting days at sharp diseases of the digestive system and aggravation chronic.

Fatty fasting days are applied seldom. The main foodstuff - sour cream or cream in which the content of fats reaches enough high values. Sour cream of 10% fat content it is necessary to appoint no more than 400-500 g a day to 5 receptions on 75-100 g that provides organism of 450-600 kcal. In addition this day it is possible to afford two glasses of coffee with milk without sugar. Daily amount of cream of 10% fat content in 500-700 g divide into equal portions and accept each 3 hours with tea or coffee without sugar. Caloric content of such diet equals 600-800 kcal.

Fatty fasting days are contraindicated at diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, liver, the expressed atherosclerosis and chronic diseases of small and large intestine.

Proteinaceous fasting days are considered as the most reasonable, are well transferred by patients. For these purposes cottage cheese, kefir, curdled milk, milk, meat are used.

In cottage cheese days about 100-150 g of cottage cheese (it is desirable semifat or fat-free) 4 times a day from 15 g of sour cream are recommended to eat. This day the patient receives from 600 to 750 kcal.

In kefiric days of the patient drinks kefir or curdled milk on 1-1,5 l a day, that is on one glass on 5-6 receptions. It provides organism of 580-870 kcal.

Meat unloading is most effective and is well transferred. This day it is recommended to eat 300-350 g of boiled meat without salt with garnish from vegetable salads on 5 receptions. It is in addition allowed to drink 2 glasses of tea or coffee with milk without sugar and 1-2 glasses of broth of dogrose. Caloric content of diet makes 800 kcal.

In fish fasting day of the patient can use 400 g of boiled fish (sazan, pike perch, perch, cod, pike) without salt with vegetable garnishes. It is in addition allowed to drink 2 glasses of tea or coffee with milk without sugar and 1-2 glasses of broth of dogrose. The power saturation of fish unloading is equal to 500-550 kcal.

Diets should be alternated, at stop of loss of weight it is possible to apply fasting days more often - two, sometimes even three times a week. At purpose of unloading diets it is necessary to consider individual tastes of people. It is sometimes more reasonable to use the combined unloading diets - cottage cheese and kefiric, rice and apple.

In fasting days the volume of physical activities should be limited a little. In such days walks in the fresh air, tonic gymnastics, walking are recommended for 2-3 kilometers. However it is necessary to consider specific features of organism of the patient. It is impossible to allow in such days of excessive physical tension. It is fraught with dangerous effects: violations of blood supply of cardiac muscle, brain and other bodies can be observed.

At purpose of fasting days along with individual tastes of the person it is necessary to consider as well portability of products depending on associated diseases. It is important to observe diet and daily routine accurately. Patients with obesity have to be convinced of need of fasting days. Unloading diet in treatment of obesity have extremely important value.

Diets are rather various and their value is very not identical both from the point of view of efficiency, and from positions of flavoring and power value. Therefore fasting days should be alternated. In initial stage of treatment it is reasonable to use more nourishing and well transferable diets - meat, fish, cottage cheese, and further to pass to milk, fruit, vegetable unloading diets.

In house conditions it is possible to do one unloading a week, usually in the day off. The people occupied with slow-moving work can carry out unloadings 2 times a week.