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раздельное питание

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You have already tried the mass of diets, but still are not happy with the received result? In what dirty trick? Perhaps not correctly you follow rules of dietary food or you give weak point and you indulge yourself tasty cake after 18:00 (ah-yay-yay)? In total on your conscience, but really you never reflected what your organism does not work also rhythmically and accurately as watch any more? And to all fault unbalanced, occasionally excessively fat and heavy food which is fast replaced by correction of mistakes, that is, diet.

If your organism had the right to vote, he you properly would subtract for a long time, such loadings, it seems, sustain. Today you have gone to name-day and have arranged "stomach holiday", and next day drink water, in hope to dissolve calories. And, it seems, everything is correct, but the metabolism will visit in little shock, and payment comes over time: weight costs, diets do not help, and fat in hips and stomach categorically against to leave usual living space. It is necessary to change something!

Pay attention to separate food. The fact that many heard about it does not raise doubts, but very small part of people put it into practice. In what problem? Most likely, in insufficient awareness on this power supply system and laziness, and it is possible also fear something new, conservatives, many by the nature.

Rudiments of separate food have appeared in Ancient Rome, already then many doctors spoke about incompatibility of some products and urged to treat with special care fat, salty, sweet and farinaceous dishes. Bases and the main principles of separate food were removed as a result by the doctor-naturolog Herbert Shelton who has devoted for many years to studying of processes of assimilation of food.

Separate food is based on reception of simple food, usual and exotic dishes are very weighted by different products which though tasty, but often incompatible. About weight reduction at the use of such food out of the question. The most important is never to combine proteins with carbohydrates.

The dirty trick is that acidic environment is necessary for organism for digestion of proteins, and here carbohydrates are perfectly split in the alkaline environment. If to eat protein and after carbohydrate, then there is conflict of environments: acid and alkaline enzymes, being allocated suddenly, begin to neutralize each other because of what process of digestion is slowed down, and the part of food simply remains not raw by gastric juice.

As a result accumulation of fats, slags and salts becomes quite natural process, not without reason say that not that how many food we consume, and what it is important.

What products demand the acid environment?

морепродукты и рыба
different seafood and fish
milk (disputable)
cheeses with the low content of fat
семечковые фрукты
Seeded fruit
косточковые фрукты
stone fruit
экзотические фрукты
all exotic (in addition to bananas) fruit
citrus fruit
different berries
natural juice
fruktosoderzhashchy teas
полусухие вина
all moist wines (including sparkling)

Such carbohydrates need the alkaline environment

мучные изделия
and flour products
зеленая капуста картофель пастернак
some vegetables
(green cabbage, potatoes, parsnip, and also girasol)
помидоры и шпинат
the processed tomatoes and spinach
свежие бананы
fresh bananas
fig (and dried)
dried apricots

There are, so to speak, neutral products

Both the acid, and fir-tree environment is necessary for their processing.

листовые овощи
all sheet vegetables
cabbage (not green)
сладкий перец
sweet pepper
стручковые растения
siliculose plants
свежие помидоры
fresh tomatoes
кисломолочные продукты
fermented milk products
ирный творог и сыр
irny cottage cheese and cheese
different fats
орешки и смена
nutlets and change (in addition to peanut)
овощные соки
the vegetable juice (diluted)
раздельное питание
herbal teas

Separate food for weight loss has some more principles:

Proteins are proteins

Such combination is inadmissible, especially if protein saturated. In other words you should not combine meat with fish, nuts or eggs as different on the structure and that them it is qualitative a lot of food juice and time will be required to process these proteinaceous products. Otherwise there can not be no 100% assimilation that will cause gas generation in intestines, feeling sick and zashlakovannost.

Proteins – fats

Do not afford such harmful combination of food at all. The essence of problem consists in what fats (vegetable, butters) do not allow gastric juice to be emitted in necessary quantity, thereby slowing down process of processing of food for 5-10% (Shelton's calculations). Based on it, the doctor was categorically against oil enemas.

Proteins – acids

You should not combine proteinaceous food together with acid fruits. Many can be indignant to this rule, but the essence consists that for digestion of protein that gastric juice is enough that is allocated naturally, and here acid from out of only slows down digestion, as a result the food begins to decay. Proceeding from it, you should not eat meat, eggs and cheese with tomatoes.

Carbohydrates – acids

Such combination should be avoided too. Acid in such products as oranges, lemons, grapes, apples, sorrel, etc. destroys such enzyme as ptyalin which actively participates in splitting of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates – carbohydrates

To say that it is harmful, probably, in vain many understand that bread, potatoes or the pea puree jammed by cake not only will have an adverse effect on figure, but also the metabolism will slow down. The stomach will digest only one carbohydrate, such it harmful, and the rest will be unaffected and will ferment.

Carbohydrates – sugar

As it has appeared, eating of traditional cakes with jam and different jams, baked puddings on the basis of grain or macaroni, bread with honey or jam in parallel with grain or potato ferments. Avoid these combinations.

Also there are two products which need to be used separately is milk and melon.

Milk because it, in general, is not processed in organism at all (some advise it not to drink at all). There is opinion that milk is food of cubs, not for nothing the calf drinks cow, kid – goat, the person – chest. It turns out that we have benefited from milk earlier, now it in diet is not necessary.

The melon eaten together with any product, often, decays in stomach, thereby fermenting also diarrhea (has aperient effect). But its separate consumption will allow to clear digestive tract softly.

молоко и дыня

Separate food: table of compatibility of products

gray - are badly compatible     blue - it is admissible     green - are well compatible    

Name of product 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
1 Meat, fish, bird                                  
2 Leguminous                                  
3 Butter, cream                                  
4 Sour cream                                  
5 Vegetable oil                                  
6 Sugar, confectionery                                  
7 Bread, grain, potatoes                                  
8 Fruit acid, tomatoes                                  
9 Fruit semi-acid                                  
10 Fruit sweet, dried fruits                   
11 Vegetables green and not starchy                 
12 Vegetables starchy                 
13 Milk                 
14 Cottage cheese, fermented milk products                 
15 Cheese, sheep cheese                 
16 pyets                 
17 Nuts                 

How to use the table of compatibility of products:

The table of compatibility of products the most used food are listed. Numbers are assigned to them, to line number there corresponds number of column (so the 16th line and the 16th column are eggs).

Color in crossing of line and column means the following: gray - inadmissible combination, blue - admissible combination, green - good combination.

EXAMPLE: Whether it is possible to eat bread with cheese?

Bread - No. 7, cheese - No. 15. In crossing of line No. 7 with column No. 15 - yellow light. This admissible combination.

Whether separate food for weight loss has caused many disputes over occasion "well badly in due time", disputes go, to this day. Some loudly say that there is no sense to divide food into proteins and carbohydrates, in the modern world there are no purely proteinaceous or uglevodisty vegetables. And in duodenum there is full digestion and assimilation of all products, irrespective of their type. But on the other hand ourselves complicate work of internals, forcing heart, the liver, kidneys and stomach to work strenuously after nourishing lunch, or it is worse than that – heavy fat dinner.

Another matter is to disaccustom the ordinary person to earlier permitted sweets and delicacies. How to be without favourite fried kartoshechka with chesnochok, or juicy stake with glass of wine? Very few people will make up the mind to such step, and it is worth following such diet all life.

By the way about life....

Herbert Shelton and his predecessor Howard Hay have lived almost hundred years, and it taking into account the fact that the last doctor has been strongly sick and doomed to death. But literally in 8 months there were cardinal changes in organism which Howard is grateful first of all to separate food which not only has cured it, but also has given the mass of vital and spiritual strength. Unless after it it is possible to say that separate food is senseless and has no right for existence?

There are no contraindications of separate food at all, and here indications weight, and first of all it diseases of liver, kidneys, stomach, gastritis, ulcer, etc. Each person who wishes not only to lose weight but also to correct health shall pay attention to the separate food allowing to take appetizing shape with advantage for organism.

It should be taken into account that separate food of the menu has pretty various, it is possible to prepare different dishes, without losing tasty, and, above all healthy food at all. Herbert Shelton has developed several versions of the menu, so:

Separate food: menu No. 1

Раздельное питание: меню №1 As the first breakfast it is possible to eat some fruit (no more than three types). In the first day, for example, it is possible to have breakfast acid fruit, and on following – sweet. In winter time when fruit abundance it am not possible to enjoy apricots, dried on the sun, grapes or apples any more. It is better to avoid Magazinsky dried fruits, except dyes and harmful additives you will find nothing there how do not look for.

Vegetable salad, but without tomato, plus one boiled green vegetable and starchy product can be the second breakfast (it is possible potato).

For lunch (dinner) prepare big bowl of salad from different crude vegetables, two starchy vegetables and one proteinaceous product (if you have chosen nuts or cottage cheese, then in salad it is admissible to put pomidorka).

Separate food: menu No. 2

At choice can be the first breakfast: oranges; apples with grapes; the prunes wetted in water with apple (pear); water-melon or dynk; dried fruits or fruits of fig.

Also you can choose the second breakfast: green peas with carrots; vegetables salad, spinach, carrots and beet; vegetables salad and cereal grains; acid fruit with handful of nuts; vegetable cottage cheese salad.

For lunch and dinner choose from this list: fruit salad; apples with nuts; vegetables salad and garden radish (together with tops of vegetable); acid fruit and 100 grams of cottage cheese; vegetable spinach salad and nuts.

Раздельное питание: меню №2

Separate food: menu No. 3

The first breakfast at choice will be is as follows: grapes cluster, pear and it is a little dates; dynka; orange or grapefruit; apples with dates (prunes).

As the second breakfast choose from such list: baked potatoes with green salad, cucumber and celery; baked potatoes with lettuce leaves, the spinach steamed and small piece of rye bread with oil; lettuce leaves, cabbage and cucumbers, beet, piece of whole-grain bread.

The lunch and dinner will consist from: lettuce leaves with tomatoes and cucumbers, spinach, walnuts (almonds, peanut and so forth); steam cabbage, celery and spinach with fried meat (it is desirable on grill or with the minimum quantity of oil); vegetables salad, tomatoes, spinach, one egg and steam eggplants.

Раздельное питание: меню №3

Separate food - recipes

Have caught themselves on thought that you perfectly will suit separate food?

Recipes for it, more precisely their abundance will definitely not disappoint you. Many consider that diets and power supply systems are not various, on them it is boring, there is even nothing to prepare plainly and very much are mistaken, does not mean restriction for compatibility of products that it is necessary to eat everything strictly separately. On the contrary separate food has recipes fine which can be even pleasant to supporters very much.

Here several examples of dishes which preparation will not take a lot of time and you will remain full and happy.

Cucumbers and eggs salad

Салат из огурцов и яиц It will be required:

- 3-4 cucumbers
- couple of eggs
- greens at your choice
- 1 tbsps of olive oil
- salt and spices to taste

pyets to boil hard-boiled, to cool and clear. To cut with cubes or to pass through special strainer, to add to them the cucumbers cut in half rings or cubes, to fill all this with oil and to prisolit. Salad is ready!

Hake with vegetables on couple

If you have double boiler – it is remarkable, with its help it is possible to prepare many useful dishes without addition of oil and other fats.

For preparation of dish it is required:

Хек с овощами на пару

- hake fillet (it is possible to take any other low-fat fish)
- lemon juice
- couple morkovin and paprika (or on own the choice)
- salt
- east (any others) spices
- the foil is in addition necessary

We pickle hake fillet in lemon sauce, we salt, we add favourite spices and we turn in foil. The same actions are carried out also with vegetables. We load fish and vegetables into double boiler and we weary within 20-30 minutes (depending on the mode and power). Fish and vegetables should be prepared separately that their aroma did not interact with each other. It is ready!

Summer vinaigrette

Are necessary for salad:

Летний винегрет - couple of potatoes
- 1 beet
- 150 gr. cauliflower
- average carrots
- lettuce leaves
- greens
- olive it is not enough also salt

To boil potatoes with carrot to readiness and to cut with cubes. Too to chop the boiled cauliflower sorted to inflorescence, and to connect all this in bowl. To salt, fill with oil and to decorate with greens and lettuce leaves. Bon appetit!

As you can see – separate food is universal system which allows to restore health and to get rid of the excess weight which exasperates with the presence many men and women recently.

At first such correct diet can seem boring and innutritious, but accustoming will come over time, and you will not be able to pass to harmful, difficult dishes any more.

For separate food:
Carbohydrate breakfast Proteinaceous breakfast
Neutral breakfast Small carbohydrate dishes
Small proteinaceous dishes Recommendations about preparation