Rafaello home-style

Very simple and surprisingly tasty decision on replacement of store sweets.


  • coconut flakes — 200 g on candies and handful on sprinkling
  • condensed milk — 200 g
  • nut any (for example filbert) — 30 g

All ingenious is simple therefore preparation of dessert will occupy this at most minutes 15.

Way of preparation:

❂ we Pour out coconut flakes in deep bowl and we pour out condensed milk there.

❂ Properly this business pereminay. Such sweet gruel will turn out. Let's allow it to stand at least 1 hour and if there is opportunity, then more.

❂ Traditionally Rafaello becomes with mindalyom, however nuts it is possible to use any. And in general in candies it is possible to put both dried apricots, and prunes to whom that is pleasant.

❂ we Will be prepared for formation of candies. Nasypem coconut flakes in separate ware, we will prepare capacity for ready candies and we will take directly sweet weight and nuts.

❂ we Take sweet coconut gruel (it became knitting and it is even molded), we do of it flat cake, in the middle we stack nutlet and, squeezing palm, we receive ball.

❂ we will A little correct it and it is possible to roll in dry coco.

It is ready! Easy, gentle house Rafaello will be become excellent romantic decoration of table.

Bon appetit!