Five main conditions during water diet

водная диета

Whether to define by eye water diet effective it will be impossible. The only thing that it is possible to tell about it is that it needs scrupulous approach taking into account all factors. It is possible to expect positive result from zero diet if you take several main conditions anyway influencing carrying out water unloading into account.

If you have decided to be engaged in water diet, then you have to arrive in good mood. Pay attention and to the general condition of organism. If you not really well feel, then it is necessary to wait a little with such diet.

Even the slightest indisposition can lead to exacerbation of illness. Wait so far your organism completely will recover the vital forces, it, certainly, will take some time. To test the organism for durability not the best way of weight loss.

The water diet is considered rigid and to be on it more than one day in a row contraindicated. It is the best of all to be engaged in such diet once a week, but for several months then the result will be more effective. The key to success zero diet is the correct frequency of fasting days.

Before making the decision that water diet it for you, you have to learn about availability of any chronic diseases. Even stomach ulcer out of aggravation can become explicit contraindication. Such weight loss is strictly contraindicated to people with diabetes, diseases of warm system and diseases of blood. Also it is not recommended to use zero diet subjects who has stones in bilious or kidneys. And still, those who are engaged in any treatment during this period it is worth refusing water unloading as drugs will work absolutely otherwise and can lead to violation of functions of internals. All this will happen because of the fact that in certain days you will refuse completely food instead of what you will drink much.

At this moment you have to think of need of organism for vitamins and minerals. For effective splitting of subcutaneous fat it is important to your organism to receive vitamins which activate exchange processes. Therefore it is better to vitaminize water which you will drink. In glass with water it is possible to squeeze out juice of lemon which will provide organism in requirement with vitamin C and to drink broths of dried apricots or carrots which contain potassium, important for health. In addition you can accept polyvitaminic complexes, but they are accepted throughout all time of water diet.

Restrictions are available also for people of different age. For example, it is not recommended to the girls who have not reached the period of full maturing to use rigid water diet, it can lead to hormonal violations. Also it is not absolutely recommended to women who were 45 years old to use water diet. Such zero diet can accelerate approach of menopause. At this time mature ladies need to eat variously, the only thing that it is necessary to reduce gradually it the caloric content of daily food.

психологическая готовность к водной диете It is not less important to pay attention and to psychological readiness for water diet. The easiest such diet will be transferred by people of "vodokhleba". This type of people likes to drink many different teas, drinks and water including, as the main food they prefer thin soups, than porridges and sandwiches.

That who does not like to eat soups and in general any liquid food, that who likes to gnaw something and eats firm food such diet will be much heavier to be transferred. In this case it is difficult to refuse food and to drink only water. As an alternative it is possible to use zero diet a days, for example the apples, cucumbers and other vegetables containing in the structure there is a lot of water.

The correct approach to water diet will not give you inconvenience and will effectively relieve of excess weight!