Way to weight loss through acceptance of body weight

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Many of us dream to grow thin. At one it it turns out, at others not really.

First of all those who fail in this field give up. Then they think again again and begin to grow thin again strenuously. This cycle accompanies them again and again.

Such alternation meets when the person cannot achieve serious results. He thinks that silly so to suffer for the sake of the dumped five kilograms. But those who could achieve impressive intermediate results continue to go further. That is only it is necessary to wait for noticeable result.

It is easy to speak, but how to achieve these results?

By the experience I will tell that first of all it is necessary to begin with the head, but not with stomach. For a start it is necessary to admit to himself that you have excess weight. This weight gradually, though not really quickly, increases.

It also is the most difficult as many do not realize degree of the completeness. Some think that they at any time will be able to grow thin. They do not notice that their figures are already ugly.

осознайте степень своей полноты

If you have accurately decided to grow thin, convince yourself in completeness availability. Many advise to fall in love with themselves in this situation, I advise myself to begin to hate. It is necessary to begin to hate fat himself and to try to get out of suit of the grown fat aunt.

How to make it?

Many of us have such photos where we terribly are not pleasant to ourselves, disgusting photos where fatty folds stick out from all directions, and the person across itself is wider. Usually we do not print out such photos, and in vain. p I advise not only to unpack them, but also to hang up on foreground! It is better to find such place that it allowed to contemplate these pictures not only to you, but also your guests.

And what to hide? If you such on photo, means you such and in life. People around observe this fact every day, seeing you. Now the most important that it was seen also by you.

фото себя

The second that needs to be made is to ask to photograph you in linen in three foreshortenings. The received pictures it is necessary too it is desirable to hang up on wall.

You have to see the shortcomings every day, you have to begin to hate them. Only healthy rage and rage will lead you to victory.

Fight against excess weight is war in which there are too much losers. Do not assimilate to them, do not fill up number of won. Photos in three foreshortenings will help you to estimate later the results when in month of persistent fight against excess weight you make the same pictures.

From the visual party I think everything clearly. The main goal – to realize degree of the completeness. If you do not represent the further life in this body, then act.

The following psychological aspect of acceptance of in the present weight is weight.

Get up on scales, be not afraid of it, nothing terrible happens to you! Get up on scales here and now. Do not wait until you lose couple of extra kilos. p I advise not only to rise, and to photograph result. It is better to hang up this photo on wall too. Let know all house about your weight. They so already see your weight on your body, more terrible will not be any more.

One of the strongest incentives to weight loss is open access to information on your weight. Fall in love with scales, they should not frighten you. When you follow way of correction, they will become your best friend, pleasing every day with good minus.

ваш вес на весах

Speaking about weight loss, once you note such important thing, motivation. Believe, it is not so simple to find the necessary motivation. It is desirable that it was not short-term, but constant.

For example, the wedding or final can be example of short-term motivation. The short-term purposes are good push to weight loss, but also result from them short-term too.

The purpose can be any, the main thing that it motivated. It can also be written and hung up on wall. Still it can be carried always with itself in bag that there was opportunity always it to see at the moment when there is a wish to break.

Results of girls which have achieved amazing results can be powerful motivator, being much thicker than you. Think well what you want for what you need to grow thin. It is possible even to make the whole list of the wishes connected with weight loss. It is possible to bring a lot of things here. For example, envy of schoolmates, desire to see on scales figure 5, pride of the husband, health, opportunity to buy any pleasant clothes. Note the most treasured desires which can be executed if you grow thin in the list. Think over attentively each point, do not pass trifles. At you everything surely will turn out.

One man is no man.

We hear these words since the childhood. Use sense of this proverb in the weight loss. Look for adherents. Presently, when all people practically live in network, it is not so difficult. Find and join Internet marathon on weight loss. You can even create similar marathon, for example, on social networks. Such marathons often meet on the websites for young mothers, and also on specialized portals on weight loss.

Ways and methods of weight loss at the initial stage have no value. Prove to yourself that you need really it. Everything surely will turn out, it is necessary to have strong desire to grow thin only.

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