Way to ideal figure

путь к идеальной фигуре
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In this article it are provided to the women combating excess weight necessary for this knowledge of work of our organism. The truth about metabolism, proper correlation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, standard daily rate of calories, frequency of meal and day diet, the correct combination of products, character and duration of trainings. Article is urged to help the woman to get rid of typical mistakes and stereotypes, having called to the aid knowledge and logic.

You sometime tried to read the book in language unknown to you? To write computer programs, without having educations of the programmer? To drive the airplane, without looking at the dashboard?

Our organism - the difficult and multifunction device. Even scientists to these could not comprehend all it secrets. Why every day hundreds and thousands of women try to achieve from the body of essential changes, without having learned plainly how the system necessary to them works?!!!!

Magazines, special book editions, the Internet and girlfriends will provide at choice to the woman wishing to grow thin set of different diets. And it is good still if the joint choice falls on diet which will do to organism the minimum harm. Deficit of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and even fats can lead to effect, nothing reminding the desired symmetry which is obligingly drawn with imagination. Therefore it is worth understanding and acquiring several elementary rules which observance, at least, will not allow to come true to the next disappointment.

Rule No. 1

In week our organism is capable to process no more than one kilogram of fat

What does it mean? It means that any "magic" diet relieving us of the same kilogram in two or three days, will take away with themselves at best water from organism which will be recovered also easily - for couple of days. Also it is worth remembering that, in addition to water, the diet can gradually deprive of us and muscular tissue. Most often it happens to girls who intensively train in the gym, holding organism "on short rations". Reduction of muscle bulk involves decrease in daily need for calories and delay of metabolism. At invariable diet it, of course, involves weight set - now fatty.

Conclusion: fat disappears gradually, stock up with patience.

Rule No. 2

Weight loss speed directly depends on metabolic rate

The good metabolism is characterized by ability of our organism to process the arriving food, turning it into energy. If the organism does not cope with the task, excesses are laid "in store" - on sides, hips and buttocks. What is required for acceleration of metabolism?

First of all, and it is the most important, it is necessary to refuse stereotypes and to begin to eat. Is in the morning, in the afternoon and even after six in the evening. It is necessary to eat food during the day 6-8 times in the small portions continuously to hold exchange system in working stage.

It will help "to disperse" organism, having adjusted it for processing of substances (including fatty excesses). Have surely breakfast in the mornings, differently time when energy is developed most actively, will pass for you in vain. Physical activity is not less important: good training accelerates metabolism for the days ahead.

Conclusion: review the mode of the food.

Rule No. 3

The correct diet - the key to success

To eat how exactly, we already know. But what it is necessary to eat not to do much harm to figure six meals in day?

First of all it is necessary to learn how many it is required to energy to your organism in days. On the Internet there are a lot of special calculators which allow to calculate this figure in such parameters as floor, growth, weight, age and physical activity. The result will show you the number of calories necessary for maintenance of the current weight.

To lose weight, it is necessary to create deficit of energy, having forced organism to receive it directly from fatty stocks.

Attention: never reduce norm more, than by 25%! At similar mistake the organism passes into "the hunger strike mode", taking the same stocks of energy from smaller amount of substance. But at return to normal food, and long hunger strike is simply hazardous to health, the return transition will happen far not at once, and you will manage to gain weight back.

Except caloric content, any eaten product should be estimated on the content in it of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Remember that consumption of proteins should be increased, having reduced the content of fats and carbohydrates in your diet. In the presence of regular physical activities the ratio 3:2:1 will be ideal (carbohydrates, proteins, fats).

Conclusion: begin to get a grasp of structure of products and to consider calories.

Rule No. 4

Observe the correct order of reception of fats, proteins and carbohydrates

This point contains several separate restrictions which will not allow to make mistake.

You should not eat fats along with carbohydrates. Fats are split very slowly and difficult while carbohydrates - much quicker. Having at the same time received both that, and another, our organism will begin with digestion of carbohydrates, and, without needing additional power sources at present, will lay fats in store. Salty fish sandwich, potato with meat, sushi - all this classical examples of combination of fats with carbohydrates. Also you should not disturb fruit with porridge: the similar mechanism separates complex carbohydrates from porridge from simple fruit, using the first and postponing the second as superfluous.

It is the best of all to complete reception of carbohydrates till 6 in the evening. The pancreas produces the insulin splitting carbohydrates. For this reason people who are sick with diabetes strongly limit the food - because of lack of insulin. But there is also the return problem - its surplus. Ideally there is exactly so much insulin in our blood how many it is required for processing of the arrived carbohydrates. But, if you did not adhere to healthy nutrition, the pancreas develops it more and more. reacting to regular excesses of carbohydrates. And insulin is responsible for "replenishment of stocks" of our organism. By the evening the metabolism is gradually slowed down and carbohydrates are split not completely, and insulin remains much.

It is the best of all to receive fats from nuts, sunflower seeds, fish. It is necessary to refuse the elementary carbohydrates: for the period of weight loss forget about farinaceous food and sugar, and also products, it containing (chocolate, juice, zephyr and other sweets). Also you should not abuse white rice and potatoes. But other vegetables pass "the best friends" into category: tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, salad and cabbage promote weight loss thanks to the high content of cellulose.

Conclusion: competently think over the menu.

Rule No. 5

Train not "on wear", and "on advantage"

Cardiotraining is ideally suited for weight loss. The name is explained by the fact that at such training the heart rhythm for long time becomes frequent. At the expense of it there is continuous need for energy. Having settled glycogen stock (the most frequency of the reserved carbohydrates), the organism is forced to address splitting of fats.

However change of power source happens not at once. Has to pass at least twenty minutes that combustion of fat has begun. For this reason there is no sense to exhaust itself within five minutes, and then flat-out to fall on bed. Ideal training has to last 40-60 minutes, and pulse should be supported within 65-70% of its maximum norm (220-(your age) beats per minute).

тренировка For you this state will look so: You are still capable to speak clearly, but are not capable to sing any more. Under skin easy heat as "combustion" of fats so works at frost - is felt, increasing body temperature.

Before training it is necessary to eat proteinaceous food to keep muscle bulk. At this time it is better to refrain from fats and carbohydrates. Besides, for hour to and within hour after training is it is not recommended at all. But if with food it is necessary to suffer, then to refuse water there is no sense: dehydration of organism slows down in it all processes including combustion of fats. During training do not limit liquid consumption.

As it is possible to notice, these rules do not dictate accurate strategy of behavior, everyone has to have opportunity to independently choose the option. However following in itself guarantees them serious increase of chances of success in hard fight against excess weight. Besides, the healthy lifestyle and food affects not only figure, but also condition of all organism in general. Believe in yourself and never forget that knowledge - key to achievement of the goal.

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