Weight loss psychology

психология похудения
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On weight loss it is written the mass of books, articles in which various diets, courses are described. It would seem, only choose that diet which is pleasant to you more, or, allegedly on which the favourite movie star has grown thin and the issue is resolved. However, it is impossible to tell that slender people become more every year.

For many weight loss and remains unattainable dream, or turns into continuous war with the organism. In what the main error of all diets for weight loss? Probably, in the perception of weight loss, as intense fight in which for achievement of victory it is necessary to overcome itself every day.

And meanwhile, the slender body is normal state of the person. And it is quite simple to reach this state.

The main thing in weight loss - not diets, tablets and starvation. The main thing - the head. This our body, it submits to our brain and executes its commands, both conscious, and unconscious. Therefore it is necessary to change mentality, to be exempted from stereotypes and to reprogram subconsciousness on performance of teams necessary to us.

Here many readers can think: "A-and, I that thought that I will read about new diet, I will receive the accurate instruction, and here some abstract philosophizing about subconsciousness". It is also the main stereotype of our thinking. We consider that the instruction, like "Eat for breakfast cucumbers, for lunch cabbage, and in the evening carrots", is more practical, than understanding that the head manages body.

Usually, at diet, the problem is that on the one hand we want to grow thin, and with another - getting constantly hungry! Here it is necessary to understand that hunger - concept relative. It the same as with salt. There is no objective concept: salty-unsalted. Everything depends on perception. Has got used to pour salt teaspoon to plate, and half spoon will be already perceived as unsalted. And, has got used to eat without salt - and from half of spoon will bawl! And with hunger.

That the organism normally functioned, a lot of food is not necessary. At the same time, it is also not necessary to starve itself, resisting the whole day to desire to have a bite. The main thing - to refuse any diets, the "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner" type. To listen to the organism. There was feeling of hunger - eat. Only at the same time it is necessary to understand that we eat not to fill stomach chock-full and just to satisfy hunger. And for this purpose it is much not necessary. Here it is not even so important what is though of course, homemade food is better than fast food. But if there was a wish sausage sandwich, eat sandwich. Only not three, and one. The feeling of hunger all the same will pass.

Still it is worth paying attention to how we eat. We pour soup, we impose in it mayonnaise, we fill salt, we take in hand white loaf and sausage sandwich, on it still ketchup for taste. On the second, according to the same scheme. Then still tea with rolls, condensed milk, cookies. And soup and in itself is good, without sausage and mayonnaise. And it is not obligatory to fill in pilaf with ketchup and to jam pie. And where after that rolls and cakes, it is not clear at all. We have also so gorged on.

Here, only such simple things it is necessary to realize, reconstruct itself on the quiet relation to food. To ask itself question: "and whether really I want to eat right now, or just on habit? Whether" "Various zakusochka and seasonings are necessary to me to main course?" To refuse high security. Well, should not at the healthy person suck in the pit of the stomach only because on hours twelve! Or has come home from work and all... dinner! The food is just completion of the lost energy. And if the whole day you sit at office, but you do not unload cars on frost, then not such and big these losses.

Well, and it is natural - mobile way of life. Without it anywhere. Down with series, you give walks, campaigns, different cares and efforts. That there was no time to think of food. And the organism itself will be reconstructed on optimum operating mode and optimum form, and forever.

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