Psychological hunger as reason of excess weight

психологический голод как причина лишнего веса
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All women own beauty and figure worries. What is only not done by them in pursuit of slender body! The most widespread - diets, occasionally long and exhausting. Their versions just strike us today. Many having tested nightmare of diet of times or two do not want to return to them any more, but how then to be with beautiful figure?

In most cases the elementary overeating is source of excess weight in organism. We simply eat more, than it is required to our organism. Everything that he from food did not use, will surely be postponed "for later" on our sides, hips, stomach. The question is in that how many it is necessary to consume food in day that also was enough for organism and excess weight was not postponed? It is possible to use, of course, calorimetric formulas of calculation of food according to sex, age and profession and to eat, attentively including each calorie. But it is very tiresome and inexpedient.

The nature has arrived much more wisely - she has presented everyone the mechanism which prompts when to us enough food and when it would be possible still. This physical feeling of hunger and saturation. Advice to persons interested to keep symmetry — you sit down to table only when you are really hungry. Learn to listen to yourself and the organism itself will prompt when it wants to eat. Here it is very important to distinguish physical hunger (the real need of body for food) for hunger psychological which does not mean at all that you need to eat. It can arise for the most different reasons. More often it is different addictions as that: is for the company, in front of the TV, to jam emotions and stresses, to eat up after the child or the husband. The satisfaction with us of psychological hunger also leads to what we eat superfluous, and it is not necessary for our organism of it. Here it also postpones everything eaten in the form of unattractive fat. If you want to have beautiful unspoiled figure and besides good health, it is necessary to get rid of habit to satisfy the psychological hunger.

There are very accurate signs of both types of hunger and it is simple to distinguish them at all. Psychological hunger arises of us in the head suddenly in the form of desire or to eat something specific, for example, to feel taste of favourite ice cream with nutlets, or simply "something tasty to chew". You can in a minute wish to eat desired dish, urgently, urgently. You think only of it. If psychological hunger has arisen in response to unpleasant emotions, then having even eaten the desirable, satisfactions you will not feel, the desire to eat something will remain. Can reach that you will eat frying pan of fried potato and floor of cake even without having noticed it, as if on automatism. Actually hunger has been generated by problem or unpleasant feeling and, having eaten, you have not solved problem, it and remained. And with it and hunger.

Physical hunger is generated by need of our organism for food and there is it gradually and not in the head as obsession to eat, and in stomach in the form of quite real feelings — emptiness in stomach, posasyvaniye and rumblings. Sometimes it is possible to feel even breakdown, slight dizziness. Experiencing physical hunger, you, of course, have preferences that to eat it, but they are very flexible. Physical hunger will not hurry you to eat right now and in a minute, it is patient. Process of food completely you is realized and automatic absorption of food cannot be.

You already know how to distinguish real feeling of hunger from psychological. Now it is important to remember one moment — when to stop? How to understand what will be enough for you is? Here it is necessary to listen to himself and to seize the saturation opportunity. During food the feeling of completeness in stomach will come, it is warm on skin or in body, tranquility, contents. But the most important — thin change of taste of food. At once such delightful taste of meat or salad changes, becomes dull. It is the most sure sign of saturation, the others can join it in a few minutes and even more. On it not to pass feeling of saturation, is it is necessary without haste, enjoying taste of food and listening to signals of the organism.

At the person who satisfies only physical hunger steady weight always keeps. At people with excess weight its gradual decrease and stabilization is observed. And the mood good, is it is possible any products, any diets to eat the main thing during approach of real hunger and until saturation.

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