Prevention and complex treatment of obesity

профилактика ожирения

For many years the sufficient attention was not paid to forming of healthy lifestyle. More than two thirds of the population are not involved in systematic occupations by physical culture and sport, and to 30% has excess weight.

At all stages of development of health care the preventive direction was and remains the fundamental principle of public health care.

Prevention basis - the statement of healthy lifestyle of each person and all society. The conscientious and responsible attitude to health as to public property has to become norm of life and behavior of all people. This eradication of addictions, education of culture of food, observance of work-rest schedule, systematic exercises and sport, increase of the general sanitary culture and hygienic knowledge, harmonious development of the personality.

Considering importance for health of the population of the balanced food, measures for improvement of quality and rational use of foodstuff are consistently carried out; to inclusion in state standards of the indicators characterizing the biological value of food; to increase in production of products of the increased biological value with the lowered content of animal fat, sugar, and also release of the dietary, vitaminized and proteinaceous products.

These actions provided by the main directions of development of public health care are directly connected with questions of prevention and treatment of obesity.

Prevalence of obesity, involvement in disease process of all bodies and systems, growth of incidence of digestive organs, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, the musculoskeletal device, decrease in working capacity and life expectancy of the people having obesity, - all this causes concern of doctors.

Obesity - chronic disease which is possible and it is necessary to warn and to cure timely. It not only medical, but also social problem. There is no doubt that prevention and treatment of obesity will promote decrease in incidence, increase of working ability of people that is important in social and economic aspect.

The main component of modern complex of treatment of obesity are the medical foods directed to satisfaction of requirements of organism corpulent at simultaneous restriction of receipt of energy with food according to degree of surplus of weight against increase in power consumption by means of increase of physical activity by means of exercises, sport, physical work. The great value is attached to use of low-calorie, low-fatty, and also national food.

Before starting disposal of extra kilos, it is important to know with what and how to fight. It is not so simple to get rid of the excess weight of body. For this purpose concentration of will power, endurance, discipline, self-checking and long-suffering is required. It is necessary to fight first of all with himself, to organize the tenor of life so that it was possible to solve the task set for itself systematically. Recently the improving centers, different groups of health, clubs of fans of run, healthy lifestyle enjoy wide popularity. It is thought, universal distribution of physical culture and sport will serve important issue - public health care.