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Products for weight loss, will not add to you extra kilos, on the contrary they promote combustion of fats. Under the products helping weight loss products, usual for us, about which we simply forget sometimes usually disappear.

The American scientists have made the list of products which use will help to make stomach flat. Having included them in diet along with daily exercises on press, and three weeks later you will surely see result.

What products promote weight loss?


яблоки и груши pblok and pears are rich with pectin. They ideally fill stomach, than cause sense of fulness and that is much important practically at the zero caloric content. These fruit contain many necessary vitamins and minerals. Perfectly are suitable for having a snack.

грейпфрут Thanks to grapefruit the level of insulin decreases and because of it getting hungry less.

If after each meal to eat floor of grapefruit or to drink 150 ml of grapefruit juice, then two weeks later your weight to decrease by two kg. Bitter smack of juice with ease can be diluted with orange juice.


инжир The fig facilitates digestion as in it large amount of valuable ballast substances. Having eaten two-three figs – it enough for satisfying of feeling of hunger and at the same time in it is mute few calories, and there is no fat at all. It is also possible to add fig to muesli.

цветной салат Having mixed vegetables of different color, at you the healthy food, vitamin-rich and cellulose will turn out. Beginning lunch with salad which is filled with lemon juice and droplet of vegetable oil, at you without excess calories the stomach will be filled, having left much less the place for food of more caloric. It also promotes weight loss.

имбирь Substance which of organism removes slags is part of ginger, normalizes digestion and regulates metabolism. The recipe of ginger tea for weight loss is simple. It is necessary to fill in with boiled water one tea spoon of polished ginger, to allow to be drawn, then to filter. The root of ginger improves secretion of stomach and its blood supply, promoting fast digestion of food. And acceleration of metabolism helps to throw off excess weight quicker.

зеленый чай Also weight loss is promoted by green tea. Substances which actively burn fats are its part. Asian nutritionists claim that it is necessary to drink four cups of green tea a day. At combustion of fats it gives the greatest effect. It is considered that if to drink green tea a day five cups, then you lose about 70 - 80 calories. Also green tea protects vessels, heart and prevents formation of cancer cells. But you should not use it in large number as it excitingly affects nervous system.

острые приправы Well burning siliculose pepper, and also all its versions, peperona pepper, black ground pepper, mustard, horse-radish and all seasonings of the Thai and Indian cuisine copes with combustion of fats. Every time, adding to food, hot spices we become a little thinner. Spicy food promote weight loss as it accelerates energy production in organism and burns excess fat, reduces insulin indicators. For example, chili pepper contains substance under the name capsaicine. This substance kindles excess calories after the end of reception of food within 20 minutes. If to you not to taste too spicy food, then delete from grain pepper. Capsaicine is substance which gives sharpness to red burning pepper, accelerating metabolism within three hours after food, thereby literally kindles cells of fat.

арахис The peanut perfectly will be suitable for having a snack before the main meals. Thanks to it the metabolism improves and accelerates, and in fatty acids cholesterol level decreases. Peanut quite caloric nut. Hundred grams of peanut contain 560 calories. Therefore it is necessary to eat about 10 nutlets a day (50 grams a day and no more as it hard is digested because of fats). Contains in peanut: 25% of proteins, 45% of vegetable fats and 15% of carbohydrates, also it is vitamin-rich B, RR groups and vitamin D. Nuts are very useful to organism and in order that they promoted weight loss, is them follows in small quantities.

миндаль Almonds – nut vitamin-rich, calcium, phosphorus, food fibers, fatty acids and iron. Despite the increased fat content, this nut promotes weight loss as the part of its fats is removed from organism, passing stage of splitting and absorption. Only 25 nutlets a day (these are about thirty grams) reduce number of lipids and normalize cholesterol level in organism, than promote weight loss.

кедровые орешки Pine nuts contain the pinolenovy acid which is ideally reducing appetite, in addition in them the most large amount of saturated proteins among all types of nuts. The fried nutlets perfectly are used as addition to vegetable salads or having a snack before the main meals.

холодные супы Cold soups promote weight loss as they help to spend calories. The cold food needs to be warmed at first in stomach, therefore, the organism needs to spend calories for warming up, and then and for digestion of food. Cold soups perfectly fill stomach, thereby for long time saturate organism. Cold soup is easily replaced with glass of juice from vegetables with greens, for example, with tomato.

овощной суп If from white cabbage or broccoli to make cream soup, at the same time, without adding some cream, semolina or flour, and having added other different vegetables (except potatoes), also spices and spices, then such dietary dish will help to grow thin. Thanks to cabbage cellulose cholesterol is removed and the organism is revitalized.

творог и йогурт Skim cheese or yogurt contains a lot of digestible protein that for a long time saturates organism. Digesting protein, the organism spends more calories, than digesting fats and carbohydrates. Having shaken up cottage cheese with mineral sparkling water, cream which can be smeared further on toast will turn out. As a result the fine low-calorie breakfast will turn out. Today in shops the huge choice of products which have low content of fat. Coming to organism useful calcium, produces hormone which forces to grow thin our sections. Stop the choice on unsweetened Yoghurt without fruit additives. It is possible instead of sugar to put cinnamon shchepotochka in yogurt.

рыба Hardly for figure it is possible to find product on usefulness exceeding fish. Fat grades of fish are suppliers in organism of irreplaceable Omega-3 fatty acids and iodine who care for thyroid gland and heart. Also products from fish are the products promoting weight loss and combustion of fats. The great influence on process of weight loss is exerted by way of preparation of fish. Fish it is better to steam. If at you the double boiler is unavailable, then you will be helped by colander which should be placed in pan, with small amount of water. Then put pieces of fish and cover. Greens and seasonings will approach fish. The organism will be unceasingly grateful for similar food as it easily is digested and at the same time excess fat is not laid.

Will help to burn fats and food with the high content of proteins

Proteins are basis at formation of muscle bulk. The higher at the person the muscle bulk, the more fats he burns, even at rest. For example, even on vacation, the person at whom muscles will spend the bigger number of calories more. For the best digestion of proteins, the organism needs to spend also large number of calories, than for digestion of fats and carbohydrates. Thus, the food with the increased protein content promotes combustion of fats. It is basis of many diets. Example is the Kremlin diet.

Nine products for flat tummy


бобовые The structure of haricot and peas includes vegetable protein which does not allow to go to diet time together with fats to muscle bulk. Bean for long time saturate organism, thereby reduce hunger attacks. Try to add to the menu bean as often as possible.

сыр Cheese, as well as other noncaloric dairy products, burns fatty deposits in stomach.

овсяные хлопья If not to add sugar to oat flakes and not to subject them to thermal treatment, then they help with adjustment of level of cholesterol and glucose in blood, also help with disposal of excess calories.

оливковое масло Thanks to olive oil cholesterol level in blood decreases and combustion of fats accelerates, the feeling of hunger is in addition braked. In it large amount of the unsaturated fatty acids transferring cholesteric plaques to the easy soluble compounds which are quietly brought out of organism. It is necessary to take olive oil of cold extraction on tablespoon on an empty stomach.


шпинат и брокколи Spinach and broccoli contain large amount of vitamin C. This vitamin promotes acceleration of metabolism and fast disposal of fat in waist.

ржаной хлеб Bread from coarse flour and rye flour helps with digestion of food and interferes with emergence of fatty deposits in hips and stomach.

миндальные орехи It is the product containing many useful fats which perfectly saturate and by that reduce appetite. Enough twenty almond nutlets a day.

куриные яйца Well eggs help with combustion of fats and accumulation of muscle bulk. It is ideal to eat two boiled eggs for breakfast.

малина Raspberry is the berry exempting cages from fats with a high content of vitamin of C and another vitamins. It is possible to use, as well as I skin, and the frozen berry.

продукты для похудения The American researches have also proved that in stomach it is possible to fight against fatty deposits well by means of unsaturated fatty acids which contain in fat grades of fish, in olive oil and chicken meat.

In addition to food perfectly strengthen exercise stomach muscles with hoop. Having twisted hoop for 20 minutes a day, through some time waist volume considerably will decrease.

According to the Chinese nutritionists, the main products for weight loss - rice and mineral water. With their help the organism is cleared of slags and gets rid of excess weight.

The Swedish nutritionists recommend to grow thin on products with the content of alkali, namely on milk, buckwheat, fruit. These products improve metabolism.