Problems with bust after the delivery - ways of prevention

проблемы с бюстом после родов
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During pregnancy and after the delivery one of often met problem which women - extensions on breast face. The shape of breast can change for the worse, the bust falls below. Besides, often stretches nipple areola, it can become big and shapeless. If you still after the delivery and during feeding of the child strongly grew thin, then gland contour could suffer. On the basis of all these problems there are three directions of surgical plastics of bust:

  • decrease in the size of large breast - mammoreduktion
  • increase in the size of breast by means of prosthesis - endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands
  • lifting of the deformed and lowered breast - mastopeksiya

Before describing every way, know that any operations concerning gland invasion are rather dangerous. It is desirable to do surgical plastics if at you on that eats medical indicators and according to the recommendation of professional doctors, but not because you do not suit modern standard of beauty and fashion.

And so, concerning the first type of operation, it is rare species. Because our women prefer to have good bust, but not to get rid of it. Most often the mammoreduktion is appointed on medical indicators, for example, when it is necessary to remove one or two branches of mammary gland (generally at tumor, nodular educations). However, seldom, but the moments when the woman has pathologically big size of breast therefore decides on reduction of bust meet.

The huge breast which gives any inconvenience is the indication for such operation. Inconveniences can consist in unpleasant and painful feelings or the breast disturbs active lifestyle. During practice it became known that owners of big breast complain of pains to necks, shoulders, back, the head or numbness of hands and brushes. Also, they note unpleasant factor: practically all shoulder straps of bras crash into shoulders that causes discomfort and painful feelings. At most of women with this feature the menstrual cycle is broken. For sports activities it is necessary to carry only the special adjusting linen. Quite often the weight exceeding norm therefore if the woman is going to normalize weight, then operation is undergone for the period after weight loss happens the companion of big breast. Besides, operation on reduction of breast is quite often combined with tightening.

Tightening - one of often met operations which in comparison with all is safe as does not influence gland but only mentions integuments. By means of tightening clean skin rag, as a result of pacifiers watches not in bottom as was early, and forward, at the same time gland becomes on the new place, about 5-7 cm higher. Generally lifting of breast is done after the birth of the child and feeding by breast. Besides, also after considerable weight loss for elimination of wrinkles on breast. If the big size of breast, then this operation are not recommended to do as the result will be insignificant and for a short time. If you have decided on operation, then take into consideration:

- if your weight exceeds norm, then the result after operation does not awake long you to please;

- if the mammologist has seen any contraindications - you should not risk. Though in the medical purposes the mammoloplastika needs to be combined with reduction;

- it is the best of all to do operation in autumn time;

- know that after operation there will be certain period of rehabilitation, in connection with puffiness and cosmetic seams;

- operation needs to be done when you awake, are sure that you are not going to give birth more. As after it there is no opportunity to nurse the child and perhaps loss of sensitivity of nipples;

- operation becomes at full anesthesia that not well influences health, however to it it is possible and it is necessary to prepare.

After operation, the most part of women, remains satisfied with result and long years rejoices the bust, only seams all the same will remain a little noticeable. As for relatively increase in bust by means of prosthesis as it is not connected with feeding and childbirth in general. It is only female whim, thus, they want to correspond to fashion parameters. However, you remember that the fashion can change, and unfortunately to recover health quite hard and expensively.

Remember that it is quite real to combine care of breast, both for the benefit of the kid, and for the benefit of personal beauty. Some recommendations which are submitted also on healthy lactation, and on preservation of beautiful form of glands:

  1. daily contrast shower
  2. douche by cold water on belt
  3. massage
  4. the linen from natural material which supports and adjusts breast
  5. daily gymnastics which influences not only breast contour, but also your weight

You should not forget that one of important points of preservation of beautiful breast - hand. Therefore when you carry out gymnastic exercises, do not forget to find time and to tricepses, hands. To support muscles of hands in healthy look, it is enough to carry out 2-4 times a week the following exercises (they are directed also to breast muscles):

1. Initial situation: sit down, at this vypremt to spin and part in sides of hand (so that thumbs have been directed back). By means of spring movements as much as possible you take away hands back, at the same time you watch that they were parallel to floor. Carry out exercise 30 times on 2 series.

2. Starting position: sit down, in the lowered dumbbell hands on 1 kg. Bend hands in elbows and then again lower. Carry out 100 times, it is possible at the same time, and it is possible to break into 2-3 calling.

3. I.P.: sitting as in exercise 2, however you take away the straightened hands back, as if for back, and then bend in elbows again. Do 20 exercises on 2 series.

4. Nominative: lying on stomach, bend legs in knees and cross anklebones. Be wrung out 10 times, doing 3 series.

Know and believe that everything will be good, and you will achieve by the efforts result necessary to you!

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