How to increase health and beauty

приумножить здоровье и красоту

Dirt, clay, seaweed, medical salts …. It is not obligatory to leave the house to use these invaluable gifts of the nature. It is possible to increase beauty and to improve the general condition of organism without big losses for the budget. How to make it?

For breast, skin and hair

Special dirt and clay will help to clear skin (to absorb all pollution on surface), and also to provide it with the mineral substances which are positively influencing appearance.

Dirt of the Dead Sea will become the optimal solution for the overdried hair. It is possible to buy such mask in drugstore or good cosmetic shop. Usually it is applied on dry clean hair for 10 minutes, but you will find the exact instruction on packaging. After such procedure the head of hear will recover gloss and normal level of humidity. You should not forget that excessive use of masks makes heavier hair therefore they look grease.

If, you have oily hair, then with confidence it is possible to put on clay. Effectively reduces release of skin fat mask from green clay. The most convenient method of application is to buy bag of powder and the house to mix it with water. Ready paste is imposed on head skin for 15 minutes then wash out hair.

Green clay is good girlfriend of our bust. It will increase elasticity of breast. It is obvious that clay cannot work wonders, especially, if changes in form considerable, but such procedures help to moisten gentle skin.

Against cellulitis and excessive rotundities

Seaweed become our daily partner. You can meet them in toothpastes, various creams and as nutritious food. And it is correct! Because they are full of minerals which positively influence condition of our skin and rejuvenate it.

If you have thought of weight loss, it is worth buying already ready set of cosmetics with seaweed: peeling, preparation for weight loss and nutritious cream. These cosmetics can be acquired separately, but their price will be higher. It is worth remembering that buying means of different brands and lines, you cannot be sure in 100% result.

The peeling should be applied on area of stomach, hips and buttocks. It is vigorous to pound these areas and to rinse body. It is necessary to apply preparation for weight loss (he will struggle with cellulitis) on strategic places, to turn back film and to wait hour. After procedure time of nutritious cream has come. The first effects will become noticeable after the seventh procedure, but you should not calculate that seaweed will work for you. Do not forget about healthy diet and physical activities.

For relaxation and improvement of metabolism

Relaxation, clarification and motivation of all body …. So, in principle, each reception of bathroom, or contrast shower can influence us. The bigger success is guaranteed, however, by medical salts. Before plunging into the dissolved precious crystals, be convinced that additives (fragrances and others) in ready-made product do not irritate skin. If you have very sensitive skin, then even soft salt can cause such effect. The safest and the most used salts are ivonitsky and bokhensky. Their weakening and clearing effect is widely known at supporters of healthy lifestyle.

Before procedure it is necessary to wash up body well. Then to fill bathtub with hot water, to pour out kilogram of salt and after salt to be dissolved, add cold water (the burn of beauty will not add). Plunge into solution for 20-25 minutes. Do not use soap. Your main goal – to absorb through skin it is as much as possible useful minerals. Remember that bathing in bathroom is recommended not more often than once a week. More hygienic is the daily shower.

Will get rid of stress and the fatigue will be helped by tray for legs. On six liters of water it is necessary to add three spoons of any medical salt. This ideal decision if you have no time for reception of the real bathroom.