Listen to backbone - exercise from gymnastics to the aykena

прислушайтесь к позвоночнику

The modern person is so loaded by the most various cares and problems that on paying attention to own body, it just does not have time. However if to make it, it is possible to understand the deep reasons of many diseases, as well as psychological problems as they too often find expression in muscular clips and spasms. The exercise of gymnastics described below is intended to the aykena for development of ability to listen and feel the body, and also for the analysis of condition of backbone and the related muscles of back.

Sit down directly so that knees have been bent at right angle, and feet densely adjoined to floor. At the same time position of trunk has to remain strictly vertical. To check it, pay attention to the following: shoulders have to be located precisely over the acting pelvic bones, then position of trunk will be vertical.

Begin exercise with lumbar department of backbone. Put hands on knees and cave in in waist forward as far as it is possible. Keep this situation within one-two minutes. Longer it does not need to be done as at the same time superficial muscles of back become more active. They are responsible for inclinations and turns and are not intended for long continuous preservation of tension. Pay attention to that, your feelings are how uniform. you can notice that the body in this area is as if squinted in this or that party. Improve situation to make it completely symmetric. For this purpose it can be necessary to relax the "clamped" groups of muscles that can not turn out from the first. Remember problem places.

Relax superficial muscles which have been involved in the previous exercise. Now, keeping some deflection in waist, transfer attention to backbone. Feel its tension. Curving and straightening back, make so that this tension was felt on all backbone, from sacrum to the skull basis. At this stage of exercise internal muscles become more active. They are responsible for continuous maintenance of backbone in the correct situation. If they do not work properly, this loading is undertaken by intervertebral disks that leads to their gradual destruction, violations of blood circulation and other diseases of backbone, including violations in work of spinal cord.

If you nevertheless do not manage to feel backbone integral, remember difficult sites. It places of muscular blocks or sites where the muscle work is broken. If there is pain in any points, as a rule, it is positive sign: the nerve exempted from the muscular block has so an effect. Before passing to the following stage, it is necessary to achieve complete feeling of backbone. For this purpose it can be necessary to execute this exercise not once.

Now bring backbone tension to maximum, be extended up, keeping direct position of body. So you activate sheaves which tie vertebras together and form dense cover around backbone. In some places you can find feeling of friability or, on the contrary, painful tension. These problem zones need to pay special attention both at household physical activities, and when performing other exercises. It does not mean that these zones cannot be subjected to loadings at all, but these loadings have to be strictly dosed gradually to strengthen sheaves.

In conclusion of exercise gradually relax. Possibly, you will feel the back more extended, than before exercise performance. Also perhaps strong increase in sensitivity, emergence of new feelings in back. Actually these feelings are not new, just earlier you did not pay attention to them. Understanding of "clips" gives subconsciousness command for work with them that accelerates recovery process. Also it is recommended to keep records about the feelings felt during exercise to note the progress and changes in state.