Principles of pulse food

принципы импульсного питания

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For anybody not secret that it is possible to grow thin also for quite fast term, but after short-term low-calorie diet it is extremely difficult to keep desirable weight. Therefore long-term diets as they allow not only to lose excess weight are considered much more useful, but also to normalize the speed of exchange reactions in organism, and also to fix useful eating habits. The impulse diet which duration has to make not less than three months belongs to such programs of food.

The main postulates impulse diet is the following:

1. It is necessary to divide in time the use in food of carbohydrates of simple and difficult type. For example, it is better to eat spaghetti with bread, than jam sandwich.

2. Drinks like tea and coffee need to be perceived as separate meal.

3. Division of fats of plant and animal origin. Let's say use of butter is more acceptable for frying of meat chop.

4. It is recommended to eat often – at least, than in two hours, but, naturally, with break for the night not less than ten hours.

5. Vegetables of not starchy type need to be eaten in large number, combining them with any products, the use of proteins can be not separated from other food too.

6. The impulse diet assumes different options of food for people with different type of vegetative system.

Low type

The first type of people is called low type. Their distinctive features are light pink language, lack of problems with skin, the increased endurance and assiduity, high ability to concentration of attention. People with vegetative system of low type receive energy from carbohydrates.

Even small amount of carbohydrate food is capable to urge on metabolism at people of low type. In the presence of excess weight their food has to correspond to the following principles.

It is more useful to drink teas from herbs and not carbonated mineral water, but not black tea and coffee. To limit fruit and vegetables there is no need, but combustion of fat is helped by citrus and apples of acid grades. Generally, at desire it is possible to eat gradually both sweets, and pickles, and fats, but only within limits.

If the person of low type needs to grow thin, then it is necessary to adhere to such menu, eating food each two hours:

  1. On hungry stomach since morning – small amount of sugar
  2. Firm
  3. cheese, butter and tomato sandwich
  4. One apple or banana
  5. One option - eighty grams of meat with garnish from one potatoes, and also any other not bean vegetables. The second option - eighty grams of fish with one tablespoon of rice and vegetables. The third option – instead of fish or meat to eat one hard-boiled egg
  6. Two segments of chocolate
  7. Two hundred milligrams of buttermilk
  8. Any fruit with acid taste

High type

The second type of people is called as high type. Such people are distinguished raised poto-and salivation, mucous membranes of saturated pink color, hair, fat skin, inclined to fat content, with acne rash, too fast fatigue. Availability at the person, vegetative nervous system of high type assumes use as the main source of energy food fats, and to begin to receive them it is necessary to drink, for example, since the morning on hungry stomach teaspoon of vegetable oil. Approximately in hour after that it is possible to drink green tea. Vegetables need to be eaten in large number as they, but not fruit, are the chief supplier of microelements for people of this kind. Avocado at their diet surely, just as the garden radish and pumpkin has to be present.

For weight loss people with vegetative system of high type have to follow such program of food which provides meals every two hours:

  1. On an empty stomach since morning – one teaspoon of olive oil
  2. Green tea
  3. Two hundred milligrams of buttermilk or one banana
  4. One option - eighty grams of fowl with boiled garnish from one potatoes, and also any vegetables. The second option - eighty grams of fish with one tablespoon of rice and vegetables. The third option – instead of fish or meat to eat one hard-boiled egg
  5. Green tea
  6. Vegetable salad

In order that it was simpler to orient how to make the menu proceeding from the given pulse system, the list of the main components of product basket is included below:

1. Proteins – vegetables, including bean, dairy delactosed products (cottage cheese, some grades of cheese), fast grades of meat and bird.

2. Carbohydrates – fructose, sucrose, grain, alcoholic beverages, dairy products with lactose (cream, milk, soft grades of cheese), potatoes.

3. Fats - vegetable and animal oils, avocado.

4. The combined products – nuts, bananas, dried fruits - are used separately from other carbohydrates.