Application of aloe of "Aloe Vera" in the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes

aloe Vera

More than five thousand years mankind use medicinal properties of this unique plant of "Aloe Vera" (Century plant).

In ancient Egypt it was often used as the cosmetic allowing to rejuvenate skin. Juice of plant was added to bathtubs for bathing. After acceptance of such bathtubs skin becomes extraordinary gentle and smooth. There is even opinion that if scarlet grows in the house, purifying air ability of the leaves, then it, thereby, promotes immunity strengthening, reduction of quantity of viral diseases, fast recovery.

In modern medicine the set of the preparations received on the basis of aloe juice is used (aloes, aloes tincture, aloe extract, emulsion of aloe, injection on the basis of extract). The most widespread preparation is the sterile water extract of aloe (in ampoules) applied to instillation in eyes or to injections.

Juice from aloe leaves well helps at diseases of digestive tract and ulcers as has the bactericidal and healing effect. It is also used for fast and safe healing of wounds, burns, abscesses. Due to fast absorption in organism at intake, aloe juice favorably influences respiratory organs and possesses small expectorant property. Therefore it can be applied preventively at respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, asthma.

The most effective juice at aloe age more than 5 years, and also at those leaves which on tips have begun to dry up. Therefore the house aloe should be watered very seldom, approximately weekly and not to tear off it after watering. The broken leaves need to be saved from sunlight as they will begin to lose useful properties at once. And here, that these useful properties to strengthen, to better put the broken aloe leaves in the dark place with small humidity, with temperature from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius at 2-4 days.

The bitter substance "aloin" which is in aloe juice well influences metabolism. Thanks to this aloe it is possible to use as means for weight loss. The aloe in difference from expensive preparations will slowly work, but will influence organism gradually and harmlessly as will remove slags from organism, together with excessive subcutaneous fat.

However with dosage it is necessary to be careful as at surplus of bitter juice in stomach of human body, the aloe can cause ulcer. It is possible to accept aloe juice only no more tablespoon for the adult before each meal. At this type of the use of aloe especially careful pregnant women should be. To use aloe juice, having weakened its bitter taste, it is possible to add to it honey, different juice, citrus is best of all combined. Thus, will be and it is useful to drink and it is pleasant.

From aloe juice in house conditions it is possible to prepare aloes. For this purpose it is necessary to wring out juice from the leaves which are in advance prepared (as spoke above) and to evaporate it on water bath to the condensed state. Aloes well help at outside application for treatment of wounds, burns, abscesses, warts, etc. If to add it to face cream, previously having cooled, it is possible to strengthen the rejuvenating effect of cream. At the same time it is necessary not to forget that at aloes preparation all ware has to be sterile, and the broken leaves have to be carefully washed out.