Let's understand the overeating reasons

причины переедания
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What would be if we did not overeat?

The answer is simple - we would have no excess weight, we would be harmonous, more self-assured, completed less, without problems could fascinate any prince.

Here also it turns out that the question of overeating - question can be told fatal. Therefore let's understand the reasons thoroughly.

Why you have just eaten, and the hand stubborn reaches for cookies or candy? In what the reason – mood, genes or you just the sweet tooth?

Give everything one after another.

причины биологические

Actually there is a lot of reasons at overeating. First of all are the reasons biological. If at you the big break in meal has turned out, then appears that "brutal" appetite is called. And having reached, at last, table, you begin to absorb everything with incredible speed. And, it seems, have already eaten much, and getting all the same hungry. You cannot stop and as a result overeat. Stop! Here it is necessary to know one thing – satiety from food is late. Give to your organism time to come round from eaten.

Other biological reason – improper feeding. If you, wishing to limit itself, have breakfast, for example, plateau of salad from vegetables, then the organism will receive few calories. And till lunch still far, and the working day has only begun. At this time energy expenses maximum. And what occurs? Somehow to hold on to lunch, you begin to muffle the inflaming appetite candy, apple or pecheniny. Or having hardly waited for lunch, again you overeat. The correct exit – big breakfast on which about 50 percent of caloric content of day diet have to fall.

причины эмоциональные

If it is possible to cope with the biological reasons still, then with emotional the situation is more difficult. The matter is that we quite often overeat because of stresses and disorders.

Familiar expression – "to jam troubles"? When you were offended, malfunctions at work or with darling, it seems to you that the chocolate or sandwich will help to transfer these collisions easier.

To be fair it is necessary to tell that we quite often overeat also because of lack of emotions – just with boredom – without knowing, than useful still to occupy itself.

Other type of emotional overeating – failures during diets. If you in something have limited yourself, for example, have refused candies, you persistently want to eat candy. And if you decide to break the prohibition established by you, then be sure business by one candy, most likely, it will not be limited. And you will believe sacredly that it only once and more than it not to repeat.


Special type of overeating – evening overeating. In the afternoon we are busy with affairs, we turn sometimes as squirrels in a cage, forgetting to descend sometimes to the dining room. Another matter in the evening. We or make up for lost time in day, or simply we begin to eat from there is nothing to do. Affairs are attached, the refrigerator with food nearby, evening was given boring. And we find to ourselves pleasant entertainment – to have a bite something tasty.

Ask yourself simple question: "p it is really hungry?" And there can be it just habit because dinner time has come? And can be simple to go to walk before going to bed or to call the girlfriend? Try to understand what pushes you to the refrigerator and to consciously answer itself this question.

ожирениеThe science estimates overeating problem as catastrophic. Between overeating, obesity and as a result of they are diseases - direct link.

Counters of shops are filled up with high-calorific and digestible food. Our stomach perceives volume eaten, but not its caloric content. You have eaten chocolate bar in 500 calories. The stomach remained empty, and through small time you are again hungry. And on caloric content it equals to lunch from three dishes!

And now remember that you drink. Mainly it is tea, coffee, juice or it is worse than that carbonated drinks. We began to drink very little simple water!

Other reason – slow-moving way of life. Actually excess weight appears not so much when you have much eaten how many when you from this have little spent. Spending day mainly in sitting position – at first at table at office, then on sofa at the TV, - you is guaranteed receive fatty deposits even from small amount of the eaten food. The most awful that such life is led also by our children. Outdoor games in the fresh air are forced out for a long time by games at computer table moreover with hamburger in hand.

Perhaps, now you will have lawful question – what to do how to define much I eat or not? Really now it is necessary to count calories constantly? I hurry to calm you. If you have no big problems with excess weight and you need only to try to hold yourself normal, then there is no need to do such calculations especially as, without being professional nutritionist, you can easily be mistaken. To you everything is enough to consider written above and to follow several council which will follow below. If the word "obesity" after all is applicable to you, it is better to address the specialist who it is qualified will help you will cope with this problem.

First, you keep the figure in mirror. Few times in month get up on scales. If you feel undesirable changes, means you overeat. Look more attentively at that as well as how many you eat, begin to move more. For example, you go more on foot or carry out actively output.

Let's deal with sense of fulness

That the person has felt full, his stomach has to be filled. It is thought up not by us – the nature has so created. Therefore "to deceive" stomach and to feel saturation, eat more than "volume" and low-calorie food. For example, vegetable salad. Quicker meat suppresses appetite. Besides protein is digested more difficultly, and you will longer feel full. But keep in mind, it is about natural protein. It does not belong to protein cocktails.

Pay attention to the size of portions. Do not hope that having felt satiety, you will be able to stop in time. Do not provoke yourself to overeating. Impose portion less better.

чувство сытостиIt is desirable to exclude obviously "unhealthy" products: sweets, pastries, carbonated drinks, alcohol, etc. Make the list. Also be not afraid of "failures" - they will be. But if your determination is strong, they will occur less frequently. And in half a year you will make the food healthy.

More difficult happens to fight against psychological factors. For example, environment is of great importance. If around you there are no adherents of healthy food and fitness, you difficult should and bring up in yourself such habits.

The food has stopped being for the modern person just power source. It has turned into ritual, comfort symbol.

Remember! Your food is only set of habits, and habits it is possible and it is necessary to change!

Just as you have got used once to chocolate having a snack, also you will get used to porridge in the mornings. And your good mood from slim figure and sound body will be immeasurably more valuable, than from the eaten candy!