причины лишнего веса

To grow thin....

Each "corpulent" person dreams to grow thin. In the modern world where there is no time for healthy full meal, people are forced to resort to services of so-called "Fast food" that is translated as "Fast food". Yes it is valid quickly, economically, and strangely enough, happens often very much even tasty!

What is done by the person having woken up? He spends the most part of the morning time for collecting and preparation for appearance at work. And not always manages to have breakfast fully. To make the first meal on which more and depends as he will feel for the whole day. The breakfast is the most important part of our schedule of food in day. It can be compared to car which since evening had not enough gasoline and if in the morning we do not fill it, properly, that we will not be able far to leave. So happens also to human body.

The food is our gasoline. That our fuel thanks to which we move we receive energy which passes afterwards into force. If in case with car the driver cares for the "iron horse", filling in qualitative gasoline, then happens to the organism on the contrary. The busy person tries not to devote much time on that to eat, and it is error of most of people.

It also is the reason of excess weight for the most part of people who lead such life. It is necessary to approach this problem in a complex. Many grow thin since Monday, from the first, since new year, etc. Begin to try to discover diets, learn about miracle tablets from which in week you lose up to 10 kilograms, but having spent on the next diet week or two and having thrown off hardly only couple of kilograms, are upset, get huge emotional stress and try to jam in turn it all that tasty that is in the refrigerator. And again gather extra kilos, but already together with once left come additional kilogram or two.

причины лишнего веса It is necessary to grow thin, first of all, to review the way of life, the food, habits, to give to the body at least 15 minutes daily on simple gymnastics, to eat more carbohydrates and vegetable food. Your plate has to be divided into three parts. Two parts have to make vegetables or fruit, carbohydrates, and only the third part of plate has to contain in itself proteinaceous food, such as meat, fish, etc.

Try to replace animal fats vegetable, fat meat with fowl or fast beef and pork. To exclude sweet carbonated drinks. To drink more simple pure spring water if it is no far from you there is source, then the best option it few times in week to go to it and to gather fresh water.

And you remember the main thing, you gained excess weight not at once, and gradually. Therefore you should not hope that having cleaned the reasons of excess weight and having woken up next day, you will become thin. Weight loss is the same long process, as well as weight set so stock up with patience, make a few efforts and at you everything is obligatory to turn out.

The most important – to move more, not for nothing speak: "The movement is life!"