Exceeding of optimum weight - basic reason of diseases

превышение оптимального веса тела
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Now we will try to find out why exceeding of optimum body weight is basic reason of development of diseases which worsen quality of life of people and conduct to premature death, and also as society and the state could affect this problem.

At one and all people surely there comes undesirable time when they begin to be ill something and to think how to prolong the stay in this awful and wonderful world and as it is possible to go to eternity later.

At the same time, how many people live on the planet (and it is over 6 billion), exists also opinions so much as to make it.

Most often the point of view of nonspecialists not only strikes with the variety and singularity, but also absolutely far from the point of view of very large number of scientists which at the serious level deal with this problem. The analysis of printing information and those realities which can be seen presently do not give the grounds to doubt the truth capital today formulated by scientific specialists gerontologists:

various violations of blood circulation in heart and brain are the main causes of death of people

Among these reasons heart attacks, strokes, narrowings of vessels and their gaps are in the lead.

Immediate causes which lead to these violations in bodies of life support and in other important bodies are the hypertension and atherosclerosis (very often both combined).

Probably, everything, even not to physicians, it is known that the thin person, without essential fatty stocks in body, feels better not only physically, but also intellectually, and also has less complaints to health, than his fat contemporaries.

Scientific researches implicitly prove that at people without excess weight the hypertension, atherosclerosis (and, respectively, heart attacks, strokes and ruptures of vessels), not to mention others, though not deadly, diseases develops much less often.

Even the relentless statistics (which according to classics "knows everything") demonstrates that people with excess weight live less, than people without it. The same researches show that the level of arterial pressure and cholesterol at most of people surely decreases even without drugs if they manage to reduce in the different ways really weight to optimum sizes. At the same time work of heart, respiratory organs, digestion improves, ridge pathology symptoms (consider - spinal cord) and joints become weaker.

превышение оптимального веса тела Actually nobody seriously also denies it, both, respectively, one thousand modern scientists and hundreds of thousands of people who think only of the profits gain income from process of treatment of excess weight, develop huge number of techniques of weight loss. Among them there are a lot of absolutely correct when which using achievement of the goal (reduction of body weight) with guarantee for 100%. This result is achieved by decrease in number of calories which come to organism with food and increases of expenditure of these calories, mainly by activation of muscle work, physical activity of the person, such as physical culture, run, swimming, driving the bicycle, different types of sport, etc.

Practically all sane people understand that it is necessary to consume less than calories and to spend them more (due to the movement). It would seem, there are all conditions for mobile way of life, at the same time it is not obligatory to visit sports complexes. It is possible as M. Amosov, it is free decades to run the native street, in park, in the wood, on the river bank or pond … Or, as the English prime minister Tony Blair not to use the car in the city, and to go on the affairs, even to parliament, by bicycle. All this is known, all agree with it, and in practice almost all gradually get fat, move less and less. And as a result in the developed countries there is more than 50% of population, including children, have excess weight with all that it implies.

Tolsteniye reasons

Reflecting over the reasons of such situation, it is possible to build the following understanding of this phenomenon. In all last times when there was no prosperity of food:

1. Those who had more economical metabolism survived.

2. The civilization, science, technologies have created conditions for accumulation of excess weight.

3. Process of consumption of food causes pleasant physiologic feelings which though far from those which arise at sexual contacts or at the use of drugs, however nevertheless rather attractive to aim at consumption of tasty foods.

4. All the known proverb "Love comes and leaves, and there is always a wish to eat". All live (including people) is doomed for maintenance and continuation of life, to get and to daily consume food.

5. Sale of foodstuff - inexhaustible and most reliable source of profits for those who are engaged in it. For this reason in pursuit of profits everything becomes (the advertizing, bright packaging, seasonings activating appetite fragrances, etc.) that the food was more actively bought and, respectively, it was more consumed. At the same time useful additives to foodstuff are not always applied to activation of appetite.

6. Also there are century traditions of people non-Muslim (Judaic, Christian) religions to consume food against the alcoholic beverages which are sharply increasing appetite what follows from that in the majority of civilized countries people overeat, that is consume much more calories, than they should spend in the course of the work and life activity.

7. Increase in body weight gains special sharpness in the conditions of mekhanization and automation of all spheres of life and work. People rise by floors and fall from them by means of the elevator, at entrance sit down in car, at work the majority of labor processes for them carry out mechanisms.

8. The bigger excess weight is got by the person, the heavier to it to force itself to move (to go, run, float, not to mention occupation on exercise machines).

To break off this tragic circle there is not enough will power of the person to apply the only productive method of treatment - food by low-calorie food more to move.

Society and the state have to be defined accurately in relation to people who cannot independently cope with problem of the excess weight. It is necessary to create democratic, humane conditions under which excess weight would become not prestigious, unprofitable, and with normal weight and good indicators of health to encourage people with different "bonuses". All mass media to shape positive image of the person, including child, with harmonious constitution, physical activity and normal weight. превышение оптимального веса тела

In conclusion of several thoughts on the fact that to do to people already elderly which have fat fold here and there and already suffer on hypertension, atherosclerosis, stenocardia, and even from that which has had strokes and heart attacks?

Researches show that reduction of body weight well influences state of health even of those people who have the called bunch of diseases... From here conclusion - to grow thin, having excess weight, it is desirable and from the youth when there are no diseases yet, and in the evening of life, against diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary just "to ache" with idea of weight loss. The person who has decided to aim to reduce the completeness has to understand, believe that the only reliable way to improvement of the health is reduction of body weight and increase in physical activity.

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