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Today will get rid of excess weight it is possible in the most different ways.

Some cope with this problem through diets and physical activities, others use easier ways.

Today it is possible to find the mass of preparations for weight loss in any drugstore, tablets, tea, plasters. But whether these ways are effective? Let's try to understand.

Tea for weight loss

This special type of tea for weight loss on the structure not strongly differs from usual tea. But the main component which forces "to grow thin" is laxative and diuretic herbs. Often add to it still tropical fruit. If you in seriousness begin to drink tea, then try to doom yourself to this type of testing about an at month. The result will be visible on the person, the organism will be dehydrated. And if you meet also low-quality products, then, diarrhea is provided to you. Big minus is return of the lost weight for a short time, and sometimes it is a lot of.

Thai tablets

This look officially is the prohibited preparation in the western market. But in our country, it is somewhat very simple to get it. Why it was forbidden? The answer is simple. Chemical composition of the Thai tablets causes drug addiction. At every third who accepts data preparation heart valves are surprised, the sleep is interrupted, the hair loss is noticeable and skin is shelled. This method is hazardous to health of the person.

Burners of fat

The name is already very promising. But actually nothing is burned, it nothing else as the advertizing course. The effect consists in another here, and consists that the metabolism becomes faster and loading is transferred better. This type of preparation approaches more subjects who leads life in itself active, or for those who are engaged in fitness. If you on the contrary lead sedentary life, then this type of preparations to you does not approach and it will not make any sense.

What way from listed better to solve to you. But after all there is nothing better, than physical loadings and the correct way of life.

It was the short overview for those who do not want to read much.
And further we will consider classification and types of preparations for weight loss in more detail:

The cult of beautiful body reigns in the modern world. And in too time on the planet the huge number of people whose weight is significantly higher than norm walks about. Many of those whose weight exceeds fashionable 90-60-90, exhaust themselves diets, gymnastics, however very few people manage to lose significantly weight and, especially, to keep the achievements. Mankind pursuit of beauty and grace have caused powerful surge in production of different preparations for weight loss.

It is much easier to swallow of pills, than to adjust normal healthy day regimen, to change the developed food stereotypes, to refuse "fast food". Understanding it, the companies on production of preparations for weight loss saturate the market all with new means. They spend millions for advertizing, notifying consumers on miracle cures for weight loss. Let's try to understand that is actually represented by similar preparations as far as they are effective and what bring more – advantage or harm.

General characteristic and classification of preparations for weight loss

классификация препаратов для похудения Results of medical researches demonstrate that only at one percent of people excess weight is result of physiological failures in organism. Other 99% of cases of deviation of weight of people of norm are connected with excess food, unbalanced diet, slow-moving way of life. Therefore those who want to lose weight have to understand: the main thing – is important not just to grow thin, and to keep the received results, not to dare to gather again extra kilos, having returned to usual way of life and food.

All preparations for weight loss can be subdivided into two big groups:

- for internal application

- for outside application

Means for weight reduction of the first group are issued in different dosage forms: tablets, capsules, dietary supplements, teas and substitutes of food. For outside application plasters, anti-cellulite gels and creams, soap for weight loss, masseurs, shorts and belts, thermopreparations which are allegedly splitting fat in "problem" zones on condition of active sports are used.

For preservation of ideal weight the person needs to eliminate false feeling of hunger, to reduce quantity of greasy and caloric food in diet and to achieve from organism of normal, correct metabolism. Respectively all preparations for internal use can be divided into three groups:

and / appetite suppressors
/ the preparations interfering digestion of fat
in / the means normalizing metabolism

Suppressors of appetite cause feeling of saturation, interfere with receipt in organism of excessive carbohydrates and fat. "Excess" carbohydrates are processed by liver into the fat which is laying in store for the purpose of the subsequent use in case of insufficient food. As such case, as a rule, does not come, fatty deposits collect in organism, and the person grows stout. Appetite suppressors - anorectics guard overeating.

The preparations interfering digestion of fat work directly in the course of meal, block lipase - the enzyme splitting fat in organism thereby reducing its assimilation approximately on third. The part of the lipids which are not split in organism is removed, at the same time there is use of the fat laid by organism in store.
Application of similar preparations allows to lose weight due to reduction of deposits of fatty tissue.

The preparations normalizing metabolism have fat-dissolving effect, prevent accumulation of fat and accelerate process of its processing, reduce obesity of liver and bring cholesterol out of organism.

On way of action all preparations for weight loss can be divided into several groups:

  • anoretik
  • nutritsevtik and substitutes of food
  • the clearing teas (diuretics)
  • burners of fat

Before stopping the choice on specific preparation, it is worth studying very attentively the principle of its action, efficiency and, the main thing, side effects.


аноректики The preparations possessing anorexigenic properties influence the center of saturation, thereby interfere with overeating. Gradually the organism is reconstructed, adapts to consumption of smaller quantity of food. Weight reduction when using anorectics happens more comfortably for the person, at the same time creating new culture of the use of food.

Anorectics are issued in the form of tablets, sprays, aromatic compositions for inhalation on the basis of essential oils. They are rather effective at disposal of the excess weight caused by habit to overeating. But starvation is the cornerstone of method – just the organism does not guess it.

Very often caffeine, and in high doses, and other chemicals influencing the center of saturation of brain is part of anorectics. Sleep disorders, bad mood, depression, dizzinesses can be side effect of such preparations. To the people suffering from the increased arterial pressure having problems with digestive tract and thyroid gland, anorectics can do harm. Having decided to accept preparations of anorektivny action, it is worth studying their chemical composition attentively. Besides, at reception of anorectic consultation and supervision of the therapist will be useful.

Nutritsevtiki and substitutes of food

нутрицевтики и заменители пищи Weight reduction at reception of nutritsevtik and substitutes of food is reached by replacement of one or several meals of these preparations. They are low-calorie, the content of medicinal substances in them is minimum, but the balanced set of vitamins and mineral substances is their part. In fact, action of these types of preparations for weight loss is based on starvation too. Food substitutes usually include cellulose which, inflating in stomach, causes feeling of satiety.

The most available substitute of food is the microcrystallic cellulose produced from cotton, on properties reminding cellulose of vegetables and fruit. The tableted form of preparation is in special demand in view of ease of application. However, that you really were not hungry, it is necessary to swallow not one, and several tablets that exceeds the recommended preparation dosage.

Teas for weight loss and "Supersystem 6"

чаи для похудения The preparations for weight loss included in this group have the clearing effect thanks to light laxative or diuretic impact on human body. The basis them is made by grass of Senna and leaves of cowberry. Uncontrolled use of similar teas for weight loss is the most dangerous as there is washing away of albumens and dehydration of organism.

Preparations of conscientious producers help to be cleared of slags thanks to the content of absorbent carbon and sukharny powder. However the laxative effect causes accustoming of organism, the digestive tract ceases to work in the natural way. About removal of fat from organism at reception of teas for weight loss out of the question, weight is lost only due to loss of moisture and quantity of slags.

Fakes and low-quality preparations which domination is observed in the market, cause diarrhea and dehydration therefore preparations of this group should be applied carefully. Unlike doubtful preparations, well-known "Supersystem 6" contains many the necessary and useful substances which suppress appetite (tsitrimaks and spirulina), stimulate mobilization of subcutaneous fat (L – carnitine and bromelayn). Decrease in thirst for sweet and forming of muscle bulk in "Supersystem 6" provides pikolinat chrome. Also siliculose pepper, ginger, extract of green tea increasing power consumption are part of preparation.

However, as practice shows, this preparation does not give weight reduction if you do not lead active lifestyle and are not on friendly terms with physical exercises.

Burners of fat

сжигатели жира This group of preparations includes two look: the fruit extracts (pineapple and guarana South American) splitting the excesses of fat postponed by organism and the preparations on the basis of chitosan interfering digestion of the fat arriving with food.

Though instructions to these preparations promise consumers easy and comfortable weight reduction, actually these means do not possess such properties. The only thing, than they can be useful to people, so it saturation of organism fruit acids, vitamins and mineral substances.

Besides, if you are engaged in fitness, these preparations help to transfer physical activities, and accelerate metabolism. At increase of arterial pressure and pulse during physical exercises bromelayn (the vegetable enzyme extracted from pineapple and papaya) the fatty exchange strengthens. However the use of these preparations does not guarantee weight reduction.

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The desire to be harmonous, tightened is clear and laudable. The commitment to excellence of forms is peculiar to both men and women. However really to achieve desirable result, and with pleasure to look at the reflection in mirror, you should not hope only for means for weight loss.

To achieve weight reduction, to normalize it without drawing loss for health and own purse, you will be helped by complex campaign to solution of the problem of excess weight. The way to your ideal weight lies through the balanced food, active lifestyle, physical exercises multiplied by optimism and pleasure from life.